Sunday, May 20, 2007

FEDS Again Use The Old Brookville Cops As Part Of Their Street Theater Harassment Against Me

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who regularly reads this blog or my journal regarding the daily harassment that the FBI/NSA and Homeland Security subject my Family and me to, the FEDS once again (as they have done on numerous occasions), tripped a burglar alarm at one of the homes across the street, in order to give the Old Brookville cops a plausible reason to stop by for a quick piece of street theater.

This has happened dozens of times over the past four years, when the FEDS attacks on me went from being covert to overt.

Why is this happening? And why wont the ACLU or Amnesty International take on my case -- or for that matter any other TI who contacts them for help? Because we are describing being victimized by the US Federal Intelligence community, which is using classified technology to ILLEGALLY test on us -- one of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights ever perpetrated against anyone in this country.

The pieces of NAZI FILTH who masquerade as US Intelligence have broken the law and are now looking to cover up their crimes in any way they can. Even if it means tossing out the US Constitution by labeling those of us who want to prosecute them, as domestic terrorists -- a term that the FASCIST Bush Administration attaches to any persons whom they cannot legally arrest.

And the more aggressive these FEDS get is indicative of how desperate they are, because they are FAILING to achieve their objectives and for a very good reason.

What they are doing is not only unConstitutional, but also ILLEGAL.


Using spy satellites to illegally watch and videotape Americans within the privacy of their own homes!


And because of this they have now perpetrated vast criminal conspiracies loaded with SELF SERVING LIES, in efforts to promulgate their own SMEAR CAMPAIGNS! As a result, TI's are now finding that most everyone is involved in these criminal acts, from the FBI and Homeland Security on down to their own local police and communities.

The idea here is to promulgate their own disinformation while denying their participation in these treasonous and heinous crimes. Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects in all this is that I have some Jewish neighbors who are taking part in these depraved acts. And given the horrors that the Jews were forced to endure by Hitler and the Nazi Party, the fact that these neighbors in particular, would take part in the same types of sick and depraved violations of civil rights that the Jews themselves were subjugated to, makes them the most outrageous hypocrits of all and an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND THE MEMORY OF ALL OF THOSE JEWS WHO DIED IN THE HOLOCAUST!

The FEDS' Latest Use Of The Brookville Cops To Attack Me

About 20 minutes ago, one of the *** Old Brookville cops who showed up in an unmarked cruiser, actually entered my property and walked up to the back door asking if our alarm was set off. However, the Brookville cops are well aware of every home in this area that has a burglar alarm installed, and that we don't have one.

This cop knew this and was lying about being told that our home was the one which had its burglar alarm set off. Moreover, as he was leaving I kept an eye on him, and noticed that he smirked as he exited our patio, quite obviously satisifed with the little piece of deception that he thought he got away with. He didn't get away with anything. This is indicative of how sick these people are. And that they operate with a vigilante mentality.

*** When I saw this cop I thought that he looked familiar and now I know why. In 2005 some teenaged kids in the area took part in a huge piece of street theater in which these juvenile delinquents literally trashed my neighborhood, throwing their discarded broken beer bottles into the street and on several of my neighbors' lawns.

It took me a half hour to clean up the mess in front of my home and on my neighbor's front lawn, which was loaded with scattered broken glass. This cop was one of the officers who took the call that evening, and who without provocation, screamed at me. I have included a link to the journal that I wrote after I finished cleaning up all of the trash that these juvenile delinquents left on my property. It can be accessed at the end of this post.

(These cops should really be experts in regard to the alarms in this community since many of the calls that they make to homes in this area are to shut off the errant alarms that have been triggered by faulty sensors, loose doors etc.)

However, in my situation, the triggerings of these alarms coincide a little too closely with what I happen to be writing at the time that they sound. And numerous other TI's have reported this same phenomenon.

This is one of myriad ways in which the FEDS utilize their psychological operations in the conspiracy that they have propagated to deny us our civil rights. And in this case I am documenting the most outrageous violations of the 4th Amendment in US History, since these government miscreants are using their satellites to illegally spy on me within the so called privacy of my own home, and even worse, test their satellite based electronic "mind control" technology on -- a common complaint that many TI's are now coming forth to report.

Moreover, what this cop did was to perpetrate an act of fraud by claiming that he had a report that our alarm went off, when he very well knew that we have no alarm and that the one across the street was deliberately triggered in order to give these cops a plausible reason to be here -- when in reality they had absolutely none.

He blatantly LIED! -- A police officer no less!

This is just one more in a myriad of examples which demonstrate the quasi fascist police state that this country has become since 9-11. And I find it interesting that this entire situation occured right after I wrote my last post, which discussed the Bush Administration's use of the Patriot Act to turn this country into a fascist police state.

As I finished writing it, the alarm across the street was deliberately triggered, which furnished the Brookville cops with a plausible reason for being here.

The FEDS' criminal use of the Old Brookville Police Department to take part in what is nothing less than a type of organized stalking "street theater," is a superb illustration of how the FEDS are the ones sanctioning these crimes. Something that I have been saying for the past four years, and something which many anti-organized stalking organizations are now themselves beginning to acknowledge.

And while I have in the past always respected the Old Brookville Police Department, they are most certainly not without their own closeted skeletons. And those officers who are taking part in these vicious attacks on TI's should be ashamed of abusing their positions of authority in such ways -- something that is ILLEGAL!

I refer to the following Website of a former NYC Police Officer who was setup by an Old Brookville Police Officer named Robert S. Piampiano, for a conspiracy under the US Color Of Law Statutes, in which to deny him his civil rights. This is a very disturbing case; one which smacks of collusion within the Brookville Police Department.

The plaintiff in this case is a Long Islander by the name of John Menso. I can certainly understand Mr. Menso's sentiments in this situation, since 27 years ago I was set up by an FBI agent to have my civil rights violated in even worse ways, under the US Color Of Law statutes. A crime that continues in myriad forms in the present day.

The people who commit these crimes against us are modern day Nazi's with the same unbridled arrogance of Hitler and his Gestapo. And it is this arrogance which is going to one day lead to their undoing.

John Menso's Website Describing The Collusion That Took Place Within The Old Brookville Police Department.

The following is an account of the street theatrics that some local highschool teenagers participated in back in September of 2005, when these thugs entered my neighborhood looking to cause trouble -- a drunken night of organized stalking and law breaking, which resulted in the Old Brookville cops showing up to disband them. These teens may have been from Jericho High School, however I can't say for certain. However one thing is. Not only should they have been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, but also for the crime of organized stalking.


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