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The Media's Euphemistic Way Of Presenting Microchip Implantations To The Public

Given that I have seen far too many instances in which Americans have been illegally implanted with microchips, I find it disturbing that the US media is helping to propagate this technology through its use of fear tactics.

A company called HomeAgain has a radio spot in which an anxious pet owner has called the tracking company alerting them to the fact that her dog has been lost, only to be called back a short time later and told that her pet was recovered safely.

There are other companies using the same fear tactics in efforts to motivate parents to have their children implanted with these RFD chips in the event that they are either abducted or become lost.

While on the surface these products appear to be innocuous enough, they are far from it. Placing an RFD chip under the skin of your child subjects them to a life of being tracked by the company selling the service. The same is true for your pet.

However, while implanting a tracking device in your pet may not be a bad idea, it most surely is for your child, who will now be saddled with the complete loss of privacy for the rest of their adult lives, being electronically tracked no matter where they are.

What these companies also don't tell you is exactly how these tracking devices operate. Although it's clear that they use satellite telemetry to track their customers, what we are not told is exactly what the technicians operating this equipment see on their computer screens.

Are those whom they track seen merely as a blip on a computer monitor, or is this technology more advanced, offering the user a real time image of the persons being tracked?

This is certainly an issue to consider in the way of privacy. Those who are being tracked don't want to be spied on within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms as those of us who are tracked by the NSA and its remote neural monitoring technology are.

Of course, we know this is happening, but try getting the NSA to admit that they are this depraved. It's not likely to happen without a knockdown drag out fight through the US legal system. No one knows this better than former NSA agent John St. Clair Awkei, who's been suing the NSA since 1991 in regard to its satellite based remote neural monitoring technology. And as punishment for filing this suit, Akwei has been subjected to this technology for the past 16 years. The first six pages of his lawsuit can be accessed at the following Website:

The reality here is that the NSA's satellite tracking technology has made microchip implants obsolete. However, they have become a very lucrative business for the hi-tech electronics industry which continues to see sales grow, despite the obvious privacy implications involved.

As always, fear is a very effective motivational tool, especially when it is used in the sale of products.

And the fact that US media is allowing implantable microchip technology to be perceived in a positive way, while purposely omitting the privacy issues, only raises further cause for concern.

The New World Order would like to see every member of the working class (the Proletariat) implanted with these devices, while numerous companies reap the financial benefits.

However, as I previously stated, these implants are redundant, given that the NSA can track any American citizen 24 hours a day, simply by using their computers to access the person's electromagnetic flux ID code (this code is probably their own social security number -- since that is how the government finds us now).

So why would the NWO encourage the propagation of these chips?

Because in all likelihood they have many other uses that the general public is unfamiliar with, including gradually changing the brain chemistry of the persons implanted so that they become more suggestible.

And this would be just the beginning. I refer to American citizens who have come forward to report that they are being tortured by US Government Intelligence agencies as a result of their whistle blowing of crimes committed by those within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government. This problem is far more prevalent than most Americans might imagine.

There are numerous former federal agents who were employed by such agencies as the FBI, NSA and CIA (as well as other alphabet agencies), who have been made into pariahs by these agencies , the result of exposing crimes that were being committed by their fellow agents. And there are many laypersons within this country who are now facing similar nightmarish situations for blowing the whistle on crimes that were committed by those within the Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex in this country.

I cite Charles August Schlund as an example here. Schlund is a man who decades ago became privy to some very disturbing information in regard to the CIA, the Rockefellers, and both George H.W. Bush as well as his son, the current President, George W. Bush; information from which Schlund inferred that they were attempting to undermine our Constitutional Republic.

Mr. Schlund then initiated a lawsuit against all of the aforementioned, only to find himself being drugged by members of the CIA and then implanted with microchips which have since been used to torture him in a number of different ways. His attorney was also eventually implanted as were members of his family. While it is difficult to know whatever became of his lawsuit, the actual contents of it can be accessed at the end of this post.

Even though enough people have seen this lawsuit very few are actually talking about it, because they believe what Schlund is saying is true, but are fearful of promulgating his information out of concern for retaliation.

I can certainly understand their concerns. However, given that the FEDS have destroyed my life and taken from me all of those whom I love, I no longer have anything to lose in exposing these crimes. Nor do I fear these government miscreants, because I am well aware of the EVIL that they represent, and take great pride in exposing them.

As for these implantable micro devices, those heavily indoctrinated in certain Christian religions such as Roman Catholicism, refer to these chips as the Bible's prophesy regarding the mark of the beast 666. And while there is absolutely nothing in the way of empirical study to prove this, we have no way of legitimately dispelling such a rumor.

Moreover, we also have no way of knowing what the long-term potentials of these implantable chips are, and given the New World Order's desire to mentally enslave the people of this planet, in what can only be referred to as a hive collective mentality, my suggestion is to avoid them like the plague.

While we know nearly nothing about the US Federal Government's internal goings on in the present day, we do know one thing about them which we can use as a basis for drawing our conclusions regarding their motives. And this is that no matter what they tell us -- regardless of how convincing they might me -- we can absolutely never, ever trust them. They have inadvertently illustrated this point for us time and time again in their flat refusal to discuss myriad public questions regarding the inner w0rkings of this government.

The FBI's refusal to furnish the American people with the videotapes that it confiscated from the Virginia Department Of Transportation, A Marriot Hotel, and a gas station on 9-11-2001 -- all of which had an excellent vantage point of the portion of the Pentagon which was destroyed by terrorism -- is an obvious example of such government deceptions of the American people. And the FBI will continue to block any independent investigations into the attacks on 9-11 in efforts to obfuscate the truth behind them.

The term National Security continues to be the proverbial knife in the backs of all Americans, which this government twists whenever we begin to encroach on their deepest and darkest secrets.

Microchip Torture Victim Charles Schlund's Lawsuit Against George W. Bush
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