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Its Omission Of Exculpatory Evidence Which Can Exonerate Those Whom The FBI Targets, While Destroying Evidence In Regard To Its Own Culpablity In Serious Crimes Is A Tradition At This Nazi Organization.

Over 70 People Including 60 Women And Children Were Incinerated By The FBI And BATF At The Branch Davidian Compound.

The following are some quotes from as well as the Wall Street Journal in regard to the heinous crimes which the FBI took part in regarding the murders of the 70 members of the Branch Davidian Church, 60 of whom included women and small children, and the murders of Vicki Weaver and her son, Sammy in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Both of these crimes against humanity have become so well known that they are now simply referred to as "Ruby Ridge" and "WACO."

"Please note that, damning as the Justice Department investigation is, FBI officials are now believed to have destroyed evidence to keep it away from investigators."

Don Black

Webmaster of the white nationalist website

The following excerpts are from Journalist James Bovard -- The Wall Street Journal, June 30, 1995, p. A14.

Ruby Ridge: The Justice Report By James Bovard

"The task force was extremely critical of Agent Horiuchi's second shot: "Since the exchange of gunfire [the previous day], no one at the cabin had fired a shot. Indeed, they had not even returned fire in response to Horiuchi's first shot. Furthermore, at the time of the second shot, Harris and others outside the cabin were retreating, not attacking. They were not retreating to an area where they would present a danger to the public at large...."

"Regarding Agent Horiuchi's killing of Vicki Weaver, the task force concluded, "By fixing his cross hairs on the door when he believed someone was behind it, he placed the children and Vicki Weaver at risk, in violation of even the special Rules of Engagement.... In our opinion he needlessly and unjustifiably endangered the persons whom he thought might be behind the door."

"The Justice Department task force was especially appalled that the adults were gunned down before receiving any warning or demand to surrender: "While the operational plan included a provision for a surrender demand, that demand was not made until after the shootings.... The lack of a planned 'call out' as the sniper/observers deployed is significant because the Weavers were known to leave the cabin armed when vehicles or airplanes approached. The absence of such a plan subjected the Government to charges that it was setting Weaver up for attack."

Carol Moore: Overview Of The Davidian Massacre

Massacre At Ruby Ridge


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