Saturday, June 16, 2007

As The NSA's Use Of Remote Neural Monitoring Continues To Be Exposed Many Serious Legal Issues Are Raised

In the ever widening scandal that is gradually unfolding regarding the United States National Security Agency's use of its satellites for illegal domestic spying, some very problematic issues are beginning to surface.

In utilizing its Blue Gene L artificial intelligence (AI) computers to operate a global array of satellites, which are then used in conjunction with one another to not only spy on American citizens (within the privacy of their own homes), but also "electronically" remotely access their sub vocalized thoughts, the NSA has now opened a "Pandora's Box" in which a myriad of issues are now being considered in regard to the insidious deployment of such "technological" space weapons.

At the top of this list is the growing concern for both civil and human rights abuses, in which this technology clearly sets a precedent. Of equal importance is the use of said technology which when deployed to cause physical harm to those it's used to illegally track, can result in permanent physical and psychological damage in those targeted, while in many instances resulting in the deaths of these citizens.

While these extreme violations of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution (as well as several others) have clearly placed it in jeopardy as a result of this technology, somewhere a bit further down the list of concerns is that of the covert theft of one's intellectual property through the illegal use of remote neural monitoring technology. There is also the equally disturbing issue of the FBI and NSA using this technology to illegally interogate those persons whom they target by way of audio visual satellites, in which their Miranda Rights are also being violated. This has happened to me for the past 27 years, as the FBI and NSA have gone on what is perhaps the longest fishing expedition of an American citizen by way of remote neural monitoring technology in United States History.

Now in the past, the theft of the aforesaid would include those ideas that a person puts down on paper, by way of the written word. In any court of law, one may most assuredly be able to build a case based on the theft of someones ideas, when once written down and perhaps even implemented in a form from which the very concepts originated (commercial products, works of literature, music, art etc.).

However, how does one prosecute a theft which has been perpetrated by way of satellite based remote neural monitoring, in which the ideas of the targeted person have never even made it into the written word before quite literally being "electronically" snatched from their skulls? This will certainly represent a challenge to those attorneys who choose to tackle this phenomenon, as this technology becomes better known to the public at large, and a focal point in courtrooms around America -- and for that matter the rest of the civilized world.

If there is a particular aspect of the US Bill Of Rights in which remote neural monitoring will be found particularly offensive, it must certainly be the 4th Amendment -- which guarantees every American the right to privacy within their own domiciles. And this is where those who deploy this technology are going to find themselves under the most intense scrutiny, given the immoral, unethical, and inhumane aspects of such an outrageous assault on American civil rights.

Simply put, the NSA's ability to use its satellites to remotely monitor a person's activities within the privacy of their own homes (including that of their own private thoughts), indicates that there is no longer any legitimate privacy to be had anywhere on this planet.

Furthermore, when forced to acknowledge under the crushing weight of irrefutable evidence, that such technology has not only existed for many decades, but also been illegally deployed against many American citizens, attorneys who argue for the US Government will undoubtedly utilize the excuse of domestic terrorism to justify such a heinous abuse of power -- while those arguing on the side of civil liberties will instead certainly label this technology for what it clearly is -- a Nazi subversion of the US Constitutional Republic and the American people.

There are myriad cases within the United States and abroad that have dealt with the legal ramifications involving the theft of intellectual property. However, none has ever approached the heights of those thefts accomplished by way of remote neural monitoring -- whether it was perpetrated by way of satellite based weapons (as has been widely reported by victims of these crimes), or by other portable means of doing so.

What is an absolute certainty here, is that invading the privacy of someones own personal thoughts (the human mind) to both steal and manipulate them, is the most outrageous crime ever documented, since it threatens the very human race by attempting to subjugate its creativity and freedom of thought.

I find particularly disturbing the Bush Administration's masquerade as defender of US civil liberties, while it (along with the Project For A New American Century) covertly orchestrated the attacks on 9-11, so that it could use the plausible excuse of Bush being a war time president to order passage of the civil rights emasculating Patriot Act, which has given Bush the broadest authority ever allowed an American President, to undermine the United States Bill Of Rights under the pretense of a non existent enemy.

**** Anyone with an iota of common sense can see for themselves that the 8,000 page Patriot Act was in existence long before the attacks on 9-11, and waiting in the wings to be passed into law in order to give this administration the ability to rule this country as though it were a fascist cabal, rather than the constitutional republic that it was created to be.

