Thursday, June 21, 2007

Latest Video On The Status Of American Patriots Ed & Elaine Brown

With their situation starting to take on the appearance of another Ruby Ridge Or Waco, American Patriots Ed and Elaine Brown comment in regard to the FEDS' attempts to illegally incarcerate them after a wrongful verdict in which they were tried in absentia. The Brown's were unjustly found guilty of tax evasion and each sentenced to five years in prison.

However, it is clear that there is no law to tax the wages of the American worker, so how can the US Federal Government be enforcing a law which does not exist? Within the IRS tax codes it is clearly stated that paying an income tax on one's wages is voluntary. And in 1897 the Supreme Court ruled that wages were considered to be personal property and non taxable.

In 1913 when Congress again attempted to figure out a way in which to impose an illegal tax on the American people, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional, and that not only had the 16th Amendment not been properly ratified, it did not confer any new taxing powers on the US Congress.

So why are Americans paying a federal income tax on their personal property (earned wages)?

Furthermore, why have so many Americans been imprisoned and had their property and chattel seized for failing to file an IRS 1040 form?

When one does their own research here they always arrive at the same conclusion.

It is the US Congress, privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service who are the criminals here, not the Browns and the rest of the American people. Ed and Elaine Brown are making one of the most important stands in this country's 231 year history. They are telling the US Federal Government that it is criminal in illegally taxing the wages of the American people and that we must all stand together on this issue until the Government does the right thing and abolishes the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS.

Furthermore, as more Americans are learning of this watershed event, they are siding with Ed and Elaine; not this government. I will continue to update this historical benchmark as it unfolds. The readers can access more on the present situation regarding the Browns VS the IRS at the end of this post.

From my own personal observations I have found that the earlier video clips which were taken when Elaine rejoined her husband after being separated from him by a court order, showed both of them to be frail and very depressed.

This 0f course was done deliberately by the judge presiding over this case to break their spirit. Fortunately he has failed to do so . Elaine violated the court order and joined her husband back in February of 2007 citing that it was unreasonable for the judge to have made such a request. Elaine has let her common sense be her guide. If only the judge presiding over her tax case had done the same.

Recent video clips of Ed and Elaine still show their exhaustion, yet there is a confidence and strength about them now which is clearly apparent. Both are looking healthier and more determined than ever to win this battle with the IRS, DOJ and the rest of the criminals in this government. They are certainly much more formidable as a team than they were apart.

I hope with all of my being that Ed and Elaine win this victory for themselves and the rest of the American people, and that they are able to do so safely.

For if one hair on their heads is harmed in this unjust and insane debacle, the US Federal Government is going to have yet another Pandora's Box that it will severely regret on its soiled hands. The makings of a tax revolution in the United States are well underway, and there is nothing that the US Federal Government is going to be able to do to stop it. Any violent attempts that they use to put down those who are exposing its crimes will be met with similar violence.

It is not the intention of any persons within the tax honesty movement to adhere to a policy of violence. Peaceful means are always the best method for achieving objectives. And any violence which takes place in regard to this situation will be initiated by the US Federal Government; not the other way around.

If you know of anyone who's been wrongly convicted or arrested on tax evasion charges have them consult the US Freedom Of Information Act to learn of the exact tax codes that they are being charged with violating.

Also have them see Aaron Russo's documentary: America From Freedom To Fascism to learn of the 24 cases of Americans who have been exonerated of tax evasion charges, simply because there is no law that exists which authorizes the IRS to force Americans to file a 1040 income tax return.

Also cite the precedent setting case of The Federal Government VS Whitey Harrel. Whitey Harrel was the first American citizen who was found not guilty of tax evasion by a jury of his peers, simply because the jurors could find no law authorizing the IRS to collect an income tax. The Judge was so angry with the jury's just verdict, that he stormed out of the courtroom. He knew that his precedent setting verdict was going to open up a Pandora's Box in which the IRS was going to be seen for the outright fraud that it is. And that once this occurred the US Federal Government was going to be facing a tax revolt.

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