Sunday, June 17, 2007

Walter Bowart & His Research On Synthetic Telepathy -- Remote Mind Control Which Is Oftentimes Perpetrated By Way Of Government Satellites

Given the long-term exposure that I have experienced as an NSA satellite prisoner and unwitting synthetic telepathy subject, I have found Walter Bowart's seminal work in this phenomenon to be quite interesting.

I am certain that the entire American population is being targeted by spy satellites which are being used to remotely track us by way of the electromagnetic fields that surround our bodies. Most of this elaborate spying is done automatically by way of myriad specialized satellites and super computers that have the ability to record everything that we say, do and think. This spy system is part of the New World Order's way of maintaining complete dossiers on each of us, so that they can access what they have recorded about us at anytime of their choosing.

I am well aware that the NSA has at least 27 years of videotape (or whatever archiving material they are now using) of myself, being spied on every second of my life. This is as outrageous a violation of my Civil Rights as well as those of every person with whom I have been in contact over the past 27 years, as has ever been documented.

It is also a clear indication of the New World Order that is now emerging on this planet, and its perceived destiny to enslave the minds of every one of the common people by way of this advanced spy/ remote mind control technology.

So why don't Americans know about any of this life altering information?

Most of America knows nothing about this information because the US Media has now become completely perverted and controlled by the NWO, as has all media globally. In the United States alone, there is clear evidence of the North American Union being formed, in which Canada, The United States and Mexico will become merged into one country.

Yet the media has never even mentioned it.

Those of us who have learned about this have been forced to do so by way of the Internet, simply because the US Media is no longer capable of telling Americans the truth about what is occurring within this country or abroad, in regard to the NWO's plans for us.

We now have a European Union overseas which the people in these countries voted against. However, the architects of the NWO passed it anyway. The issue of the North American Union has never even been put to a vote, because the American people know nothing about it. They are not even aware that a railway connecting Canada to Mexico (running directly through the United States) has been planned as part of the North American Union.

The US Government does not even exist any longer. At least certainly not the constitutional republic that it was created as back in 1776. What we have today is a completely different government which is run by corporations. As a result, and as unlikely as it sounds, this government has become not much more than a fascist cabal. However, they are not about to alert us to this because Americans are still operating under the delusion that they are living in a free society. I can tell you with absolute certainty that they are not.

We are all being LIED To by the Bush Administration, US Congress, the military/industrial/intelligence complex, and those illuminists who control them.

This situation is an outright disaster in the making in which the American people are going to lose their sovereignty while ending up as mind controlled slaves. We are well on our way.

And this is why it is so important for all of you to understand what is happening at present. In order to accomplish this all Americans need to quickly educate themselves in regard to the various methods used to brainwash them into a state of being completely passive.

A passive American does not question authority -- they submit to it -- even when such corrupt authority is involved in destroying American civil liberties as it is now.

See the following Website to access Walter Bowart's seminal work on mind control technology:


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