Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fact Or Fiction -- Did You Know The Following?

The FBI Stopped Using COINTELPRO's in 1971 -- Fiction

The FBI, NSA And Homeland Security Have Resorted To Attempting To Use Jury Duty To Set Up James F. Marino In Yet One More Of Myriad COINTELPRO Entrapment Stings Starting June 4th, 2007 -- Fact

In Their Numerous Failed Efforts To Entrap James F. Marino The FBI, NSA And Homeland Security Used A COINTELPRO Smear Campaign In Which To Deny James His Constitutional Right To Due Process Of Law, And In Doing So Demonized Him With His Entire Community -- Fact!

The FEDS' Numerous Attacks On James F. Marino Have Had Nothing To Do With Legitimate Law Enforcement And Everything To Do With A Criminal Conspiracy In Which To Deny James His Civil Rights Under The Color Of Law -- Fact!

The FEDS Know That They Cannot Win This Situation In A Rational Debate So They Have Chosen To Slander and Libel James In Order To Obfuscate Their Complicity In The Crimes Against Him -- Fact!

The FBI Tried To Murder Judi Bari By Blowing Her Up In Her Car In 1990 -- Fact

The NSA Uses Satellites To Remote Track Humans By The Electromagnetic Fields That Surround Their Bodies -- Fact

The NSA Can Electronically Read Your Thoughts From Outer Space With Its Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring Technology -- Fact

The Federal Reserve Act, Which Led To The Creation Of The World's Largest Legitimized Counterfeiter, The Federal Reserve Bank, Was Improperly Ratified By Congress When Some Senators Took Bribes To Illegally Pass It In 1913 -- Fact

The Federal Reserve Is Operating Both Illegally And Unconstitutionally -- Fact

The IRS Is Operating Illegally Because The 16th Amendment Was Never Properly Ratified -- Fact

The IRS Has Illegally Collected Income Taxes Worth Trillions Of Dollars In The Past Century While Illegally Imprisoning A Great Number Of American Citizens Who Were Wrongfully Convicted For Tax Evasion. The IRS Also Illegally Seizing The Real Estate And Personal Property Of These Persons -- Fact

The US Congress Knows All About This -- Fact

When The American People Eventually Collectively Find Out That They Have Been Paying Income Taxes Illegally And That The IRS Owes Them Trillions Of The Dollars That It Illegally Taxed Them, The Congress And IRS Are Going To Find Themselves Up To Their Proverbial Necks In A Heap Of Trouble -- Fact

George H.W. Bush Has Aided The CIA In The Trafficking Of Illegal Drugs Into The USA -- Fact

George W. Bush Was AWOL From The National Guard For A Year -- Fact

The Bush Adminstration's War On Terror Is To Protect The American People -- Fiction

American's Have Become So Brainwashed By The US Media And The Superficial Ways In Which Society Operates That Most Of Them Are Now Easy Prey For The US Federal Government To Control. For Example: An American Citizen Who Is Told That The Internal Revenue Service Is Operating Illegally Is Likely To Say "But Look At The Size Of Their Building -- They Must Be Legit." This Statement Is As Illogical As That Small Group Of Women Who Once Said That Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Could Not Have Committed All Of His Crimes Because He Was Simply Too Good Looking To Have Done Something So Terrible! -- Fact

The FBI Has Admitted To Finding Three Of The Black Boxes From The Jetliners That Hit The World Trade Center -- Fiction

When Mike Bellone And Nick Dimassi, Two Workers At The World Trade Center Cleanup Spotted Three Of The Four Black Boxes Sitting In Back Of An All Terrain Vehicle, Two Men In FBI Jackets Told Them Not To Tell Anyone About It. However Both Dimassi And Bellone Could See No Logical Reason To Keep Silent And Went Public With Their Information -- Fact

Television Anchor Dan Rather Was Forced To Resign Because He Told The Truth About George W. Bush's Being AWOL From The National Guard -- Fact

A Texan Named Margie Schoedinger Filed Rape Charges Against George W. Bush And The FBI -- Fact

