Wednesday, May 09, 2007

FEDS Damage The Emission System On My Car

In what should come as no surprise to me (or you), the FEDS have now attacked the emission system on my car, which has all of 24,000 original miles on it, and easily passed a New York State vehicle emission's inspection less than four months ago. I had the car out two days ago and it ran perfectly.

However, tonight the check engine light is now on, indicating that there is a problem with the emission's system. I should also note that the FEDS set off the IDIOT lights (yes that is what they are actually referred to as) in my Father's truck, even when there was nothing wrong with it, anytime I would use it. So I will now have to see if they choose to undo what they have done (if they have only turned this check engine light on remotely and there is no physical problem with my car's emission's system), or if I will now have to determine how much physical damage these Nazi miscreants (I curse them every second of every day) have caused this time around. I should also note that this happened right after I placed the following bumper sticker on the back of my car:

This Should Be On The Bumper Of Every Car In America

Given that this bumper sticker mentions one of the most important lawsuits of our time -- former NSA agent John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, pertaining to this agency's illegal use of audio/visual satellites to spy on and remote sense Americans -- which can be found on the Internet, and discusses the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE satellite based remote sensing system (known as remote neural monitoring -- a system which all Americans are catalogued into by way of the electromagnetic fields that surround each of your bodies) is it any wonder why the FEDS saw the need to damage my car?

After all, I am telling you the truth about this technology and they are not only ILLEGALLY deploying it against you, but also denying its existence!

Moreover, as of 4:30 AM these miscreants decided to subject me to more of their directed energy weaponry by targeting the left side of my head and jaw -- think of an icepick poking a nerve in the side of your skull for hours on end and you will have a decent idea of what an extremely unpleasant experience this has been. And it's one of many that these lowlife thugs who refer to themselves as federal cops have perpetrated against me over many years -- cowardly thugs and degenerates that they are.

I have been routinely physically assaulted by this technology, sexually assaulted (as many other TI's have also reported), and subjected to what I can only refer to as "video scenes" which are played out in my mind and appear to me as if they were really happening. The NSA has been perpetrating this crime against me for quite sometime, and I have even been subjected to an execution scene in which a person shown in one of these scenes took a loaded pistol and shot me in the head with it.

As for the latest directed energy weapon's assault on my person, the pain has subsided to a degree this morning, but is still noticeable. This is what Americans get for telling the ugly truth about the shadow government in this country and the absolute corruption and anti-American ideologies of its Intelligence community.

Moreover, given that the NSA has technology that can easily access any computer system in the world, including the one that operates the emission system in my car (as well as yours) there is little doubt that they have not caused this damage. Given that they routinely access my home computer in an even more efficient way then some expert system's analyst hacker can get in and out of CitiBank, there is little reason for me to believe that the damage to my car was caused by something other than the FEDS.

They excel at breaking things -- they have done so to our Constitutional Republic -- it's the creative ability that has completely eluded them.

I should also note that these miscreants -- absolute Nazi EVIL that they are -- also messed with the electrical system in my Father's truck when I would on occasion drive it. And they were also responsible for his having to put an enormous amount of money into the engine which failed to run right until I stopped driving the truck altogether.

It now runs fine.

The same situation can also be said of my Father's computer, which I was at one time using (to document my harassment) as a result of the FEDS' attack on mine. And as soon as I stopped using my Father's computer, low and behold, he no longer had problems with it.

For those who would say that the NSA has better things to do with their time, I say take a good look at what this agency is really into, and you will begin to understand that spying on ALL people is what it does best - even though it is illegal for it to do so. And using many of us as unwitting guinea pigs for its advanced remote sensing satellite based technology (something that I have been subjugated to by these Nazi rat bastards since 1980) is one of the main purposes for its existence. Screwing around with our electronic gear is just a sideline, as our brains are what this agency is most interested in. That and how to manipulate our thoughts as they have done with me for so many decades.

They want to enslave the entire population of this planet (sans the Illuminists/World's Elite) through the use of remote neural monitoring technology. Here Artificial Intelligence computers that are light years ahead of what we have access to do all the work, and kick back any superlative information that one of numerous NSA cryptologists can oversee.

