Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Bio-Weapon Lyme Disease Claims More Lives

The following is a list of several recent deaths caused by the biological weapon Lyme Disease. This devasting disease has destroyed the lives of millions of people around the globe, many of whom linger for decades, suffering horribly as their health contines to decline.

Lyme Disease is the fastest growing pandemic in the world today, unofficially eclipsing AIDS. However, unlike the AIDS virus, Lyme Disease is extremely easy to contract and in myriad instances nearly impossible to diagnose clinically.

It is also impossible to cure.

Lyme Disease patients who are caught early can in many cases experience remissions from this illness, but it will always remain secreted in deep tissue, joints, and other areas which are nearly impossible for antibiotics to effectively penetrate, including the eyes.

As someone who has suffered with this insidious disease since 1993, I implore all whom I speak with to educate themselves in regard to Lyme Disease and the numerous ways in which it manifests itself. Becoming knowledgeable about LD can save you from a lifetime of misery, as it's far easier to take the proper precautions needed to safeguard oneself from contracting LD, then it is to become imprisoned by it.

Lyme Blog Obituary List:


Learn More About This Biological Weapon At The ILADS Web Site -- The Only Formal Group Of Physicians In The United States Who Have Treated Lyme Disease Patients Aggressively & Who Acknowledge That It Is In Fact A Biological Weapon!



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