Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Serious & Life Threatening Consequences Of Brainwashing Unwitting Victims

As a long-term satellite prisoner of the National Security Agency, I have in the past referenced the work of another TI (Targeted Individual for electronic harassment and non consensual cover research and human experimentation) by the name of Paul Baird, simply because he has done a credible job of describing what it is like to be made into a satellite prisoner who is not only illegally tracked by way of audio/visual spy satellites 24 hours a day, but also experienced what it's like to have his mind raped as his thoughts are both electronically stolen and manipulated by those criminals who are deploying this Nazi technology against him.

To put it as succinctly as possible, targets like Paul, myself and myriad others have no privacy whatsoever. We cannot even use our own bathrooms without being illegally spied upon and videotaped by the most depraved garbage on this planet. Even our thoughts are no longer private, since the FEDS use their remote neural monitoring satellite technology to illegally HACK INTO OUR MINDS.

As a result of this, every thought that we have is being illegally stolen right out of our heads!

These people are not law enforcement -- they are simply a modern day version of Adolph Hitler, but with much better spy technology. And if history has been recorded correctly in regard to Hitler's fate, they should meet with the same fate as he did. That would be justice, given the tyranny that they have subjected us to.

Sometime ago, Paul wrote an excellent article in regard to the numerous types of brainwashing that the citizens of this planet are subjected to on a daily basis - through the media, religion and other forms of societal indoctrination -- and the consequences of such brainwashing. While these are not as intense as what TI's have been electronically put through by way of remote neural monitoring, over time these types of brainwashing most certainly do have negative consequences for their intended victims, as you will see in Paul's article. It can be downloaded in PDF format and printed out for easier reading at the Website below:


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