This is the reality of the world as it stands today. And if you are wise you will EDUCATE yourselves as to what the US Federal Government is really all about, because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with democracy, civil rights, or anything remotely pertaining to them. Any so called democracy that we have in this country is a complete facade used to draw our attention away from what the fascist shadow government in this country is perpetrating against us from behind the scene.

I refer to it as the MASK of democractic respectability.

And it is this shadow government which harbors itself behind such a MASK, which has allowed it to keep some very dark secrets from the American people. And they are looking to murder anyone who attempts to tell you about them. They have already done so to many former government agents whose consciences eventually got the better of them, and forced them to attempt to come clean with the public.

However, many never lived long enough to get their messages out.

There are still other numerous ex government agents who have blown the whistle on extensive crimes within the US Intelligence community, making themselves public in the process (which is why they are still alive). However, the information that they have supplied the public with is nothing in comparison to what other agents whom the media have been told to avoid like the plague, have to offer.

These agents, those who have the most damaging information to expose, are tracked electronically by way of satellites and harassed through the use of psychological warfare 24 hours a day. These agents are most notably from the FBI, NSA and CIA -- three truly horrible organizations that have a history of committing the most outrageous crimes ever documented. And they are punished mercilessly for what these agencies perceive as a betrayal of their trust, made into virtual pariahs within their own communities, prevented from holding jobs, and even denied the companionship of a mate.

Yes, it's true, the FEDS destroy any attempts that they make at having a normal courtship, and if these agents find themselves being approached by someone who shows some romantic interest, it will inevitably be a setup.

The FEDS want these former agents to commit suicide as punishment for blowing the whistle on the insidious crimes that these agencies routinely commit; a criminal conspiracy that if perpetrated by any ordinary citizen of the United States, would be punishable by a long stretch in a federal prison. (Those of us who've been attacked by them can only hope for such justice in the present day.)

The fact that these FEDS don't go to prison for committing such terrible crimes is yet a further indictment of how little judicial oversight they are subjected to -- something that has become a MAJOR problem for the American people -- especially when taking into consideration the maverick COINTELPRO operations that these federal agencies ILLEGALLY deploy against those whom they target, but cannot legally charge with any crimes.

Moreover, exactly what does it say for the US Intelligence Community when some of their better agents come forth to report crimes within this community, only to be fired and then made examples of, in efforts to dissuade other agents who might be thinking of doing the same?

This methodology only serves to promote criminal behavior; not to eradicate it.

Furthermore, when a vast number of federal agents turn against the agencies that they have worked for, as these people have done, they are sending a clear cut message that this government has become a very real threat to us, and that we had better start watching out for ourselves.

This time has now arrived.

For those who have seen this corruption firsthand, whether they are former government employees, or laypersons who have been denied their Constitutional Rights, one thing is clear. The US Federal Government is now so far out of control that we are quite willing to die in our efforts to expose it.

And given this, you people should be extremely concerned, not for our safety, but for that of your own.

This Website covers an enormous amount of information documenting the most outrageous crimes against humanity ever perpetrated. And not by some outside terrorist threat, but instead by the shadow government within this country; one which harbors those who not only believe in, but also practice Adolph Hitler's Nazi ideology. And if you don't think that George W. Bush is a Nazi, then you really need to take a closer look at this guy as well as all of the men in his immediate family, because they are the collective epitome of one.

The only thing missing from these swamp rats is a Swastika on the lapels of their sports jackets. And given their significant assaults on the US Bill Of Rights over the past 5 years, we may be seeing them fairly soon.

And if you think that Bush is really protecting you from terrorists, I have some swamp land for sale in the Everglades that you might wanna take a look at -- because this guy is the absolute definition of a covert terrorist.


Blogger AJH said...

One reason the perps like to mess with instrument lights on vehicles is to test your deep neural reactions to the color,brightness, size and placement in your visual field.

But get your vehicle checked out for the apparent problem anyhow. As you well know, the problem could be legit, as they like TI's to "sweat" the issue as well as incur the financial repair costs as well.

