Friday, June 15, 2007

US Federal Government Sues To Block Bob Shultz Of "The We The People Foundation" From Distributing Alternative Forms To Avoid Paying Income Taxes

Bob Shultz of the We The People Foundation has been telling Americans the truth about the Federal Reserve and IRS tax frauds for quite some time. And as far as I am concerned, Bob is an American Patriot who at one point, in a consummate act of civil disobedience, went on a hunger strike until IRS representatives would agree to meet with him to show him the law that it follows to enforce the income tax codes in this country.

All that Bob Shultz and myriad other Americans have requested is for the IRS to simply show them the law.

Yet the IRS has failed to do so, simply because NO such law exists, and the IRS knows it.

So the IRS and Congress have decided to use the legal system to stonewall this situation. This is the absolute height of arrogance on their part, since it's clear that they are breaking the law by enforcing a policy which is based on no law.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett agreed to act as liaison between the We The People Foundation and the IRS and FBI to get to the facts in this situation. Both Congressman Bartlett and the two alphabet agencies agreed to take part in a public symposium to prove to the American people that the IRS was operating legally and there was in fact a law which authorized it to collect a federal income tax.

However, shortly before the symposium was due to take place, Congressman Bartlett informed Bob Shultz that neither the IRS, FBI nor himself would be taking part in the symposium.

He gave no reason for this.

Of course anyone who's done their own research can tell you why Congressman Bartlett and these two alphabet agencies reneged on their agreement. And that is because they are well aware that there is no law requiring Americans to file a 1040 income tax form, or to pay a federal, state, or local income tax.

In 1897 the Supreme Court ruled that the wages that Americans earn for their labor is considered to be private property and hence "non taxable." In 1913 when Congress unlawfully passed the Federal Reserve Act which led to the creation of the unlawful privately held Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS and the 16TH Amendment, the Supreme Court once against ruled that the "16TH Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation on Congress."

Now Congress is attempting to further obfuscate this situation by initiating a suit to block Bob Shultz from providing alternative forms which allow Americans to avoid filing a 1040 income tax return. Thus far Bob's efforts have saved some American taxpayers nearly $21 million dollars. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. When the American people collectively learn of Bob Schultz's campaign to expose the IRS tax fraud they will undoubtedly follow suit and refuse to pay their income taxes.

The Federal Reserve Bank, IRS and Congress are well aware of this and are already panicked, knowing that at some point in the future they are going to lose the income tax revenue stream that they have had for the past 94 years. And given their propensity towards piddling money away, this is going to become an insurmountable problem for them.

They are going to be forced to realize that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank has to be abolished in order to pay down the national debt. Moreover, there is no other way that Congress will be able to keep this government going than to pare it down to a much more efficient size. For the American people this is a must, since a smaller government will help to bring back accountability to Congress and concomitantly enable us to restore this government to the Constitutional Republic that it once was.

This must happen if Americans are to defeat the Illuminati and their move towards a New World Order one world fascist government.

Congress and the Federal Reserve will make the feeble argument that Americans cannot legally steal money from the FED by shutting it down and taking its assets.

However, the truth of the matter is that we will only be taking back the money that the FED has stolen from us for the past 94 years when they bribed some senators during the Wilson Administration, to illegally pass the Federal Reserve Act (which allowed for the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank). The bankers of the Federal Reserve banking cartel have always been of the opinion that the tail should wag the dog -- the FED controlling the American people instead of being the other way around.

For the last 94 years the Federal Reserve Bank has raped and pillaged the American people, their government and their economy.

It is about time that these criminals were made to pay for what they have done to us as a people.

One might say that by the time this situation fully unfolds in the direction that it is now headed, even those presently working for the Federal Reserve as well as the Congress are going to want to burn the Jekyll Island 7 in effigy, given the nightmare that their deception is on the precipice of causing.

As they say in regard to certain organized crime families when their time is up -- their strings run out. It's become clear that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank for all of its bravado, is soon to experience the same fate - and after nearly a Century of precedent setting and treasonous deception.

If one looks at the wording of the heavily biased article below, it is easy to see how the Department Of Justice is using the media to again obfuscate this situation, referring to what Bob Shultz is doing as fraud.

The fact of the matter is that Bob Shultz is not the fraud here. It is the IRS that is scamming the American people!

The US Department Of Justice and the IRS are the frauds. And they are looking to abuse their authority to perpetrate yet one more in a mainstream series of outrageous LIES, which have been used to deceive the American people while cheating them out of trillions of dollars of their own money for nearly a Century.

The US Federal Government is quite literally shoveling "you know what" against the tide at this point given that there is no law that requires Americans to file an income tax return. The FEDS are simply using their muscle as any organized crime family would to intimidate Americans into paying an income tax.

However, it's the FEDS who are the criminals now. And as the American people continue to learn of this MASSIVE deception, it will be the FEDS who are going to find themselves outgunned and outnumbered, being unable to defend what is an indefensible position.

There is no doubt that they are going to go down fighting on this issue and lying through their teeth the entire way. However, they will eventually lose this fight -- there's no question about it this time around.

It is just a matter of time before they are disgraced for perpetrating such an outrageous series of treasonous lies against the American people.

The Federal Reserve Bank Fraud will be soon to follow, as will the US Intelligence Community's use of satellite based directed energy weapons on its own people -- to illegally spy on them while using them for non consensual mind control research.

Any one of these scandals is enough to topple the shadow government in this country. When taken in total along with Americans continuing to learn that the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job, it's highly improbable that this government can survive all four of these precedent setting scandals which are now beginning to rapidly unravel.

Department of Just-us press release

WASHINGTON – The United States announced that it has sued to block Robert L. Schulz, of Queensbury, N.Y., from selling an alleged tax fraud scheme said to have cost the U.S. Treasury more than $21 million, the Justice Department announced today. Also named in the suit are two corporations, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education Inc., and We the People Congress Inc.

The government’s complaint, filed in Syracuse with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York, alleges that Schulz has used the two We the People entities to market a nationwide tax fraud scheme, called the Tax Termination Package, to employers and employees. According to the complaint, the Tax Termination Package includes We the People forms, which the defendants falsely tell customers can be used to replace forms the IRS requires employers and employees must use in connection with federal tax withholding from wages.

The suit says that Schulz and the We the People entities falsely state that use of the replacement forms will allow customers to legally stop tax withholding. According to the complaint, the defendants base the scheme on frivolous arguments about federal tax laws that federal courts have repeatedly rejected. These schemes are on the IRS’s 2007 list of the Dirty Dozen tax scams.,,id=167983,00.html

“People who sell tax scams are asking for trouble for themselves and their customers who participate in them,” said Eileen J. O’Connor, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Tax Division. “They and their customers temporarily enrich themselves at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers. The Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service are determined to stamp out these scams.”

Since 2001 the Justice Department has obtained more than 230 injunctions to stop the promotion of tax fraud schemes and the preparation of fraudulent returns. More information about the Justice Department’s efforts against tax-scam promoters can be found at Information about the Justice Department’s Tax Division can be found at


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