Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Patriot Act -- Dictatorship At Your Doorstep

Why The Patriot Act Has Turned The United States Into A Quasi Fascist Police State.

The following article is highly recommended since it cites specific ways in which the Patriot Act has destroyed the Constitutional rule of law in this country. Given that the Patriot Act was written long before the attacks on 9-11, and that these attacks were orchestrated by the US Federal Government through the Bush Administration, in order to legislate the Patriot Act into law (and in doing so use the threat of a bogus war on terror to deprive the American people of their civil liberties -- something which has become quite obvious in the past 6 years), it is of imminent importance that all Americans learn more about this situation.

As of 2007, an AP IPSOS poll shows that more than 75% of the American people are extremely displeased with how this country is being run. Only during the 1930's depression was US public opinion this partisan. And if the Bush Administration has its way the situation is only going to become worse.
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