Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lloyd Harbor Police Department Takes Part In Organized Stalking Street Theater Harassment

Early on in my harassment the FEDS had the cops actually towing damaged and sometimes completely wrecked vehicles out to a roadway and then either flipping them over or leaving them placed in an accident type of scene for me to happen on to. They always knew in advance where I was headed, so they had time to do their dirty work.

This happened many times back in 2003 and 2004 when I would still venture out during the daytime. Something I rarely do any longer given the abject depravity of the FEDS and those who take part in these organized stalking crimes.

However, this evening at least one of the boys at the Lloyd Harbor Police Station thought that it would be a hoot to call up the local body shop and bring one of their damaged Mercedes coupes out to the Lloyd Neck Causeway for a bit of street theater. It was clear that there was no driver in the Mercedes, and that the car was just hauled out there to be used in the FEDS "accident theme," which is one of myriad that these depraved pieces of Nazi trash have used against me in their ongoing psywarfare campaign.

I'd have to give the street theatre a D for realism in this case, since it is difficult to believe that a Mercedes could get so badly wrecked from sitting on a piece of beach with nothing around it to do such damage. However, the officer with the dandruff problem (or was that just another piece of street theatre since head scratching is a trigger that is used often) did a credible job for the few seconds that I saw him.

I wonder if the owner of the Mercedes had any idea that it was being commandeered by the Lloyd Harbor Police Department for this piece of street theater? And did the owner of the car actually have any idea that it was being used to torture an American citizen with no criminal record? I doubt it.

Could the accident have been real? Well, whatever hit the car was certainly real. I just tend to doubt that it happened on the Lloyd Harbor Causeway. After all, we have no other vehicle, no driver and no apparent damage to any of the small shrubs that were in the area. Of course I could see the LH PD seeing this post and giving some BS line about the accident being real -- filled out reports and everything else. But my Website documents plenty of harassment by these cops as well as myriad others, so as far as I am concerned, I am on firm ground here. It's the LH PD that is not. Nor the Mercedes that they beached for their depraved kicks.

I later recognized one of the police cars at the scene which I had seen a bit earlier when he pulled a U-turn as part of his stalking effort. This one I am familiar with since it was a standard practice early on in my harassment. There is no one in this country with perhaps the exception of another stalking victim in Canada, who has as much experience with vehicular organized stalking as I do. I can be stalked by thousands of cars at a clip, no matter where I am.

Of course, I am an NSA mind control target, and they don't want my information ever getting into a court of law. If that happens, a jury gets to hear first hand of how the NSA, FBI and DHS really operate. And that their protocols (psychopathic tactics is more like it) have nothing to do with our Bill Of Rights or the law.

So it's better for the FEDS to keep using their psywarfare tactics in efforts to drive me insane, since these morons honestly believe that you can walk through a cement wall if you try hard enough. Their training makes them as obtuse and any persons whom you will ever meet.

One thing I know for certain is that these FEDS are outright criminals who cover up their crimes through the use of coercion, entrapment and murder. And any person who's been targeted for one of their COINTELPRO operations will tell you the same thing. They are depraved and capable of murdering people without a hint of conscience.

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi proved that the day that he practically shot the head off of a woman named Vicki Weaver, in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in a depraved series of FBI murders that became so infamous that they are now simply referred to as Ruby Ridge. And Vicki was unarmed and holding her baby girl at the time she was murdered. Because of such atrocities like Ruby Ridge and Waco, the pride that I take in exposing these FEDS is the greatest high that I have ever experienced in my entire life. I would be lying to the readers if I did not tell you that I absolutely despise these FEDS for the outright frauds and criminals that they are.

And I truly hate them for the crimes that they have perpetrated against my Family and me.

As for the cops who took part in my harassment tonight, I would ordinarily be more respectful of them given that they are local cops, but we are talking about cops who are taking part in the crime of organized stalking. Degenerates, not legit police officers in my eyes. So as far I am concerned these two are just miscreants and lap dogs of the FEDS, and doing their dirty deeds for them.