When Margie Schoedinger Filed A Complaint Against George W. Bush In Regard To The Rape Assault That She Reported To The Sugarland, Texas Police Department, The FBI Ignored It And Sent It Directly On To The Defendant - President George W. Bush -- Fact

Ms. Schoedinger Was Found Dead From A Gunshot Wound To Her Head 9 Months Later -- Fact

When Confronted By Reporter Jackson Thoreau In Regard To The Death Of Margie Schoedinger The Sugarland, Texas Police Department Acknowledged That Ms. SchoedingerHad Filed A Complaint Against George W. Bush And Several FBI Agents -- Fiction

When Jackson Thoreau Went To The Local Courthouse He Found The Lawsuit That Margie Schoedinger Had Filed Against George W. Bush And Immediately Knew That The Sugarland Police Department Had Lied To Him When They Stated That Ms. Schoedinger Had Never Filed A Complaint Against Bush With Them -- Fact

James F. Marino Has Been An NSA Satellite Prisoner For At Least 27 Years -- Fact

James F. Marino Has Been Targeted For An Illegal FBI COINTELPRO Sting Operation For The Past 27 Years -- Fact

James F. Marino Has Been Illegally And Unwittingly Used By The NSA For The Past 27 Years For Non Consensual Cover Research And Human Experimentation, In Violation Of The US Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Nuremburg Code And Geneva Convention -- Fact

The FBI, NSA, And Homeland Security Have Used A COINTELPRO Smear Campaign In Which To Destroy James F. Marino's Reputation And Relationships In Efforts To Prevent Him From Prosecuting Them For Their Outrageous Crimes Against Him. They Have Continued To Use All Forms Of Calumny In Which To Demonize And Dehumanize James So That Those Who Attack Him In Such Vicious And Inhumane Ways Will Experience No Guilt For Doing So -- The Same Is True In Regard To How All Persons Targeted (TI's) For Such Vicious Government Crimes And Cover Ups Are Treated -- Fact

George W. Bush's Signing Of The Patriot Act And The Military Commisions Act of 2006 Has For All Intents And Purposes Destroyed The US Constitution -- Fact

The Bush Adminstration Is Guilty Of Treason And Should Be Tried For Their Crimes Against Humanity And Hung For Their Covert Attacks On The American People -- Fact

The FBI, NSA And Department Of Homeland Security Will Circulate Disinformation To The Community Of A Targeted Person In Which They Claim That The Person Is Mentally Unstable, While These FEDS Will Utilize Psychological Warfare Operations In Which To Drive The Targeted Person To Such A State Of Rage That They Commit A Violent Act Against Themselves (Suicide) Or Against Others, So That The Target Can Be Imprisoned Or Institutionalized. This Is Done To Prevent The Targeted Person From Ever Being Able To Prosecute The FEDS For The Crimes That They Have Perpetrated Against Them, And To Prevent American Society From Ever Learning Of The Criminal And Fascist Ways In Which The US Intelligence Community Really Operates -- Fact!

The FBI Protects And Defends The US Constitution -- Fiction

The NSA Has Been Torturing Former Agent John St. Clair Akwei For Exposing Its Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Technology Since 1992 -- Fact

Michael Boren Williams And His Family Were Illegally Attacked By The FBI At The Direction Of George H.W. Bush -- Fact

The CIA Has Never Conducted Covert Mind Experiments Against The American People -- Fiction

The FBI Used An Entrapment STING Operation To Set Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley Up On Trumped Up Charges In Which He Is Now Facing Six Years In Prison -- Fact

Janis Lanham Has Been Tortured By The FBI For The Past Four Years For Giving Them Information On The Olympic Park Bombing, Because The FBI Lost The Information And Is Afraid That Janis Still Has Copies Of It Which Could Make Them Look Bad -- Fact

The FBI Regularly Uses NSA Satellites To Go On Open Ended And Illegal Fishing Expeditions To Spy On People Within The Privacy Of Their Own Homes -- Fact