Having any possesion is ripe for perp sabotage; they took out a frypan I had for over 20 years, snapping the six spot welds of the handle. It is very possible they did not like the frypan's copper base, as all the replacement ones I saw had aluminum bases joined to the steel pan. It never ends, harassment over the smallest of details.


9:08 PM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...


I'm familiar with your theories on
the perp's fascination with the properties of everything from cement to the copper in your frying pan, to the soles on your shoes. And for all I know there may be actually be some merit to them.

However, the harassment I experience is that of an ILLEGAL COINTELPRO operation being waged against me by the FBI and NSA (and more recently Homeland Security) in a precedent setting conspiracy to violate the civil rights of both my Family and self -- quite possibly the worst documented case of violations of the Color Of Law Statutes in United States History.

I have no idea who your perp's are or exactly why it is that they happened to have chosen you for such depraved and Hitlerian harassment.

I do, however, know that the FEDS are behind the crimes perpetrated against me, which are not only precedent setting, but the most outrageous that I have ever seen, and a textbook illustration that the USA has become nothing but a Fascist Police State.

I am now focusing on John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, given that all Americans are subject to this illegal system of spying which is the most outrageous violation to the privacy laws in this country ever
to be documented by an American citizen.

When the FEDS are so desperate that they would coerce your entire Family into LYING about the crimes that have been perpetrated by the FEDS, against you (as well as your Family themselves), you know DAMN WELL that these FEDS are in real danger of having a technology that can be only be described as that of a Nazi ideology, becoming exposed to the public.

And that is now starting to happen on a larger and larger scale.

Why should the FEDS continue to get away with crimes that the rest of us would go to prison for?

What makes them so special???


And that is exactly why these FEDS have now hit rock bottom in their depraved crimes and it is clear that they are now looking to demonize myself as well as anyone else who can clearly document not only the crimes that they have perpetrated against us (and myriad others), but also the technology that they have used in whch to do so.

When you have people spying on you within the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom for decades and routinely "screwing" with your mind, they are NAZI FILTH.

And this term must now be applied to the US Intelligence community, which has CLEARLY taken part is such despicable crimes and on a large scale.

As such, I no longer consider the FEDS to be law enforcement, but instead, a modern day Third Reich that is looking to enslave the entire US population through the use of satellite based mind control weaponry.

As such, they have become the enemy of ALL people, as they represent the greatest and most EVIL threat to our civil liberties ever to be documented.

Moreover, they are not concerned about any threat that those of us who they attack represent to society -- if we were such a threat we would have been arrested long ago -- they are concerned about the threat that we represent to those within this country who seek to impose their Nazi ideology on the rest of us.

And to that degree I most certainly am a very real threat to these miscreants, and will continue to be until the day that they murder me, for exposing the ugly truth about them.

Something that they are now having more and more difficulty in keeping hidden from the public.

It is time for the American people to realize that the US Federal Government has been subverted by a covert Fascist shadow government which uses the "federal cops" in this country to obstruct justice.

I cite the FBI's deliberate cover up of the original 1993 attack on the WTC, the 1995 Murrah Building bombing, the 1996 missile take down of TWA Flight 800, The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and the 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers.

The FBI has refused to even answer the most simple questions in regard to these attacks, and quite clearly not only aided and abetted those who covered them up, but also seized (and quite possibly destroyed evidence) in these attacks.

Why has the FBI refused to release ALL of the tapes from the Marriot Hotel, the Virginia Department Of Transportation, and the gas station across the road from the Pentagon, all of which had cameras which would clearly show us whether or not a 757 actually hit the Pentagon?

Quite simply because the FBI has seen these tapes and KNOWS that NO 757 ever hit the Pentagon.

If they come forward with this info the offical 9-11 story unravels like a CHEAP PIECE OF TWINE!

Yet the US Media FLATLY REFUSES to broach this subject.

Why? Because they are also being used to disinform the American people. And taken collectively, what we have here is a MAJOR AND TREASONOUS CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, perpetrated
by the Bush Administration, PNAC, and the hierarchy within the entire US Intelligence community.

9-11 is truly The Absolute MOTHER OF ALL BLACK OPERATIONS!

And it's time that the American people saw this covert subversion of their own country for exactly what it is!

9:18 AM  

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