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The Bush Administration's War On Privacy Using The FBI As A Domestic Spy Agency

Those of you who access this Website on a regular basis are probably already familiar with the plight of a Coloradan by the name of Rick Stanley.

I recently wrote a synopses in regard to the situation that he's presently experiencing, having been persecuted by the FBI and subjected to its COINTELPRO operations. It can be accessed below:

Stanley, a self styled entrepreneur and owner of Stanley Fastener and Shop Supply, is presently facing a six year prison sentence, having been wrongly convicted on trumped up charges, used to punish him for defending his First Amendment Right To Free Speech, and his Second Amendment Right to own and carry a firearm in open view of the public.

An active supporter of the United States Libertarian Party, Rick has not exactly gone unnoticed over the years, as he's vociferously defended his Constitutional Rights (and those of others) and criticized those within the US Federal Government who have routinely trampled upon them.

Given this, it should come as no surprise that one of the alphabet agencies (in this case the IRS -- Internal Revenue Service) was used as the means in which to attack him, claiming that his business owed the US Federal Government a large amount of money in the way of unpaid taxes; something that Stanley proved was a complete fabrication. The IRS is not even a legitimate organization, nor does it operate legally and here's the reason why:

The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ironically enough, not only unconstitutional but also ILLEGAL because it was never RATIFIED by Congress! It was illegally added to the US Constitution in 1913 as a result of the US Federal Reserve Act, a fraud that was perpetrated by such men as J.P. Morgan, Jacob Shiff and Paul Warburg, as well as others who represented the interests of other financial juggernauts including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers; all of whom would allow for an Illuminati takeover of the US economy through the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

To this day, this counterfeiting organization continues to pass itself off as being legitimate, when in fact it may well be the world's largest counterfeiter/criminal.

Simply put, charging the American people a US Federal Income Tax is not only unconstitutional, it is also ILLEGAL. And if it is ILLEGAL to do so, then any government organization that does so (INCLUDING THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE) is operating ILLEGALLY!

Furthermore, did you know that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank charges the US Federal Government interest for printing US Federal Reserve Notes, when the US Treasury could be printing US Treasury Notes interest free? Would it also come as a surprise to you to learn that because the Federal Reserve prints currency which is based on nothing of intrinsic value, that it is directly responsible for the devaluation of the dollars that you purchase goods with -- or that because of this your now dollar is is now worth about 4 cents, relative to what its purchasing power was in 1913?

And do you know who pays for the billions of dollars in interest that the Federal Reserve Bank charges the US Federal Government each year, for printing this bogus currency and then lending it to the US Treasury?


As for Rick Stanley, while he did not actually owe any money in back taxes as the IRS claimed he did, the legal fees that he was forced to incur in defending himself from this false charge became enough of a financial burden for both Rick and his family to bear.

And while Rick would manage to avoid prosecution from this trumped up charge, he would eventually be faced with others that could place his freedom and business in jeopardy.

Four years later, he's now less than two weeks away from being imprisoned for the next six years, given the "railroading" that he has been subjected to by the FBI and a corrupted Colorado Court System.

The following link is to an article that Rick authored back in 2002, when his troubles with the FBI and the COINTELPRO operations that it was deploying against him first began. As I read through this article, I could feel my blood pressure rising, as I saw that once again, the FBI was perpetrating its dirty deeds, and doing so under the pretense of National Security and under the color of law.

While the readers may or may not agree with Rick's political views, they will find it impossible not to notice that he has been setup by the FEDS for wrongful imprisonment, simply because he threatened the status quo in this country, by vocally defending his civil rights -- something that every American is allowed to do.

And don't look to the US media to defend Rick or anyone else who's been setup on the same types of fraudulent charges, because reporting the truth is not what they do in the present day. Instead, the US media is now used by those within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government (Intelligence Community in particular) to parrot their own disinformation, and to attack any Americans who attempt to expose this corruption.

Rick Stanley's article entitled "The War On Privacy" can be accessed at the following Website. Don't be surprised if you, too, find your blood pressure rising as you read about this egregious injustice and outrageous perversion of our criminal justice system.


Blogger James F. Marino said...

A reader posted that a Federal Reserve Note is not a dollar. I urge him to take a look at any of the US paper currency that he presently has in his wallet, and he will find the words Federal Reserve Note listed on all of them.

A Federal Reserve Note is a $1, $5, $10, $20 etc.

Whether he was attempting to be pedantic or truly unaware really does not matter.

Every single piece of paper money considered to be legal tender within the United States is a Federal Reserve Note.

This person should also note that Federal Reserve Notes do not say US Federal Reserve Notes, indicating that they are created by a privately held concern.

The words "The United States Of America" are clearly printed underneath where it says Federal Reserve Note, indicating that the FED is indeed not part of the US Federal Government or the US Treasury.

I urge the person who posted this remark to do his own research in regard to the Jeckyl Island 7, Jacob Shiff, and the complete con that they played on the American people when in 1913, they cajoled then President Woodrow Wilson into signing into law the Federal Reserve Act, which allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the 16th Amendment; both of which helped the Illuminati to take over control of the US Economy.

However the 16th Amendment was NEVER RATIFIED! This means that income taxes are ILLEGAL!

These criminals also engineered the 1929 stock market crash by prematurely calling in the loans which they made, enabling them to
purchase these assets for pennies on the dollar.

It was truly one of the greatest crimes in US History -- all perpetrated by the Federal Reserve Banking cartel -- what is most likely the largest counterfeiter in the world today.

The readers can learn more about the income tax fraud that the Federal Reserve criminally imposed on all Americans in 1913, ad the following Website:

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