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Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

In 1974 a writer by the name of Mae Brussell wrote a 4 part article in a counterculture publication known as "The Realist," entitled "Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?"

What she discovered while conducting her research was that the Sibionese Liberation Army (SLA) which had been terrorizing certain areas of California prior to their 1974 kidnapping of Hearst Publishing heiress Patricia Hearst, was in fact a CIA created/aided and abetted organization from beginning to end. One which targeted many of the very dissident groups that the CIA and FBI were attempting to destroy at the time. And that the FBI and local police had all colluded with the CIA in the ensuing cover up which followed.

Throughout her article Ms. Brussel did an excellent job of taking her readers through many critical details in this case, which the US Media at the time was told to deliberately ignore. She also surmised that several members of the SLA were in fact brainwashed by the CIA to ultimately be used as patsies, in similar fashion to how Lee Harvey Oswald and myriad others were used in the Kennedy Assassination.

At least 16 people involved in the Kennedy Assassination were murdered by the CIA to prevent them from testifying in regard to what they knew about this case. Amongst them were David Ferry (a CIA Operative)as well as Lee Harvey Oswald (A CIA asset and FBI informant).

After extensive critical analysis, Ms. Brussell was forced to arrive at the following conclusion:

The SLA was used as a cover for a CIA covert operation -- one in which to destroy the prison reform that the Democrats (who had control of Congress at the time) were attempting to bring about at the time within the US prison system.

She surmised that the CIA did not want prison reform to take place, and instead opted to create a perpetual state of violence in which these prisoners would gradually kill each other off. Through its dissemination of racist materials and many of the very illicit drugs which prisoners were in one way or another already incarcerated for, the CIA sought to permanently enslave these prisoners -- ensuring that they would never have the means in which to improve themselves.

In the past forty years prisons have also become a very lucrative business for government officials to invest in. Wackenhut in particular is certainly demonstrative of this.

Ms. Brussell's article also describes the collusion which took place between the FBI, CIA and local police at the time, and their usurpation of the media to spin their own disinformation regarding the entire clandestine operation.

Unfortunately, what Mae also uncovers is that a myriad of stories that the media has reported to us over the years regarding topics such as the SLA, have been complete fabrications, perpetrated against the American people by the CIA and others within US Intelligence, as they sought their own corrupt agendas.

And in every instance the FBI's involvement in these situations has concerned obfuscating the facts through its use of disinformation, in efforts to prevent the real criminals from ever being brought to justice.

She refers to the FBI as always siding with the far right neoconservatives to protect their interests, at the expense of justice and the rest of the American people. And given my own experiences with the FBI and its rampant criminality, I have to wholeheartedly agree with her.

In the present day this problematic situation has been further illustrated in the FBI's pathetic attempts to conceal the Bush Administration and Project For A New American Centurys' complicity in the attacks on 9-11; further proof of the imminent need to abolish it.

If the FBI is not fighting legitimate crimes what in God's name do we need them for?

We have enough organized criminal activity in this country without having to deal with a federal agency that takes part in treasonous crimes against the American people, while quite literally masquerading as legitimate law enforcement.

Simply put, the FBI is an out and out fraud.

And the same can be said for the rest of the US Intelligence community which should be seen as the largest collective of organized criminals in the Western Hemisphere.

There's quite literally a mountain of evidence which suggests that the FBI and highly placed officials within the US Intelligence community were in some way involved with the orchestration and implementation of the attacks on 9-11, albeit with the blessing of the entire hierarchy within the US Intelligence community.

There's little question that US Military and Navy Intelligence also knew about these attacks long before they were ever commenced, and gave their blessings to them.

However, as for George W. Bush being the mastermind behind them, the truth is that he simply is not intelligent enough to have hatched such a plan, and was in fact a puppet (one of many) who was utilized in making these attacks a reality. And according to Stanley G. Hilton -- a California based attorney, political scientist, and former chief of staff for Senator Robert Dole, the only role that Bush played in the attacks on 9-11 was signing off on them shortly before they took place.

