Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Psychotronic Connection -- The Former Soviet Union's Influence On Modern Day Electromagnetic Weapons In The United States

More than 40 years ago, the former Soviet Union was busy developing alternate methods for fighting wars, than those that had been used in the past.

Even then, the Soviet's Military realized that the most effective way of doing battle was to control the minds of their enemies, which if done properly could bring a swift end to battle, with as little loss of life to the Soviets as possible, while leaving the infrastructure of the countries that they were going to invade largely unaffected.

This was something which was of paramount importance, given the extensive casualties that the Russian Army experienced during World War II.

Amongst the Soviet Union's technology was an arsenal of weaponry never before seen by humans -- that which could invade and effect the electromagnetic resonances that are part of every living organism on this planet.

Through extensive research the Soviets began to learn the different frequencies in which these organisms resonated, including that of the human brain. In this day and age the US Military has created "The Dosimetry Radiation Handbook," which catalogues these frequencies for specific military applications.

With the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1980's, by the mid 1990's the Russians' more imminent need for survival (procuring the financial means for such basic necessities as food and shelter), forced them to sell much of this technology (referred to as either directed energy, psychotronic, or electromagnetic weapons) to the US Federal Government. Since that time the Pentagon has had full access to these weapons, as has the NSA (which is overseen by the Pentagon which is otherwise known as the US Department Of Defense), CIA, and in more recent years the Department Of Justice (which oversees the Federal Bureau Of Investigation).

As a result, many American citizens are now being made unwitting human guinea pigs for non consensual human experimentation; inhumane experiments which are being carried out under the cover of National Security (by those agencies within the United States Intelligence community) in efforts to test the efficacy of these satellite based weapons.

While there is no doubt that agencies such as the NSA and CIA, both of whom have had access to advanced satellite technologies for many decades (including the use of remote neural monitoring technology which is capable of both remotely electronically reading and manipulating the minds of persons targeted for these inhumane experiments), the purchase of directed energy mind control weapons from the Russians in the mid 1990's has greatly advanced their ability to control the lives of those persons being targeted by these weapons.

The following is a US Freedom Of Information Act declassified document which describes some of the capabilities of these weapons as well as their history.

While this document is quite long (174 pages), it is well worth skimming, so that the readers may gain further insights into the depths of this technology (much of which is satellite based) and the seriously disturbed minds of those who operate within US Intelligence; those persons who truly believe that they have the right to use this technology to spy on Americans within the privacy of our own homes, and illegally access and manipulate our most private thoughts.

These are doctrines of Fascism.

And they are very much prevalent within the deep and dark recesses of the United States Intelligence community in the present day.

As always, please share this information with everyone you know, given that it is your freedom that this technology has now placed in jeopardy.


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