Pathetic losers who enjoy driving people to such states of despair that they kill themselves. They're probably having a good yuck at my expense as they stuff their faces at the local donut shop (perhaps it's an organized stalking all you can eat tonight with free coffee for the first one who downs a dozen glazed bear claws). Oh that's right, they're cops so everything's free.

I got home about an hour ago and washed my car just before it rained. However, I wanted to post this latest organized stalking episode while it was fresh in my mind. The complete absence of law any longer leads me to believe that the American people are not far from having to take control of this government by force, simply to survive these degenerate Nazi's. George W. Bush is their hero because he has destroyed our government and given these power crazed maniacs the ability to wantonly attack any persons of their choosing.

They have made it clear to us that they do not respect the law or our civil rights, and they believe that they can do whatever they want to us without fear of retribution. However, that is a very dangerous mistake to make. While I have no intention of provoking these people, I have every intention of defending my civil rights and those of my Family and other TI's. And I will do so even if it results in my death.

It's clear that the local cops can't even tell the difference between right and wrong any longer, when they allow themselves to be run over by the FBI and Homeland Security, who are as immoral and unethical as any so called law enforcement has ever been. These FEDS are an abject cancer on legitimate law enforcement.

If those of us who are being attacked have been labeled as the criminals, exactly why is it that the FEDS have not been able to arrest us?

And furthermore, why is it that we are telling the truth and documenting every aspect of these crimes, while the FEDS and their local cronies are lying through their teeth and putting our very own families through a nightmarish hell, as they lie to the public and subject us to psychological warfare?

I think these are damn good questions. And I know that the FEDS have no legitimate answers for them because they are cowardly thugs who know that what they are doing is wrong, but have become so brainwashed that they cannot even recognize when through their own rampant criminality, it is they who've become the criminals in this country.

My message to the FEDS is as follows:

You can use the local media to lie to the American people. You can torture me by way of satellite and impugn my character through your COINTELPRO black operations. You can destroy my relationships and finances.

You can ever murder me, which we both know you have been trying to find a way to do for the past four years.

However, you will never my have my obedience.

I have no respect for any of you because you are outright frauds. You masquerade as law enforcement, while breaking the very laws that you are paid to uphold; all while tricking the public into doing your dirty deeds for you.

And you despise me because I tell the bare truth about you and how you've sold your souls for a paycheck.

We both know what you are and abject EVIL that you represent. And we both know that you are in serious need of psychiatric care.

It's just unfortunate that most of the American public has yet to figure this out. But when they do, you won't have to worry about attacking me any longer, because you'll be fending off millions of people who'll be looking to lock you up and throw away the key. Something that should have been done decades ago.

Given your complete lack of both conscience and compassion, and the enormous enjoyment that you derive from your depraved acts of sadism, you people have become a pathetic waste of life. Your badges and your belief that you are above the laws of this country and its constitution have cost you your honor and your souls. You're irredeemable. And if you think that demonizing me or other TI's is going to change what you've become, then as usual you're dead wrong.

The four years and tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money that you have quite literally pissed into the wind to harass someone who has committed no crimes that they can be incarcerated for, is testimony to that. And the fact that you have subjected a person with no criminal history, to crimes against humanity that are on par with those of Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich, illustrates just how depraved you are. You use this covert satellite technology to illegally spy on me and screw with my mind and then you accuse me of being a criminal? On top of everything else you miscreants are delusional.

If you want to arrest a real terrorist, arrest George W. Bush, because this miscreant is a textbook example of one. But you protect George W. Bush's while hiding their crimes and murdering those who can testify against them, just like you did with the late Margie Schoedinger. And let's not forget what you did to Michael Boren Williams and his family.
Strip and cavity searching a six month pregnant woman and her two year old child while shooting a puppy in the head?

You have to be the sickest and most depraved garbage on this planet.

And as long as you keep attacking me I will continue to document every aspect of it. I am operating within the law; you modern day Nazi's are not. So think about that the next time that you try your strong arm tactics. As Ed Brown has said, you are behaving worse than spoiled children, and you are far more dangerous than children could ever be. Which brings me to my next and last statement.

You remember what children are don't you? When you Gestapo wannabes were younger, you used to beat them up.


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