Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Nowhere Man" -- Disinformation Or Not?

"An anonymous ex CIA operative reveals true world government conspiracies, mind control techniques and just how fragile each of our identities really is."

This 15 minute video documents the creation of a 1995 TV series called "Nowhere Man."

Is the content within this TV series legitimate or just more disinformation?

Anyone who's been targeted for US government non consensual cover research and human experimentation, as well as other forms of psychological operations, can identify with the character in this TV series because we are all "Nowhere Man," regardless of our gender.

Our lives have been torn apart as a result of these covert government psyops, as those around us have been scared into submission -- experiencing abject denial in regard to everything that we are being put through.

Concerned that people will believe the accounts that we have come forth with, government operatives work covertly to systematically decimate our lives as they demonize us to society, in efforts to destroy our credibility, while using the most despicable tactics known to humankind to ensure that their covert operations remain out of the public eye.

The following video is for the most part an interesting perspective on the brainwashing that government operatives undergo. While I don't believe that this alleged former agent was telling the truth in regard to Osama Bin Laden -- he claims that Bin Laden was behind the attacks on 9-11, while most all credible evidence points elsewhere -- the rest of his information is compelling enough. The viewers can decide for themselves whether or not this man is a disinfo agent, or telling the truth in regard to the information that he is providing.
As in the case of all Intelligence propaganda, there is always some element of truth included in what is being said, since it helps to make the disinformative aspects of a black propaganda campaign more believable.


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