And Bush's complete unaccountability (even to Congress) to the American people is only further proof of this, as he continues to send American kids to their untimely deaths while ordering the murders of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people. He is now looking for a plausible reason in which to attack Iran. And he will exploit every opportunity in which to do so. The Bush crime family and the Saudi Royal Family go way back in their business dealings, and the Bush's simply see taking Iran and Iraq out of the picture as being in the best interests of the Saudis as well as themselves.

And if Bush has to take another set of skyscrapers down as he and the PNAC did on 9-11, that is exactly what this miscreant will do in order to find a reason in which to next wage war on Iran.

While other presidents have made attempts at suspending the US Constitution during war time, one can make an argument for the fact that their wars were fought for legitimate reasons. However, the Bush Administration's fraudulent reasons for attacking Iraq, to raid its rich oil reserves, while simultaneously giving billions in contracts to US defense contracting companies, is nothing but a high crime of treason that Bush and his extremist cronies have perpetrated against all of us.

The Department Of Justice is no better, having routinely aided and abetted the FBI when its agents commit outrageous violations of both civil and human rights in this country. The FBI's attempts to obfuscate any legitimate investigation into the attacks on 9-11 is perhaps the most blatant proof of this.

The following statements made by Bush appointee Alberto Gonzalez (present US Attorney General) are indicative of this administration's "talking out both sides of its mouth." While Gonzalez discusses the importance of protecting intellectual property here in the United States, the passing of the Patriot Act while on his watch, clearly indicates that his intentions as well as those of the present administration's have far more to do with covertly obtaining such property -- regardless of who the person being targeted for such an abuse of civil rights is -- than protecting the American people from terrorism, whether it be domestic or international in its origins.

Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the American Bar Association, Section on Intellectual Property Law Boston, Massachusetts June 22, 2006

"Thank you, Mr. Figg, for that introduction. I thank the ABA Section on Intellectual Property Law for arranging my presentation, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you today.

Two hundred and fifty billion dollars in annual losses, and seven hundred and fifty thousand lost jobs. These are among the many costs of intellectual property theft to American businesses and families. I’m sure many of you in this room can give example after example of the damage counterfeiting, trademark infringement, copyright violations, and unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets have inflicted on many of your clients.

And even these staggering figures do not cover the costs of intellectual property theft to our economy and everyone involved in it, from consumers to workers to stockholders. Our research edge in world competition suffers when American research and development budgets shrink because products are readily counterfeited.
A shoddy substitute will damage the reputation and profitability of a sought-after, trademarked original. Counterfeit airplane or car parts may fail, fraudulent electrical appliances may explode. And in the case of fake pharmaceuticals, such as cholesterol medication or antibiotics, patients will suffer or even die.

Intellectual property — patented inventions of all sorts, copyrighted material, trademarked goods, and trade secrets painstakingly developed — is the lifeblood of our strong economy and the source for making it even stronger. As rich as America’s natural resources are, and as strong as our labor force is, it is the creativity and innovation of intellectual property industries that have been the great engine of our growth.

At the Department of Justice, we understand that a key law enforcement objective is to protect the ingenuity of the artist and of the inventor. It is also our objective to enforce the law."

It's clear from his actions, that Gonzalez does not practice what he preaches since the NSA's use of remote neural monitoring is the most outrageous theft of intellectual property ever documented. And the proof of this is how those who've come forward to report it are immediately neutralized by the NSA to prevent the truth about this technology from surfacing.

It is also a sure bet that the CIA's usurpation of the US media through Operation Mockingbird (back in the late 1940's), will keep the media at bay in this situation. As word finds its way into other venues as it now has by way of the Internet, the only aspect that the US media will be involved in will be to discredit the accounts of legitimate whistle blowers in a further effort to obfuscate the entire situation. Since the late 1940's the US media has been used to parrot government disinformation.

A prime example of this occurred after the Roswell incident in 1947, where it had been initially reported that an alien craft had crashed on a farm in Roswell, New Mexico. I ask the readers to please indulge this author for the next few minutes while I interject the following pertinent information into today's blog.

In the early part of July, 1947, the US media was buzzing with speculation in regard to reports that a UFO craft had crashed on a Roswell, New Mexico farm and that dead extraterrestrial beings had been found within its scattered remains. However, within 48 hours, the US Military had said that the entire situation had been incorrectly reported and stuck to its new story about a weather balloon that had crashed to the ground.

There's nothing to worry about. So just forget about the initial story, because there's absolutely no truth to it, the US Military calmly reported to the American people.

Yet while this was occurring, a huge section of fence had been taken down from the property on which the craft was alleged to have crashed, and eyewitness reports at the time stated that numerous military vehicles (including flatbed tractor trailers) had entered the property under the cover of night. Why so much secrecy about a weather balloon?

