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FBI Whistleblowers Are The Best Indictment Americans Have Against the FBI And Its Corruption

Of all of the research that I have done in regard to the FBI's criminality (and it is extensive), the most compelling is from former FBI agents who document the outrageous crimes that this agency and its employees are guilty of perpetrating. Every crime imaginable from child molestation, drug trafficking to murder, agents of the FBI have perpetrated against the American people.

And in nearly all instances, Congress has managed to look the other way, while keeping these scandals out of the media. And when the FBI has on the rare occasion been found to be guilty of serious crimes as it was this past year ( in regard to the illegal spying of myriad Americans), Congress talks tough, but never follows through on any meaningful punishments or changes which would prevent such future abuses.

Why not? Congress certainly has the authority to do so -- at least that is what they have led us to believe.

So why don't they reign in the FBI the way that they are supposed to?

Because the FBI's spying includes that of Congress and enables it to dig up dirt on any member whom it chooses to target. This gives the Bureau the ability to manipulate Congress by blackmailing Senators and Congress persons, which in turn allows it to routinely get away with its rampant criminality with nothing more than the proverbial slap on the wrist.

In the FBI's nearly 100 years existence this agency has only been seriously taken to task twice.

During the early part of the 20th Century the FBI was using the Smith Act to conduct the Palmer Raids until the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional. Suddenly the FBI was forced to take their illegal activities underground, when John Edgar Hoover, the FBI's longest tenured director, created its COINTELPRO operations, which allowed for the Bureau to continue its rampant attacks on American dissidents under the cover of law.

In reality, COINTELPRO's have always been the way in which the FBI has conducted itself, and although it has had assorted names for these programs, they have always been illegal; and they have been responsible for destroying a very large number of lives.

It would take some members of the Black Panther Party, who tiring of the FBI's murders of their own people, broke into an office in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971 and liberated documents which described the FBI's COINTELPRO operations in detail. Looking to get even with the FBI they then released these documents to the US Media who had quite literally had a field day exposing the FBI for its criminal and anti-American practices.

Unfortunately, the engineering of the Watergate scandal would quickly redirect the attention of the American people away from COINTELPRO and the FBI, which would allow this agency to quickly resume its criminal activities.

And in the present day, while your average American still has no idea what COINTELPRO is, those who remember the 1971 FBI scandal will probably tell you that COINTELPRO ended back then. Of course this would be an erroneous belief, as the FBI's COINTELPRO's have continued to take place since then, but even more covertly. The break in in Media, Pennsylvania also uncovered the Vietnam scandal which would be more fully exposed when psychiatrist Daniel Ellsberg secretly leaked damning information (The Pentagon Papers) of a White House conspiracy in regard to the Vietnam war, to the American public in the early 1970's, revealing that though the Nixon Administration knew that the war could not be won and that continuing it would result in the loss of many more American lives, they assumed a callous approach by allowing it to continue.

As punishment for Ellsberg's leaking of the Pentagon Papers, Nixon would later orchestrate a break in of his office in order to look for information that could be used to slander and discredit Ellsberg. However, no such damaging information was ever found. Yet this break in would eventually lead to the Watergate scandal which resulted in Nixon's resignation.

Wes Swearingen is a former FBI agent who was not only corrupt, but also privy to numerous crimes committed by his fellow agents. I see him as a sort of Henry Hill (from the movie "Good Fellas"), given that both made a tidy profit on ratting out their criminal cohorts -- in Henry's case it was the Mafia; in Wes Sweargen's it was the FBI.

Even if you don't like these guys, you have to respect their information since it's clear that they are telling some very unpopular truths. Swearingen's testimony in regard to the FBI certainly parallels much of my own personal experiences with this agency; especially in regard to their sense of abject arrogance in which they completely trample civil rights without any regard for the lives of the people whom they attack.

These FEDS are brainwashed into becoming sociopathic robots. Swearingen himself states that many of the men employed by the FBI started out as honorable people who truly were Patriots of the United States, until they were corrupted by the FBI's fascistic protocols.

The American people really must find a way in which to abolish the FBI. Not only has this agency done an enormous amount of damage to the American people, its fascistic and inhuman protocols have also severely damaged its own agents.

FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose

by M. Wesley Swearingen, 1994

"Wes Swearingen served as an FBI agent from 1951 until he retired in 1977. During that period he perpetrated or witnessed numerous violations of law by FBI agents and their operatives, heard revealing statements by other agents about their illegal activities, and read files which documented violations of the rights of American citizens.

The activities of FBI agents and their "informers" include warrant less break-ins, theft, fraud, kidnapping, perjury, fabrication of evidence, suborning of witness perjury, and murder. The targets were political dissidents: anyone FBI agents didn't like.

Swearingen details how members of the Black Panthers were murdered by FBI operatives, another was framed for a murder he didn't commit, and still others were prosecuted on trumped up charges.

He describes various files on political dissidents, called the "Security Index" and the "Reserve Index", which eventually included about 500,000 names, and which were the persons to be arrested without warrant and taken to detention areas in the event of a national security emergency.

Swearingen provides an insider's view of the COINTELPRO program of suppression of political dissidents, but also tells us that the program continues to this day under another name, apparently without a paper trail.

He paints a picture of an agency riddled with corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency, composed of men who may have once been patriots, but who have been reduced to common criminals, whose crime fighting activities are limited at best and largely for show, with political repression being the primary mission.

There have been other books by former FBI agents that have told similar tales, such as William Turner, author of _Hoover's FBI: The Men and the Myth_, and books by former agents of the CIA, such as those by Philip Agee, John Stockwell, Victor Marchetti, Frank Snepp, and Ralph McGehee.

It seems likely that similar books remain to be written by agents of almost every agency of the U.S. government, revealing them as criminal enterprises and implicating almost every employee as criminal conspirators. Such agents should read this book and begin gathering the evidence they will need to take out with them.

The most important thing this book reveals is the mindset of government agents, and the way otherwise good men get corrupted by the system of which they become a part.

They are totally ignorant of the principles of constitutional republic government, and willing to do whatever works, regardless of legality. Their arrogance was revealed in a statement by Special Agent Joseph G. Deegan in 1977: "We are the only ones who know what is good for the country, and we are the only ones who can do anything about it." After reading this book and others, it is clear that this statement reflects a dangerous delusion of grandeur.

"Anyone who is involved in any kind of politically significant activity, or who is concerned about the future of this country, needs to read this book to learn how government agents operate and how citizens can defend themselves against them, both in court and in the field.

These agents are not very effective, and people should not be awed by them. Standing up to them works if one exercises a few simple precautions, such as taping all encounters and having witnesses around at all times. Going armed at all times may not be a bad idea, either."

Former FBI Special Agent Wes Swearingen's Book on FBI Corruption -- A Telling Work Describing How The FBI Can No Longer Be Trusted By The American People


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