Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ruby Ridge Survivor Randy Weaver Reported To Be Heading To Ed And Elaine Browns' Residence -- Is The Browns' Plight Turning Into Another Ruby Ridge?

In what is turning out to be a drama which Hollywood itself could not have envisioned, it's been reported that Randy Weaver, one of the only survivors of the infamous Ruby Ridge battle between the Weaver Family and FBI/BATF, is headed up to New Hampshire to support Ed and Elaine Brown in regard to their wrongful conviction on tax evasion charges.

In August of 1992 Weaver's son Sammy was shot in the back and killed when he ran from a US Federal Marshal who had illegally entered his family's property looking to provoke the Weavers into a fatal confrontation. Initially only two marshals had entered the property and one was shot and killed by Sammy Weaver, only after the marshal shot and killed his dog.

Sammy then ran for cover and was killed after being shot in the back by the other federal marshal. The following day the FBI showed up to take over the scene when one of their agents, rescue sniper Lon Horiuchi, shot and killed an unarmed Vicki Weaver while she held her baby daughter in her arms.

Vicki's head was nearly blown off from the impact, and even the Department Of Justice was appalled at how badly Horiuchi had handled the situation. A judge even ruled that he could be indicted in the murder of Vicki Weaver. However a week later Horiuchi was inexplicably let off the hook.

What is just as chilling here is that after this incident Horiuchi was quoted as saying that if he'd had the situation to do over again he would have done the same thing. And as crazy as this may sound he was even promoted by the FBI as a result of the Ruby Ridge incident!

This is what we are really dealing with when we speak in regard to the FBI. An organization that is just an outright obscenity to the American people and humanity. The best thing that Americans can do for themselves is to force Congress to abolish the FBI before this malignancy can murder anyone else.

As for now, it's clear that Ed and Elaine Brown can be murdered at anytime, should the FEDS decide to move in quickly. We've already seen them do it in Ruby Ridge and Waco. So exactly what is to prevent them from doing it again in New Hampshire?

They have moved the press away from the scene so that there will be no witnesses once the FEDS begin their ILLEGAL attack on Ed and Elaine. There's also little doubt that Randy Weaver will be arrested the moment that he steps foot on the Brown's property.

And as is always the case, the mainstream US Media has not said a word in regard to what is unfolding at the Brown's at present!

I am certain that if this situation turns into a massacre (and I certainly hope that it does come to this) that the US Media will report the outcome as one in which two crazed tax evaders were shot to death righteously by the FEDS for refusing to be taken into custody. Americans will never hear the truth in this situation.

However, here are the facts:

Ed and Elaine Brown are well within their rights not to have filed a 1040 income tax return for the past decade, since there is NO LAW requiring them to do so. They were wrongfully found guilty of tax evasion, given the fact that the Supreme Court ruled in 1897 and again in 1913 that wages are personal property and non taxable.

There are lower court rulings which claim that a direct unapportioned tax is legal. This is wrong!

These courts must be in compliance with the Supreme Court and they are not. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue on several occasions and in every case decided in favor of the American people and against the US Congress, which is always looking for other ways in which to vacuum our pockets.

The unapportioned direct tax that the Internal Revenue Service charges you is illegal!

Several former IRS agents including a man named Joe Banister quit their jobs at the IRS when this federal alphabet agency could not show them the law which states that Americans must pay a federal income tax on their wages. The reason for this is that there is NO LAW!

To learn more about this see Aaron Russo's documentary on the privately held Federal Reserve and IRS frauds -- at the following Website:

Ed and Elaine Brown have NOT BROKEN ANY LAW! They are INNOCENT!

And if we don't get involved they are going to be murdered by these government rat bastards!

The US Federal Marshals who are orchestrating this attack on Ed and Elaine Brown are the ones WHO ARE BREAKING THE LAW!

So call your local TV and radio stations and tell them about what is happening to Ed and Elaine. Promulgate their story far and wide. Put the FEDS under a magnifying glass for a change and let the entire country see them and the New World Order police state that America has become since 9-11, for the outright fascism that they represent.

You can get further updates on the Browns' plight at the following Website:

Don't Let The US Federal Government turn Ed and Elaine Browns' battle into another WACO or Ruby Ridge! This is dangerously close to happening again.


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