Sunday, June 03, 2007

Through The NSA's Use Of Satellite Based Millimeter Wave Technology The US Government Is Now Monitoring The Sex Lives Of American Citizens

I know that the dreck (dirt in German) that operates under the NSA has illegally spied on me within the privacy of my own bedroom and bathroom for decades. I also know of a great number of other Americans who are being illegally spied upon by this agency and others within US Intelligence in the same disgusting ways; agents who utilize audio/visual spy satellites with millimeter wave technology capabilities to quite literally make the walls of our homes disappear. This is done so that they can watch us no matter where we are.

And this is happening to millions of Americans who have no idea that they are being illegally spied upon 24 hours per day, tracked by the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, no matter where they are, as their minds are electronically raped; their thoughts being stolen right out of their own heads.

This has become a reality people and you are the targets, so you had better take notice!

Exactly how is the NSA adhering to the 4th Amendment by using this technology to illegally spy on us within the privacy of our own homes?

And we don't even have laws which cover the crime of stealing someones thoughts before they are even placed on paper and converted into intellectual property!

However, if these abuses of such technology continue, we will have to legislate more complex laws which take these crimes against humanity into consideration.

Being illegally spied on within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms. Having our minds and bodies electronically raped.

Is this what Americans are paying their hard earned tax dollars on?

What the NSA, FBI, DHS and other agencies within US Federal Intelligence have done to myself and myriad others in this country is so disgusting, that it is time these irrevocably corrupted agencies were exposed on a national and perhaps even international level for crimes which are so outrageous that they illustrate the extent of the absolute perversion within this government.

Those of us who have been subjected to this Nazi intrusion into our lives are well aware of what is really going within this government, as our own families have been threatened with the loss of their homes, jobs, and even imprisonment if they speak out in regard to the crimes that these agencies are subjecting all of us to.

They will not do so because they are terrified of these federal miscreants and the absolute lawless ways in which they covertly operate.

This abject denial in regard to these crimes and the complete lack of Congressional and Judicial oversight are what has allowed the US Intelligence community to continue to commit them for so many decades.

Simply put, the FEDS take no responsibility for their actions, and thus continue to brazenly violate the civil rights of any American citizens of their choosing, without any fear of reprisals.

And the Republican Congress that we have had in the past has only allowed this situation to grow worse -- much, much worse.

Congressperson Cynthia Mckinney was in the process of reopening the Church Hearings of the 1970's which involved a thorough investigation of the US Intelligence community, when she was defeated for re-election (a situation in which voter fraud may well have taken place).

With Mckinney's absence in Congress, House Resolution 1026 has been taken off the table for consideration -- something which is desperately needed yet being completely ignored at present.

The readers can learn more about HR 1026 -- a continuation of the Church Hearings at the following Website:

The real issue at this time is will the Democratic Congress reopen the Church Hearings into the US Intelligence community or out of fear for their own safety, will they deliberately obfuscate this situation by failing to do their investigative research into the US Intelligence community, and the covert Nazi crimes that they are perpetrating against myriad American citizens at this time?

As an American who continues in the present day to be subjected to some of the most precedent setting and outrageous violations of civil rights in US History, I am hoping that there will be enough members of Congress who still have the courage to do the right thing; those who will reopen these investigations and expose nationally, so many of the crimes that TI's have been forced to take to the Internet to document on our own.

However I am not optimistic that this will occur, simply because the powers that be within the hierarchy of this government can easily murder any person who attempts to expose their criminality, as the late President John F. Kennedy learned the hard way.

And until the US Media regains its footing (something which was stolen from it roughly 60 years ago under the CIA's Operation Mockingbird) the nation is going to continue to be largely ignorant of exactly how these federal thugs are really operating behind the scene, where they use every machination imaginable to covertly murder those whom they cannot legally charge with crimes.

If one considers the absolute declination of their civil liberties since 9-11 with the passage of two fascistic laws: the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (which the readers can access at the following Website), one finds that America is on the precipice of becoming an outright dictatorship.

The national ID card is the next step in this process. And a dumbed down American people are once again going to be the big losers here, as what is left of their freedoms disappears for good.

Those of us who are reporting these facts would like to be doing more pleasant things. However, these situations have now reached the point of critical mass and as such have become far too dire to ignore any longer.

"Prince Prospero and his Palace of party goers drank merrily and danced into the night unware that the Red Death was quickly approaching. By morning Prospero and his guests were dead, having never even seen the approaching menace."

We have been lied to and cheated over and over again by the most despicable people on this planet; those who believe that they have the right to use us as unwitting guinea pigs, and then to destroy what remnants of our lives that we have left, when we attempt to expose them for doing so - those who operate within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government and its Intelligence community.

They have now backed us into a corner where we have one of two options -- either allow them to kill us slowly by taking away what is left of our freedoms and using their advanced satellite technology to gradually enslave us, or fight back using the laws of this once great country to destroy this pernicious shadow government and those corporatists and their progeny who are behind its creation, before they are able to destroy us.

There is no gray area here. With their use of this diabolical technology the shadow government now operating within this country has made it clear that if we are to survive this nightmarish hell that they have subjugated us to, we are going to have to fight them.

Our survival depends on our ability to remove these modern day Nazis from society.


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