Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14th, 2007 -- Another Sexual Assault Early This Morning By The NSA Using Its Directed Energy Technology

Early this morning the disgusting pigs who work for the NSA invaded my thoughts and placed me into a situation where I was having sex with a female who was a complete stranger. As has been my experience every time I have been assaulted in this way by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, the situation was as realistic as it would have been if it had happened in real life. And these miscreants can place anyone in these situations with you, and you have absolutely no choice but to ride out these nightmares until these videos stop being run.

What is even more disturbing is that the NSA's Artificial Intelligence computers can be setup to run scheduled programming on a daily basis, programs which are beamed by way of specialized audio visual satellites directly into the skulls of those persons being targeted for such atrocities.

For further emphasis I will repeat this.

Any type of virtual situation can be placed into the human brain by way of computer to brain technology (EBL), in which an artificially created scene can be transmitted by way of pulsed wave directed energy and beamed directly into the skull of the person(s) being targeted.

The Internet is now replete which such accounts, and numerous Websites which are concentrating on this disturbing and rapidly expanding phenomenon are now spreading like a wild fire.

Google The Mind Control Forum And Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance Websites to learn more.

Caught behind the eight ball, the FEDS are now frustrated with their failing attempts to cover up these crimes, as an extremely angry group of American citizens now call for investigations into these US Government sanctioned/perpetrated and precedent setting crimes against humanity.

While you will not hear about them in the mainstream news (and for good reason -- they have been told by this government to ignore such complaints and to ridicule any persons who come foreword with such accounts of being subjected to remote forms of mind control), you will find a myriad of Websites on such topics by using the Internet to search for psychotronic weaponry.

Google psychotronic weaponry and you can educate yourselves in regard to what will most certainly be the worst atrocity ever documented, eventually eclipsing the Holocaust given that the entire proletariat on this planet has been targeted for it.

And in every instance Congress has thus far refused to get involved in helping any of those who report such horrific crimes. Moreover, numerous TI's have reported that organizations which traditionally have fought to defend human rights abuses have repeatedly refused to get involved in their cases. They know that the US Federal Government is behind these attacks and are afraid (for their own well being) to intercede on our behalf.

These organizations include the American Civil Liberties Union as well as Amnesty International.

These types of attacks happen to individuals targeted repeatedly for non consensual human experimentation, and as I have stated here, they also report being trapped in what appears to them as videos being run in their minds, unable to extricate themselves from them until the programmers have stopped running them. This outrageous violation of human rights occurs while these people are either asleep or in some type of resting state in which their eyes are closed.

* This is not to be confused with TI's who have reported seeing holographic scenes being played out before them while in an awake state; scenes in which satellites used pulsed plasma beams to recreate three dimensional scenes in which images of people, landscapes, objects, and anything else that one might imagine were projected within their lines of vision. Oftentimes, these images were beamed directly into their homes as evidenced by the following two Websites.

Again, I refer to the Websites of two TI's who have done an excellent job of capturing these images by way of digital camera:

Directed Energy Weapons Target Carolyn Williams Palit's Website:

Directed Energy Weapons Target Janis Lanham's Website:

As for the videos that I have mentioned, those played out within our own brains, they take place until the target is forced to orgasm which is a remote form of rape! And in my case it is being done by the National Security Agency.

Over the past four years I have lost count of the number of times that this has happened to me, and know of numerous other TI's -- men, women and children who have reached the age of puberty, all of whom have reported being forced to take part in these depraved acts, and helpless to do anything about them.

These attacks can take on a myriad of different forms and don't always contain sexual content. Many people have experienced numerous types of scenes and some have even included those in which they were in some way murdered -- I have also experienced this -- about two years ago I was subjected to a scene in which I was shot in the head by an armed assailant -- the situation seemed so real that I could actually smell the gun powder, given that the gun was placed just inches from my head before the trigger was pulled.

Others have reported also being shown such scenes in which they were murdered in the exact same way or a similar fashion.

There is little question that most of these people are being covertly attacked by the US Federal Intelligence community and their satellite based weaponry; a situation in which we are being used as unwitting guinea pigs, while these pathetic and putrid pieces of Nazi filth attempt to determine the effectiveness of this technology, while using their unwarranted authority to perpetrate disinformation in efforts to make us appear mentally unstable for reporting such crimes.

From my own personal experiences I can tell the readers that this technology is not only very effective in remotely perpetrating a myriad of crimes against those being targeted by way of specialized satellites, but also highly sophisticated -- far more so than any computer technology that any of us have access to.

Any part of your bodies can be attacked by these government criminals using this technology at anytime, and you can be murdered through its use when a stroke or heart attack is remotely induced. There have already been many such cases which have been reported as natural causes of death, when in fact they were murders committed by way of remote means -- in numerous cases by way of specialized spy satellites.

The readers would be absolutely shocked to learn of the capabilities of these satellites which are controlled by way of advanced computers capable of Artificial Intelligence. Eric Blair 's (pen name George Orwell) 1984 novel about an anti-Utopian society turned into a technocratic fascist police state, has come to life, and the situation is far more dire than Blair himself might have ever imagined.

Blair's concept of human mind enslavement, what he referred to as "Big Brother," has turned out to be the NSA's audio/visual spy satellites, which hover thousands of miles above our heads while hearing everything that we say, watching everything that we do, and recording everything that we think -- as well as those agents who operate these satellites for the National Security Agency, who together with these satellites can truly be considered the modern day equivalent of 1984's BIG BROTHER.

This is a truly chilling situation where the privacy that we once had has now been completely destroyed by this technology and those nefarious treasonists within the United States Intelligence Community who deploy it against us.

We are now dealing with modern day NAZI'S!

As an American citizen who has been subjected to one of the best documented cases of precedent setting civil rights violations in United States History, I am not about to let these Nazi government rat bastards, those whom have harbored themselves within the shadow government in this country, get away with the crimes that they have perpetrated against my Family, myself and numerous others.

If this is a battle to the death to expose these miscreants, then so be it.

They have to be made to pay for what they have done to all of us.


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