Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Time For The NSA To Admit The Truth

"With a significant number of Americans (as well as those of other countries) now coming forward describing their own experiences as 'satellites prisoners' it is only a matter of time before the US National Security Agency is forced to admit that they have been using their audio/visual satellites to illegally spy on myriad Americans for decades.

Given patents which offer irrefutable proof that such technology exists and that this technology has the capablilties of not only tracking humans by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, but also electronically accessing their subvocalized thoughts, the NSA will no doubt develop further disinformation in which to mislead the American people as to the capabilities of said technology. However, this agency's history of pathologically lying to the American people is only going to serve to destroy its already sagging credibility.

As the American people come to realize that such advanced spy technology has been deployed against them for decades, questions in regard to the NSA's collusion with Extraterrestrial life will become inevitable. And there is no doubt that the NSA will continue to use their disinformation in efforts to mislead the American people in regard to this phenomenon as well. However, the time for this agency to acknowledge its participation in the UFO/ EBE cover up is closer to becoming a reality than their unbridled arrogance would ever allow them to admit.

And once the American people force the NSA's hand, we will finally have an admission of the conpiracy that this US Government agency and many others (FBI, CIA, DOD etc.) colluded to perpetrate against us nearly sixty years ago. The real issue is how will the human race react when collectively learning that we are not the head honchos on this planet and never have been?"

James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner

US Government Non-consensual Experimentee


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