Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The FBI's Use Of A Health Insurance Company As A Form Of Entrapment

Today the FBI has once again taken to using Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield in its illegal assault on my person, as the two collude in the FBI's COINTELPRO operation against me.

In perpetrating a COINTELPRO operation, the FBI violates the US Constitution, its Bill Of Rights, and every civil rights law in existence. And if it fails to achieve its goal of arresting, institutionalizing or driving a targeted person to suicide the FBI will commit outright murder against the person. It will be done covertly and in such a way in which it is plausibly deniable - however, it will be done.

The FBI perpetrated the same crime against me in the early 1990's when they colluded with Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield in an attempt to entrap me on insurance fraud.

However I was not the one who perpetrated this fraud -- the FBI was.

They did so by sending me checks that a health care provider should have received directly. The excuse that I was given for receiving these checks (instead of them being sent directly to this particular health care provider), was that they did not have a valid tax identification number.

This was a completely bogus excuse and fraud, given that without a valid tax ID number the provider could not have been in business legally -- yet they were.

This was a clear case of the FBI colluding with Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield in efforts to entrap me, when the FEDS knew that I had not done anything that they could have arrested me for legally.

Instead, I took the checks that I received and endorsed them over to the health care provider. Roughly a year later I received two more checks from Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield for the same provider. However, by this time they were out of business. Since the money did not belong to BC/BS, I deposited these two checks into my bank account (since they were in my name I had done nothing illegal) thinking that I would eventually be contacted by either BC/BS or the provider, at which time I would just send the money back.

However, I never was contacted by either of them. Blue Cross and Blue Shield knew that they had perpetrated a fraud against me.

Today, I received a statement in the mail that Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a check for me in the amount of $22,500 in unclaimed funds that will go to the State of New York if I do not claim it.

Given that the FEDS have been attempting to destroy my finances for the past four years, how lucky can I get right? Except that dumb luck had nothing to do with my receiving this notification. It was yet another collusive attempt by the FBI to use Blue Cross and Blue Shield to entrap me.

The real problem here is that BC/BS does not owe me $22,500. This is once again a clear case of fraud on the part of BC/BS , who will use plausible deniability to claim that this is a simple computer glitch. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This is yet another case of the FBI colluding with BC/BS to use entrapment in which to set me up on bogus charges.

I post this information here to illustrate for the readers how the FBI has no concept of how to operate within the law of this country or the framework of the US Constitution.

When they setup a COINTELPRO STING operation that fails, they simply continue to use every available venue in which to violate a targeted person's civil rights in efforts to drive them insane. The targeted person is not the one committing crimes here; it's the FBI which has the distinction of doing so.

Where is the law here? Where is due process of law?

This ideology of time, space and pressure has been adopted from Hitler's Gestapo. The FBI knows that what it is doing is illegal, but assumes that if they can keep enough pressure on someone whom they target for a long enough period of time, they are going to crack under the stress and make a mistake in which the FBI can eventually legally arrest them. However, nothing that the FBI is doing here is legal or Constitutional.

What the FBI is perpetrating here is an outright fraud. The Gambino Crime Family could not have perpetrated a better fraud and they are acknowledged as being criminals. It's about time that the American people started recognizing that the FBI is yet another dangerous criminal organization. And in most respects far more dangerous than the Mafia has ever been.

I will now draft a letter to Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield stating that they have made a mistake and that the $22,500 is not owed to me. And that moreover, they should do whatever it is that they do with funds that have been erroneously earmarked for clients whom they have mistakenly issued them to.

Yet another waste of my valuable time in dealing with miscreants of a federal agency that should have been abolished long ago. The FEDS' fraudulent use of jury duty was last week. This week it's Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

And for those of you who seek to understand the complete fraud that the US Health Insurance Industry is, see the movie "The Rainmaker." This movie was a screen of author John Grisham's best selling novel in which art imitates life, as Grisham reveals the scams that health insurance companies perpetrate against unwitting subscribers -- taking their premiums and then denying legitimate claims.

As a chronically ill Lyme Disease patient I can tell you first hand what it is like to have a health insurer (in this case Blue Cross and Blue Shield) deny you legitimate treatment because they know that your claim is good, but refuse to pay the hefty fees charged by the health care providers (which are usually also a complete ripoff).

From my own research what I have found is that in the early days the health insurance industry was quite reliable in paying out claims until doctors and health care providers began to abuse them by filing fraudulent claims.

The US Health Insurance Industry eventually fired back by adopting a policy of denying all claims for a period of time and then carefully selecting those which were cheapest to pay.

The only people who lost out were the subscribers, who paid their premiums and then found themselves subjugated to the games that the health insurance industry plays with them.

For example, if Blue Cross and Blue Shield fails to answer your claim they can simply say that it is still under review. This gives them plausible deniablity, in that while they never actually authorized or denied your claim, they never rejected it either. It all sounds good, except that by keeping your claim open indefinitely, it becomes the same as rejecting it, since you never get paid. I've had claims left open by Blue Cross and Blue Shield
for over a year at a time and to this day they have never denied or paid.

It is also clear that BC/BS has a blackbook on all chronically ill Lyme patients, and that we have all routinely been denied treatment for this illness (a biological weapon created by the US Federal Government decades ago).

The other scam that these health insurance companies use is the term "customary and usual fees." In most cases these fees are well below what your average physician charges for an office visit. And this forces you to use one of the substandard doctors that these health care insurers recommend, if you are to obtain any coverage from them at all. The health care insurers usually claim that they will pick up 80% of the charges after you have paid the required deductible.

However, the term customary and usual fees often ends up costing the insured at least 50% of each bill, and oftentimes a lot more. Not anywhere near the 20% that they should be paying based on the insurer's claims.

Customary and usual fees is yet another insurance fraud -- this time perpetrated by the health care insurers themselves.The bottom line is that through the US Medical Community's greed and their fraudulent claims, they have forced the US Health Insurance Industry to become immune to the suffering of patients. The end result is that both these doctors and the health insurers have destroyed quality health care in this country.

Just ask anyone who is chronically ill about this and they will describe how they were eventually bankrupted by this nightmare of a system.


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