And why have there been so many reports since 1947 about a US Government cover up in regard to the Roswell incident? For that matter why have so many people who've come forward to report being abducted by alien craft been ridiculed by the mainstream media? And why have many UFO abductees and those researching this phenomenon reported being followed by government vehicles, having their phones tapped
and their mail opened before receiving it?

Furthermore, how is it that many of the people researching these reports (most of whom have admitted to being abductees) died so mysteriously? (The late UFO Researcher Dr. Karla Turner is a particularly good illustration here, having died of an extremely rare and fast spreading form of cancer. Dr. Turner reported that her phones were tapped, black helicopters were routinely flying over her home, and she was followed wherever she went by government vehicles. Many of the abductees who had contacted her for help reported receiving anonymous phone calls warning them to end their contact with Dr. Turner. Some died under mysterious circumstances and others were unquestionably murdered).

And this is just one of numerous instances which smacks of a large scale government cover up.

Dr. Turner wrote three superb books on her experiences as well as those of other abductees. All out of print now, they can be accessed on the following Website and printed out for free, thanks to the site's owner and the late Dr. Turner's husband, Elton, also an abductee. I highly recommend these books to anyone who questions the US Government's official explanation of the 1947 Roswell incident. And anyone who has common sense would realize that this government has been lying to all of us in regard to this situation and attempting to perpetuate this enormous deception for 60 years!

"Into The Fringe"

"Masquerade Of Angels"

"Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda"

According to a myriad of government whistle blowers, in the months following the day that this alien craft crashed, President Harry S. Truman formed the Majestic 12 Commission to A. establish what the intentions of these alien beings were and to learn as much as possible about their craft and B. to create a disinformation campaign in efforts to thwart any independent investigations that private citizens might have decided to conduct on their own. According to several insiders, the media was to be used to discredit (with extreme prejudice if necessary) any persons or groups who claimed to have been abducted by alien craft, or for that matter even those who simply reported witnessing such craft flying in the skies above them.

Whether you believe any of this or not has to do with your own religious indoctrination. And I have met many religious persons who are unwilling to acknowledge the possibility of extraterrestrial life simply because it would completely unravel their own belief systems. While I certainly cannot blame them for having this fear, I must also acknowledge that it may well serve to distance them from the truth in the long run.

These myriad accounts of government deception and its usurpation of the US media in which to do so are certainly applicable not only to the UFO situation but to the modern day issue of satellite based remote neural monitoring. What do you think would happen if your average American was to suddenly learn that the government could spy on them 24 hours a day and know everything that they were thinking, without them ever consenting to this or having any idea that it was being done to them? If you suddenly found out that it was not only being done to you, but had been for decades, exactly how would you feel?

We both know the answer to that question without my even having to post it here.

The reality of this situation is that if this information is made public on a wide scale it will bring down the fascist shadow government which now operates behind the mask of democracy here in the United States.

And the FEDS are not about to allow this to happen without a fight. Consequently, as in the Roswell incident, their best strategy is a policy of complete denial at any such accusations, and the vilification of any persons who attempt to expose them for the crimes they have committed.

In taking this into consideration, the best that TI's can now hope for is the continued circulation of the truth, while the US Intelligence community eventually finds itself outnumbered by the growing community of TI's whom, having been made aware of the enormity of this situation and the precedent setting acts of treason perpetrated by the US Federal Government, will continue to expose these crimes against humanity or die trying.

This situation is not going to remedy itself overnight. It has taken more than a century for it to become as dire as it has in the present day. And the only real way in which to effect a meaningful change is to clean this government out starting with Congress on down. Moreover, Americans need to prevent the corporatism that corporate America has through its lobbying efforts, used to determine the present and malevolent path that all Americans now find themselves on.

America should first and foremost be about human rights, rather than greed for power and wealth, and the corruption that has not only stemmed from them, but pervaded this country's entire infrastructure since the days of the Industrial Revolution.

And finally, we must reestablish the constitutional republic that this country was meant to be -- a republic that a great number of our citizens have died fighting for over the past 231 years.

And let us never forget them or the ultimate sacrifices that each made to protect the civil liberties that the Bush Administration and US Intelligence community, are now eroding everyday that we allow them to remain as they are.

Something must be done and done now!

The days of a passive American society must end, and be replaced by a proactive citizenry who will not only challenge the authority in this country when it has become inherently corrupted, but also seek to remove such corruption for the betterment of the American people.


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