The FBI And DHS Will USE The NSA To Illegally Propagate A Media Blackout In Regard To Those Whom They Target For A COINTELPRO Black Operation, By Intercepting The Targeted Person's Cable Or Satellite Based Programs And Inserting Their Own Propagandized Programming In Place Of It, While Using The Media To Promulgate Slanderous Information About The Target In Order To Demonize Them Within Their Own Communities -- This Creates A Situation In Which The Targeted Individual Has Been Covertly Attacked And Made Into A Pariah, While A Policy Of Abject Denial Is Propagated By The FEDS As Well As The TI's Entire Community, In Efforts To Prevent Them From Ever Seeking Justice Through The Courts For Such Outrageous Violations Of Their Civil Rights. When The TI Makes Claims That They Are Being Illegally Attacked, Those Who Perpetrate These Crimes Against Humanity Willfully LIE By Denying That Such Vicious Attacks Are Being Perpetrated, While They Conduct A Government Sanctioned Modern Day Witch Hunt Against The Targeted Person -- Fact!

The FBI, NSA, CIA, DoD & DHS Are Fascist Pigs -- Fact

The FBI, NSA and DHS Will Illegally Spy On The Persons Whom The Person They Target Is Closest To By Conducting Illegal And Protracted Fishing Expeditions In Which To Dig Up Information That They Can Then Use To Coerce Or Blackmail These Persons -- These Persons Usually Include Family Members And Friends Of The Person Whom The FBI And Its Brethren In Crime Are Illegally Targeting, Whom The FEDS Will Then Utilize To Take Part In The Psychological Warfare Operations That They Are ILLEGALLY Conducting Against A Target -- Fact

The FBI And DHS Will Utilize The NSA To ILLEGALLY And Routinely Spy On Those Persons They Target Within The Privacy Of Their Own Bedrooms And Bathrooms For Years On End, While Videotaping And Archiving Everything These Persons Do. This Is Not Only Proof Of The Deviant Scum That Is Operating Within The US Intelligence Community, But The Outrageous And Unconstitutional Behavior That These Government Miscreants Have Now Made Anathema -- Fact

The Department Of Homeland Security Abides By The US Constitution -- Fiction

Former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich Became Seriously Ill Shortly After Publicly Stating That The CIA Should Be Abolished -- Fact

The FBI, DHS And NSA Will Show Videos That They Take Of Those Persons Whom They Target Within The Privacy Of Their Own Bedrooms And Bathrooms, To Family Members And Members Of The Person's Community -- Fact

In Doing So These Agencies Are Guilty Of Circulating Pornography -- Fact

The FBI Has Not Obstructed Justice In The 9-11 Attacks -- Fiction

The FBI Fabricated Evidence In The Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800 In 1996 -- Fact

The FBI Will Not Show Americans The Videos That It Confiscated From The Virginia Department Of Transportation, The Marriot Hotel, Or The Gas Station Across From The Pentagon on 9-11 Because It Knows That A 757 Never Hit The Pentagon And If It Admits This Publicly The US Government's Official 9-11 Investigation Will Unravel Faster Than A Cheap Piece Of Twine -- Which Thanks To Grass Roots 9-11 Truth Movements Is Already Beginning To Happen -- Fact

Because Of The 9-11 Truth Movement The Bush Administration, PNAC And Hierarchy Within The US Federal Government Are Now Behind The 8 Ball In Attempting To Defend What Are Irrefutable Facts Showing Their Treasonous Collusion In The Attacks On 9-11 And Their Conspiracy To Obfuscate The Facts In Efforts To Obstruct Justice -- Fact

The Entire Hierarchy Within The US Intelligence Community Was Complicit With The Bush Administration And PNAC Of Taking Part In The Treasonous Attacks On 9-11, And The FBI's Hierarchy Prevented Its Agents From Following Through On Terrorist Leads Which Could Have Prevented 9-11 -- Fact

The Entire US Intelligence Community As Well As Congress Should Be Abolished And Rebuilt From Scratch -- Fact

My Pizza Is Getting Cold So I Am Going To Call This A Post -- Fiction (I finished my pizza 20 minutes ago).

But I Am Going To Call This A Post!


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