Thursday, May 03, 2007

Example Of A Bumper Sticker That You Can Create To Alert The American People To The NSA's ILLEGAL Satellite Based Remote Sensing Program

I created the following bumper sticker to place on my automobile's rear bumper. The NSA's satellite based remote sensing technology is the height of fascism and should be exposed to the American people, since they are one of its prime targets.

The message on this sticker encourages other drivers to view former NSA agent John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which goes into much detail regarding the nature of its SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE program and use of remote neural monitoring technology to ILLEGALLY spy on and remote sense unwitting American citizens.

Also consider that when the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) decides to target someone whom they cannot legally arrest, they will utilize the NSA's audio/visual spy satellites to ILLEGALLY spy on this person 24 hours a day for decades, in a protracted fishing expedition that the FBI uses to see what it can dig up on someone it is interested in.

If FBI agents claim that they don't operate this way they are LYING!

The FBI has used the NSA to illegally spy on myself this way, as well as millions of other unwitting Americans who have no idea that they are being ILLEGALLY placed under long-term surveillance and videotaped within the privacy of their own homes, by the NSA, just so that the FBI can later use this information to attack those persons whom they have conspired to deny their civil rights.

This is an outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment and indicative of the Nazi influence that has pervaded the US Intelligence community.

What the FBI and NSA have perpetrated against myself and numerous others is not only a felony, but perhaps the worst violation of US Civil Rights ever documented.

It also stands as quite an indictment of the complete fraud that they are as law enforcement. These federal agencies routinely break the laws that they are paid to uphold and then shamelessly either deny what they have done or even worse, attempt to justify such despicable actions.

Spying on people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms is done by sexual deviants. And if the FBI and NSA are taking part in such crimes, the agents who do so are to be considered as such miscreants.

The content within John Akwei's lawsuit must be seen by every person in this country, so that they can also learn of the US Federal Government's massive and treasonous betrayal of their trust, and the details behind this fascist technology.


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