Wednesday, May 02, 2007

International Petition For People Targeted For Government Sanctioned Non Consensual Human Experimentation

The following petition was sent to me by a fellow TI named John Finch. He can be reached at the following E-mail address:

The petition is being organized by another Targeted Individual -- Jean Verstraeten. All TI's both within the United States and abroad can fill out their basic information in the spaces provided at the end of this petition. Remember to include Websites which document your claims as well as any other supporting evidence that you can provide.

If the US Congress will not listen to our complaints we will take them to an International venue in which the rest of the citizens on this planet (many of whom are also TI's) can also participate in our movement to expose this technology and the government criminals who are deploying it against us.

Jim Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/US Government non consensual human experimentee

The Petition


From Jean Verstraeten

Please read and sign and send this Decalaration of
Alarmed Citizens


In several countries of the world individuals and
associations are denouncing what they consider to be
chilling crimes against humanity. They assert that in
the course of the last decades secret military
services and the like have been developing
technologies allowing to submit individuals and groups
to a variety of harmful waves/energies. In this way
unwilling and mostly unwitting victims are said to be
spied on, to be manipulated, damaged in their health
and as human beings, tortured and possibly

As practices contrary to all principles of the
constitutional state cannot be considered state
secrecies, we believe that there is an urgent

1)to examine in a serious and perseverant way in how
far these technologies really exist;

2)to forbid them by law;

3)to apply penal law and to make possible the
application of civil law to those who misused them in
a criminal way ;

4)to put all scientific research in this field under
severe surveillance of the constitutional state, i.e.
to submit it to strict legal conditions.

Addendum of 2007

We shall send the above Declaration to :

1)the Conference on Non-Lethal Weapons in Ettlingen
(Germany) that takes place from May 21 to May 23,

2)the Commissions on Human Rights and Public Security
of the European Parliament, asking them to work on
Par. 27 of Resolution A40005/1999 that runs as follows
: “(the E.P.) calls for an international convention
introducing a global ban on all developments and
deployments of weapons which might enable any form of
manipulation of human beings”;

3)the Council on Human Rights of the U.N.O.;

4)the Office of the Prosecutor of the International
Criminal Court;

5)national Ministers of Justice, asking them to
propose a law that would make severely punishable all
torturing/manipulating of innocent civilians (or of
prisoners) by invisible energies

To sign this Decalaration of Alarmed Citizens complete
the following information and send to –

Jean Verstraeten, Vredestraat 65, 2540 HOVE, BELGIUM


Name :

Occupation :

Address :

Signature :


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