Friday, June 01, 2007

Americans Calling For The Abolition Of The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank And The Internal Revenue Service

The Federal Reserve Act Was Never Properly Ratified By Congress. The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank Was Illegally Created By Congress As A Result Of The Federal Reserve Act, And Has Since 1913 Operated Illegally In This Country. The Federal Reserve Bank Charges The US Federal Government Interest On The Money That It Counterfeits And Lends To The Government, When The US Treasury Could Be Creating US Currency Interest Free.

The US National Debt Which Has Now Reached Trillions Of Dollars A Year Has Been Caused By The Federal Reserve Bank. Furthermore, The Illegal And Unapportioned Income Tax That The US Federal Government Charges To The American People Goes Directly To The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank To Cover The Interest That The Federal Reserve Charges The US Federal Government.

According To The Reagan Appointed Grace Commission, Not One Nickle Of The Federal Income Tax That Americans Pay Each Year Goes Toward Government Services, Which Means That Congress Has Been Lying To The American People In Regard To How This Money Is Being Spent.

The Grace Commission Also Found That Corporate Taxes Support The US Armed Forces.

Property, School And Excise Taxes Are What Pay For The Services That American Citizens Receive.

So Why Are Americans Paying A US Federal Income Tax When It Is Illegal For Them To Do So?

The US Income Tax Is Illegal & Unconstitutional Because It Is An Unapportioned Tax. Furthermore, The 16th Amendment While Improperly Ratified Also In No Way Confers Any New Authority On Congress To Tax The Wages Of American Workers.

The Alphabet Agency Known As The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Is Operating Illegally And Should Be Abolished As Expediently As Possible. Its Agents From The Hierarchy Of The Agency On Down Must Be Also Prosecuted For Fraud And Treason.

Supreme Court Ruling Eisner VS Montomery -- "Gains From Corporate Activity Are Taxable. Labor Is Considered Private Property And Non Taxable."

Supreme Court Ruling in Peck VS Lowe -- "If You Weren't Subject To Tax Before The 16th Amendment You Weren't Afterwards."

Supreme Court Ruling in Stanton VS Baltic Mining -- "The 16th Amendment Confers No New Powers Of Taxation To The US Congress."

Three Other Supreme Court Cases Which Ruled That The 16th Amendment Offers No New Powers Of Taxation To The US Congress:

Southern Pacific VS Lowe

Straten Independence VS Hobart

Doyle VS Mitchell

"Your Income Tax Is A 100% Voluntary Tax, And Your Liquor Tax Is A 100% Enforced Tax. The Situation Is As Different As Night And Day." --- Dwight F. Davis Head Of The Alcohol And Tobacco Tax Division Bureau Of Internal Revenue Service

"The IRS Selectively Audited Taxpayers Who Were Poor & Vulnerable. They Routinely Fabricated Evidence Against These Taxpayers. They Encouraged Agents To 'Stick It' To Taxpayers." -- Jennifer Long IRS Agent

"The IRS Can't Let This Turn Into A Rational Debate Because They Will Lose It. So They Have To Insult People By Saying That Their Cases Are Frivolous." -- Larken Rose Tax Honesty Movement

New York Times January 25, 1916 -- "In Substance, The Court Holds That The Sixteenth Amendment Did Not Empower The Federal Government To Levy Any New Tax."

"Based On Research Performed By The Congressional Research Service, There Is No Provisions Which .... Require An Individual To Pay An Income Tax." -- Senator Daniel K. Inoue

See Producer Aaron Russo's Brilliant Expose On The Federal Reserve Bank & Internal Revenue Service Frauds At The Link Below. Congress Has Been Using The Internal Revenue Service And The Federal Reserve Bank To Rip Off The American People To The Tune Of Trillions Of Dollars For The Past Century. It Is Time That The American People Were Alerted To It!

Boycott The National ID Card!


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