Hilton has even filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for its complicity in the 9-11 attacks which can be accessed at the following Website:

The stratagem behind these attacks must have taken place within the Department Of Defense.

Quite the irony if one considers that this organization was created to protect the American people from such attacks, rather than perpetuating them.

At least that is what the American people have always been told.

Moreover, it is far from a coincidence that these attacks nearly mirrored the Pentagon's 1962 "Operation Northwoods" plan to discredit Cuba, through the implementation of a stratagem in which the Pentagon would perpetrate domestic terrorism here in the United States and use the media to shift the blame for these attacks to Cuba. A plan so nefarious, that its creator, who at the time was the head of the US Joint Chiefs Of Staff (Leon Lemnitzer), was immediately removed from his position, once President John F. Kennedy was notified of the plan.

While JFK was far from the perfect president, he had a sense of decency about him which the US Intelligence community simply could not tolerate. Furthermore, Kennedy was a very different president from most of the men who had gone before him -- he had vision.

And it was this vision which motivated him to buck the status quo in this country -- something that presidents who want to keep those powerful elite who covertly exist within in the corporate/ military industrial complex in this country, contented -- simply cannot do. And JFK would become a painful reminder to all future presidents of what happens to those who fail to maintain the Illuminati's precious status quo -- his tragic, brutal and untimely death still indelibly etched in all our minds more than forty years later.

While Mae Brussell's article was written more than thirty years ago, it is so timely that it might well have been written in the present day. She concludes by stating that the Patty Hearst kidnapping had nothing to do with issues that the American people were furnished with (by way of the US media) and instead everything to do with yet another US Government conspiracy to deprive them of the truth.

Her facts are irrefutable.

They are also indicative of the massive corruption that still exists within the US Federal Government; corruption that myriad Americans are just now waking up to in the present day.

Her article can be accessed at the following Website:


Blogger Benjamin said...

I love mae brussell and I appreciate your work too. Thank you.

12:01 PM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...

Thank you for your comment. It has now been posted. Yes Mae Brussell was quite literally decades ahead of most people in writing this report.

In 1974 she already knew the unpopular truth about the US Government and it Federal Intelligence community -- one that perhaps a fraction of one percent of the American people are even aware of in the 21st Century.

However, thanks to the Internet those who choose to shun the US Media for the "CIA puppet" that has become since "Operation Mockingbird" now have access to the most powerful information tool ever created.

Given this, is it any wonder why the NSA utilizes its Echelon satellite network to intercept all electronic communications, or that the FBI has utilized its Carnivore Trojan software virus to invade the privacy of all Internet users?

They have a lot of SECRETS that they don't want us knowing about and are looking to close down any sources of truthful publishing that are revealing them within the public domain.

They have routinely attempted to have this site shut down, however are well aware that if they do, I will just put another one up.

Given the outrageous crimes that the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security have subjected my Family and me to
they should have expected that I would go after them for it.

Of course, unlike the FEDS and their pathetic COINTELPRO'S I use my First Amendment right to document what they have done to us, legally and effectively.

Ironically enough, I was forced to create this blog when the took down the original one that I had at Angelfire because it was describing the horrible crimes that they were subjecting us to, adn starting to get a lot of traffic.

They even destroyed several years of my work by deleting a Website that I had created for Lyme Disease patients, to document the horrors that we have experienced as a result of this US Military created biological weapon -- A Website entitled "The Lyme Disease Quilt Page." The older version of this page can still be accessed on the Internet, however, the newer one had quite a few additonal stories added to it and much better graphics.

The fact that the FEDS would delete a Website that was helpful to so many other Lyme Disease patients shows that they don't give a damn about the American people.

All they care about is serving their own Nazi masters and continuing to subvert our Constitutional republic.

The US Intelligence community is a DISGRACE!

12:58 PM  

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