Saturday, April 21, 2007

Further Commentary On The Virginia Tech Massacre

I was just visiting a Website which documents the phenomenon of the networked organized stalking crimes that have been reported taking place globally.

One of the recent posts was in sympathy of the student who murdered 32 of his fellow students on the Virginia Tech Campus this past week, in what has turned out to be the most deadly shooting by a single person, in United States history.

The poster of this message opined that the shooter, Cho Seung-Hui, became irreparably damaged because he was not only molested by his father as a child, but also constantly stalked and harassed as a result of being different. And moreover, that the cumulative effects of all of these crimes are what led up to his cold blooded murder of these 32 people.

As someone who's been ruthlessly targeted for the crime of organized stalking for the past 4 years, I would have to concur with this person.

The 23 year old who murdered 32 of his classmates did not become a cold blooded murderer in an afternoon, or for that matter, in a year or two.

Cho Seung-Hui was tormented for most of his life, and gradually began to dissociate himself from the painful world in which he was living.

When people suffer this much, it can only manifest itself in one of two ways: The person either turns their anger inward and hurts themselves, or as is the case with Cho Seung-Hui, turn it outward and hurt others whom they believe are responsible for their insufferable pain.

The media of course, was quick to attack this kid, and on the surface it's easy to see why. Thirty two precious young lives were ended within a short time -- a tremendous waste of human life.

However, the media clearly responds to these situations as though people like Cho Seung-Hui are the only ones with serious psychological hangups, when in fact they apply to most people at one time or another.

It is so convenient for a society to target specific individuals to blame for its own inadequacies; those problems which it simply has never attempted to resolve in one way or another.

And to delve deeply into this problem is not allowed, because this would reveal that society as a whole is a failure, and because of it, generation after generation of young people will only grow up experiencing many of the same problems.

The saying history repeats itself because people fail to learn from its lessons is not only true, but also a direct assault on the concept of maintaining a status quo in society -- one which not only promotes mediocrity, but also strives to secure all aspects of a society, including its myriad of problems.

Society has never succeeded at fixing most of its problems, because it has never made the concerted effort necessary in which to do so. As is the case with any situation that is simply ignored, those within society have only gotten worse over time.

Of course, this is a little too sensitive an area for most people to deal with since it would put each of them under the same spotlight, and bring up many issues within their own lives that they are simply not comfortable dealing with.

Moreover, history has shown us that as long as others are being ripped to shreds within the media, the American people have little problem with it. That is, as long as they are not the ones being attacked.

In fact, many of them use these tragedies to boost their own self esteem.

And herein lies the most significant problem of all -- the collective bullying by the public of those whom they choose to target with their hatred; attacks which are usually instigated and fed by way of the US Intelligence community, and its use of the media as a catalyst for such inhumane acts.

The FBI in particular is a major culprit here, as is the Department Of Homeland Security (a completely failed effort if there ever was one).

While there can be little doubt that Cho Seung-Hui was a very troubled young man, whom through his misery and confusion became capable of an absolutely monstrous act, we should not ignore the insensitivity of a society that feeds situations such as this one, with its own backwards ideologies of what is right and wrong, who is acceptable and who is not, and who should be allowed to live their lives in peace, while others are targeted to be tormented.

This in and of itself speaks volumes in regard to the absolute hypocrisy that American society is guilty of.

And these days, if the issue isn't a politically correct one, those who attempt to promulgate it are vilified, regardless of the content of their issues.

Furthermore, as long as this hypocrisy is allowed to continue, there will be more of these tragedies; a sign that society as a whole is incapable of serving the needs of its citizens, and instead rewarding those who fit neatly into a particular stereotype, while vilifying those who do not.

This is an incendiary issue.

People just don't pick up guns and start shooting others, especially with the randomness that Cho Seung-Hui did, unless their anger has been building up for years.

And if he was indeed routinely ridiculed by those around him, and psychologically tormented to the point of experiencing such anger, then society must share at least some of the blame in the tragedy that occurred on the Virginia Tech Campus.

As for those who take part in the organized stalking crimes that are perpetrated against many of us, they are playing with dynamite.

They cannot expect to routinely participate in the psychological torture of others in efforts to completely dismantle their lives, without understanding that a form of retribution will eventually be meted out to them.

It would be unrealistic to make such a thoughtless assumption.

As of this day, I still cannot help but think of what must have been going through the minds of the students who were murdered in such callous a fashion. These killings were cruel beyond words.

