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More Documentation Of Criminal Behavior By The FBI And NSA

The following is a post from a man by the name of Tom Bean, someone else targeted by the FBI for its COINTELPRO operations. He filed a complaint against certain FBI agents operating out of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota branch of the FBI, which got three FBI agents fired. Since then, Tom, like so many of us, has been targeted by these federal sociopaths for some the most outrageous violations of civil rights ever documented. He also describes being "chipped" by the FBI. What he means by this is that they broke into his home while he was asleep (probably unconscious from some drugs that were planted in his food) and injected him with a microchip which enables the FBI to track him 24 hours a day.

The NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, something that I have been illegally subjugated to for the past 27 years, is capable of the same violations of the 4th Amendment's right to privacy, amongst others. Like Tom, those of us who have been viciously attacked by these FBI thugs or others within US Intelligence, live and breath to expose them for the criminals that they are and to see to it that these organizations and the fascist ideology on which they base their notorious operations, are destroyed.

At the end of today's journal is a post that Tom left on a number of Websites across the Internet. As you can tell from his language, he is more than a little upset with what has been done to him, and for good reason. When a group of subversives who masquerade as law enforcement, commit some of the most outrageous crimes ever recorded, by perpetrating the systematic destruction of your life, you too, will not only despise them , but also make it your mission in life to destroy them.

Once again the Bush Crime Family's name shows up in a complaint, and as Tom reports, his complaint was "obstructed all the way up the chain of command." The same has happened to Charles August Schlund, who filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush in regard to a substantial number of documents which came into his possession, showing that Bush, his father George H. W. Bush, The Rockefeller family, and the hierarchy within the CIA, have attempted to quietly subvert the US Federal Government for their own nefarious means.

Like Tom Bean, Charles Schlund was "chipped" when the CIA drugged him, and later broke into his home to inject implantable microchips into his body; those which they can use to remotely track and torture him.

Charles Schlund's case is one of the most disturbing that I have ever read about, given the complete absence of judicial accountability in his situation. Recently, Charles filed for a restraining order to gain protection from Bush and his criminal thugs. He is also seeking a ruling by the court to allow him to have these chips (which he has physical proof exist) removed from his body. He has reported of being tortured for years by the CIA, and was at one time receiving protection from the FBI as it was looking to gain information that it could use in regard to the CIA's criminality, to give it an edge against this competing agency. However, when Charles stopped being useful to them, the FBI cut him loose knowing that he would continue to be tortured by these CIA thugs, at the direction of George W. Bush. Charles' lawsuit against Bush et al can be accessed below:

The FBI and CIA should be seen as two organized crime families who are much more powerful than the traditional crime organizations that have been popularized by the movie industry. La Cosa Nostra as the mafia is called, can only dream about having the kind of illicit power that the FBI, CIA and the rest of their criminal brethren in US Intelligence have. However, these agencies function in a similar way when one of their agents attempts to blow the whistle on their criminality, finding themselves under the same types of COINTELPRO attacks that the FBI is notorious for conducting on any persons who disrupt the status quo in the United States. The FBI operates in much the same way as the mafia, because this agency and its extensive history of crimes follows the same type of indoctrination.

In numerous cases the FEDS have even formed alliances with organized crime families who shared a common interest. One of the most infamous of these occurred within the Boston FBI back in the 1970's, when an FBI agent by the name of John Connolly forged a relationship with the older brother (Whitey Bulger) of a former schoolmate (Roy Bulger), who later became part of Boston's Winter Hill Gang crime organization. Connolly helped Bulger and his partner, mobster Stephen Flemmi, put the Angiulo crime family out of business, while clearing the way for the Bulgers to take over organized crime within the city of Boston.

Connolly also saw to it that certain members of the Angiulo crime family were setup to be murdered by Bulger, giving him classified information as to where these men would be at a given time, so that they could be killed.

Former FBI Agent Connolly also framed 4 innocent men for crimes that they did not commit, while protecting the men who did commit them -- all of whom were informants for Connolly and the Boston FBI. These 4 men were sentenced to long stretches in prison, based on trumped up charges, and had their lives destroyed by both Connolly and the FBI.

It would be more than two decades before this scandal would be promulgated through the US Media, which ended in John Connolly's arrest, and Whitey Bulger's flight from prosecution. To this day, he is ironically enough listed as one of the FBI's most wanted -- even though they were the ones who allowed him rise to prominence within the city of Boston through their destruction of the Angiulo crime family. The following Website contains the stories of the men who were wrongly imprisoned by the FBI for crimes which they did not commit.

Tom Bean is far from alone in his quest to destroy the FBI. There are a myriad of us who want this agency abolished for its rampant criminality. And the NSA, CIA, and Homeland Security are no better.

Given that there is serious question as to any legitimate functions that they have, and a preponderance of evidence showing that their activities are not only a threat to the American people and their civil liberties, but also a serious burden on the human race itself, there is little question that the American people will be better off abolishing all of these agencies, and building a legitimate data gathering agency that can take the place of all three; one in which the counterintelligence operations which are used as a cover for the crimes that these agencies routinely commit, will no longer be able to exist. An agency that will be abide by the US Constitution, and respect the rights of ALL Americans.

**Note that Tom mentions a Ken Tice in regard to some testimony -- I believe that he is referring to former NSA employee Russell Tice, who in December of 2006 claimed that he had a bombshell to drop on Congress in regard to outrageous crimes that were being committed within the hierachy of the NSA. I think there's little doubt that what Tice was referring to was the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, and its illegal deployment on perhaps millions or more American citizens. However, Tice's testimony has been put off indefinetly, in what appears to be yet another attempt by the powers that be in this country, to prevent the American people from learning of the extent of the treasonous betrayal that the US Government has perpetrated against them.

In Reference To Tom Bean's OIG Complaint:

" Read my 47 page US DOJ OIG complaint alleging wrongdoing by the vaunted FBI scum.

Mueller knows what happened to an innocent medical doctor named DR. MARK GORDON....and what crimes were committed by Minneapolis and Sioux Falls, SD, FBI scumbags.

My complaint got Sioux Falls FBI lowlifes, DAN REYNALDS, DAVID HELLER, and their SAC DEBORAH STREBEL PIERCE FIRED.


This complaint has been obstructed all the way up the chain of command (FBI OPR, DOJ OPR, DOJ OIG in Denver and Dallas, The Dems at Senate Judiciary Committee, etc, etc.

I gave up on this country along time ago.

I got chipped in my own home, by NSA/DOD/FBI Div 5 and counterintel special agent STEVEN PLUTA at Sioux Falls, SD, FBI.

Why all this smoke and chicanery from big, bad BOB "the cowardly punk" MUELLER?

Because the complaint mentions the Canadian warrant for former Miami FBI agent TERRY NELSON'S CALI COCAINE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK IN MONTANA...and the bank records show laundering into Bush, Racicot and GOP campaigns.

That's the info that the Dems refuse to question Mueller over?

Face it...............I gave the Dems at Senate Judiciary Committee all they needed (FBI and NSA TAMPERING WITH A US SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE WITNESS WHO OUTED BUSH ON THE NSA TSP when I contacted Senator Grassley three weeks before the New York Times wrote their story).

Notice how the Dems forgot about who KEN TICE WAS AND WHAT HE WANTED TO TESTIFY ABOUT?

How many people understand that the Dems rolled over on oversight of the bogus politicized NSA TSP?"

The Story Of How The Boston FBI's John Connolly Became A Partner In Crime With Whitey Bulger, head of Boston's Winter Hill Gang crime family.


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