Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The EFF Investigates The FBI's New Monster Database -- The "Pinocchio Network" Gets Caught Pulling Another Fast One

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the nation's only truly independent oversight of the "digital domain" and our privacy rights, has put out the following report on the FBI and one of its latest attempts to violate your civil rights. Another "Monster Database." Isn't it time that the American people acknowledged the FBI for the domestic spy and covert terrorist it is?

The followings an excerpt of what these government rat bastards are up to now in regard to their part in the New World Order one world fascist government. It's clear that the war on terror in this country is an absolute crock, ostensibly being utilized to allow the NWO architects to data mine everything about us. And the collective "Pinocchio Network" AKA US Intelligence, is a major offender here.

"The FBI had boasted to the media of IDW's capacity to trawl vast reams of data efficiently and productively, and of its current (and no doubt rapidly growing) cache of nearly 600 million records. There are plans to connect the tool to databases maintained by DHS, the NSA, the CIA, and the military within a couple of years, for some extra terror-busting punch."


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