As for their killer, I doubt that there was much at all left of whomever Cho Seung-Hui once was, given the torment that he must have suffered over his life.

By the time he got to these kids, he was little more than a machine, clearly no longer able to maintain any semblance of normalcy. And the malicious tauntings that he was forced to endure most certainly did not help the situation.

The absolute viciousness of these murders should serve as a reminder to each of us, that if we allow those around us to collectively bully those whom we disapprove of for one reason or another, we must indeed shoulder a large part of the blame for turning these people into the monsters that they become.

And organizations which sanction such acts as organized stalking crimes; those that masquerade as law enforcement, yet in reality serve a completely contrary function, should indeed be at the head of this list.

The FBI and Homeland Security, in particular, are prime culprits in this area, for instead of setting a proper example, they are encouraging criminal acts of vigilantism, and only contributing to the creation of such homicidal sociopaths as Cho Seung-Hui, Dylan Klebolt, Eric Harris, Kip Kinkle and a host of others, who did not start out as murderers, but were instead psychologically abused to the point of becoming the monsters that they did -- and shockingly enough, at such a young age.

In the case of organized stalking crimes, which could well end up making murderous sociopaths out of those innocent citizens who are in the present day being illegally targeted for them (crimes which have been quietly sanctioned by the federal, state and local police), it's clear that Americans should be looking in the direction of these agencies and placing the spotlight on them, instead of wantonly attacking those who have clearly done them no harm.

These organized stalking crimes are simply not going to be tolerated. And given the rising number of victims who are now reporting such accounts, these stalkers will likely find themselves becoming the hunted ones in the future.

There are many important lessons to be learned by the Virginia Tech shootings. Unfortunately, one of my greatest concerns is that they will not be learned, and we will again see another Columbine or Virginia Tech massacre, but perhaps even worse the next time around.

History is certain to keep repeating itself until the human race has not only learned to pay attention to the lessons that it has to teach us, but to also find within ourselves the courage and resolve to go against the indoctrinations of society, which are in large part the real source of our problems.

Those who cannot, or are unwilling to do so, will continue to find themselves being subjugated to this vicious cycle, over an over again.


Blogger dbullivant said...

I have read your comments regarding the Cho incident, and as a TI myself, I must concur. There does indeed seem to be a proliferation of gangstalking. Unfortunately, however, I do not share your seeming optimism in terms of believing that the perpetrators of this will end up having to pay for their evil anytime soon.

I am a Christian. I do not know why I am being targeted. I could come up with a list of theories, but none of my theories fit the situation.

As a theory, I do believe that it is entirely possible that once the powers that be have society under sufficient control, they will then begin to institute the process of marking every man, woman, and child in some fashion such that no one will be able to buy, sell, or hold a job without this mark. Whether the antichrist appears on the scene publicly to supervise this process through its completion or afterwards is purely academic for me.

Sacramento, CA

9:35 PM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...

Dave, the real problem goes far beyond the implantable microchips.

The NSA's use of audio/visual satellites to remote sense human beings (remote neural monitoring) in large degree already duplicated the functions of these chips with regard to watching a person's every move and monitoring their every thought. "The NSA Is Big Brother!"

This technology shows that the United States is clearly on the threshold of becoming an outright fascist police state, in most cases having already subjugated its inhabitance to an Orweillian type of society, in which even freedom of thought is now carefully monitored by way of the NSA, Pentagon, and CIA, through their use of artificial intelligence computers and audio visual satellites.

These satellites are capable of tracking each of us by homing in on the electromagnetic fields that surround our bodies, and using them as a tracking device.

Once this has been accomplished these federal agencies can use this technology to electronically access our subvocalized thoughts so that they can be decoded by this computer software, enabling the cryptologists for these agencies to know what we are thinking at all times (an electronic mind reading device, if you will).

What's most disturbing is that nearly all Americans are completely unaware that this technology even exists, much less that they are the ones who are being targeted for it, by the US Intelligence community.

Americans have been left in the dark as a result of relying on the government controlled media
propaganda machine to obtain their information - information that is heavily censored by the US Intelligence community, in efforts to keep us in the dark regarding their covert activities.

The American people will eventually learn of this incredible betrayal of their trust, by a shadow government which long ago subverted the Constitutional Republic on which the United States was founded.

And when this happens, a civil revolt within the United States
will become inevitable.

1:03 PM  

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