Friday, June 08, 2007

The NSA's Use Of Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring Technology Is An Outright Violation Of The Miranda Law

The US Miranda Law clearly states that every American citizen has the right to legal counsel prior to being questioned in regard to crimes that they have been arrested for. However, the Miranda Law even goes beyond this and also applies to those persons who have not been arrested, charged, or convicted of any crimes.

My contention in regard to the National Security Agency's use of satellite based remote neural monitoring technology when it is in fact deployed to illegally spy on American citizens, is that this agency is violating the Miranda Law because it is utilizing these satellites and its supercomputers to electronically hack into the minds of those persons it is targeting, and in doing so illegally interrogating them, while denying them their right to legal counsel and due process of law. It is also violating their 4th Amendment Right to be safe within the privacy of their own homes, and well as their 5th Amendment Right to avoid self incrimination.

The NSA's use of this technology is such an outrageous violation of these Amendments to the US Constitution that it is clearly setting a precedent by deploying it against any American citizen.

Moreover, as in my case and a myriad of other Americans these "open ended" fishing expeditions that the NSA conducts against us are the most outrageous violations of human rights ever documented. A situation where every private thought that we have is quite literally electronically stolen from right out of our minds. Those who perpetrate this outrageous crime against us should be subjected to it so that they can understand first hand the abject violation of human rights that it represents. The NSA's use of satellite based remote neural monitoring is the most anti-American act ever perpetrated against American citizens; an outright crime of Nazism that the late Adolph Hitler himself would have been proud of.

For me this moment began in approximately 1980 when this technology was first deployed on a large scale by way of NSA satellites.

This is without a doubt the most outrageous violation of both civil and human rights ever documented, since it is occurring on a very large scale and without most of those persons whom are being targeted for this illegal spying even being made aware of it.

This abuse can quite literally be referred to as the US Federal Government's rape of the human mind!

Some information on the Miranda Laws is listed below:


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