Sunday, June 03, 2007

The FBI & DHS Use Of Jury Duty As Yet Another Venue In Which To Entrap Me

I have discussed this aspect of the FEDS' COINTELPRO campaign against me since I first received a bogus jury duty questionnaire from the Burrough of the Bronx over a year ago. Given that there was no reason for me to even consider answering that questionnaire since I am from Long Island, and would only serve jury duty here, I never bothered to answer it. And of course I was never served a summons to do so because the FEDS were well aware that they could not enforce it.

So they next moved to setting me up for jury duty on Long Island, which once again they will attempt to use as yet another venue in which to utilize their psychological warfare operations against me - something they do 24 hours a day in one way or another.

I am a standby telephone juror this entire week, and will document every aspect of what occurs.

I also go on record here and now stating that if I am arrested it will be based on fabricated evidence.

If my vehicle is tampered with I will also report on that.

The only aspect of the jury duty questionnaire in which the FEDS might attempt to arrest me on false charges (long enough to actually incarcerate me) , would be the question have you ever been convicted of a felony?

I have studied this question very carefully, since they can easily use their computers to create a bogus conviction within their system to show that I was convicted of a felony when I was in fact not.

I am also going on record here stating that I have never been arrested, tried, or convicted of any crime in my life. And I have most certainly NEVER been convicted of a felony.

I use this example to illustrate a situation which occurred about a year and a half ago, when I was pulled over by an Old Brookville Police officer who proceeded to take part in the street theatre that I was at the time and continue to be subjected to on a daily basis.

I should also note that I was riding my motorcycle in the late hours of a weeknight, traveling well under the speed limit, and operating within the traffic laws. The officer most certainly knew who I was yet deliberately pulled me over to harass me.

While on his radio I heard the dispatcher respond to him that the license plate on my motorcycle did not match their record for the registration. This was an outright LIE. The plate on my motorcycle was the one issued to me at the time I purchased it and has never changed since.

I mention this simply to show how the FEDS can manipulate any situation in which they are involved, including ALTERING the information in regard to my Department Of Motor Vehicle driving abstract.

So I will be keeping an eye on this aspect of their harassment as well, given that they have become so desperate to murder me, that they will take every opportunity in which to do so.

I am also going on record to state that they have not had me set up for jury duty, without having some ulterior motive here as well.

Perhaps one of the most pernicious aspects of their psywarfare campaigns is that they use them in order to drive a targeted person into a state of insanity, all the while attempting to have the person set up by the mental health profession. This is done as the penultimate step to murdering the target.

I am documenting clear evidence that I have been used by the US Federal Government for its non consensual cover research and human experimentation program in regard to the satellite based mind control research that they have been illegally conducting on myriad Americans for decades, and that they have attempted to cover this up by assassinating my character through the use of a COINTELPRO smear campaign.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are well aware of this and are looking for ways in which to murder me to prevent me from ever filing a lawsuit against them.

The FEDS will search for a way in which to murder those they target, in which they have a plausible way of denying that they had anything to do with the crime.

However in my situation, I have been quite vociferous in stating that the FEDS are trying to murder me.

And only a complete fool would ever suspect that my death was not the direct result of an FBI, NSA, DHS COINTELPRO attack regardless of how the US puppet media would present it.

Just take a look through this blog and you will see a thousand reasons for the FEDS to want me dead.

The truth is that if I had not gone public with this information years ago, I would have been dead already.

I will continue to update this site on a day by day basis, and include every aspect of what occurs.

It is also my contention that since the FEDS play every possible angle, this entire week can amount to nothing. I may indeed never be called to jury duty, and just forced to call in every night in efforts to increase the psychological tension of what may happen.

Yet, I may also be called to show up for jury duty, which I will do, given that I am not the one here who is breaking the law -- the FEDS are.

However, if I suspect any attempt by the FEDS to manipulate this situation I will expose it immediately. I include here the possibility of claiming that I am not mentally sound because of my allegations against the FEDS, or an outright attempt by them to set me up on trumped up charges.

I am also going on record here as stating that my car contains no illegal contraband of any kind, and that if I am accused of carrying such illegal items, they will have been planted there by the FEDS or their provocateurs in efforts to illegally arrest me -- something that I will not rule out at the present time.

I should also note that in 2005 while visiting one of my parents in the hospital, the FEDS broke into my car and left two fortune cookie sized pieces of paper in my wallet with the words inspector and then a number following them -- i.e. what you would see in a piece of clothing that had been inspected.

To those who would ask why the FEDS would possibly do something so insane, I refer you to their psychological warfare operations, which include myriad tactics such as those which are deployed against a targeted person, in efforts to drive them into a state of mental duress. These tactics are referred to as gas lighting, and they are a form of psychological warfare.

I will update this blog throughout the week regarding my experiences with Long Island Jurisprudence, and the FEDS attempts to shamelessly abuse it for their own depraved reasons.


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