Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18th, 2007 -- The Adversity That I'm Subjugated To Rages On

Having the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security spending their days attempting to cover up their crimes against me, by using every form of calumny imaginable to impugn my character, is no picnic.

And the cruelest part of all is that the FEDS use coercion to get those around the TI to deny that any of this depraved psywarfare is taking place, when it is blatantly obvious that it is. Just look into the eyes of someone who's been brainwashed -- especially people you have known your entire life. It's as though something in them has died and they are now following some type of robotic protocol.

And in a way that is exactly what they are doing.

Exactly what do you think happens to someone who is told to use specific protocols on a target day after day? Coughing everytime these people pass a target. Or shaking a bag, or using certain carefully chosen words. Jingling keys, slamming doors, honking horns. Using specific trigger words or phrases within earshot of the targeted person. These are all typical types of psychological operations to condition the person being targeted so that they will develop a psychosis from being subjected to these tactics for years on end.

And the FBI and CIA in particular, are notororious for perpetrating these types of sadistic crimes against those they target.

The cruelest of ironies is that the people who are being targeted for these crimes are sane, yet the FEDS use these protocols in efforts to destroy our sanity. If they succeed, they then go public stating how they were right about the person being targeted all along.

In essence what we have here is a situation where the person being targeted fails to conform to the profile that the FEDS have saddled them with, so these agents decide to manipulate the situation so that the person fits their profile.

And when that fails, their desperation only grows worse, and the torment that they impose on those targeted increases proportionately.

Another irony here is that those who the FEDS use in their psyops are also psychologically damaged by taking part in these activities. The communities of those targeted can quite literally become collectively brainwashed by the FEDS, if exposed to these types of psychological operations for extended periods of time, even if they believe that only those they target are being damaged.

The FBI agents who have waged their attacks on me have proven to be nothing more than sadists looking for excuses in which to manifest their hatred against others.

These are sick people, who themselves have most assuredly been abused in one way or another sometime in their lives. It is also clear from their activities, that they are quite sociopathic in the relentless ways in which they torture those whom they target, without any compassion or empathy for them. They will quite literally torture a TI to death and then gloat about it.

That is SICK.

To be a fly on the wall to hear the content of their phone calls in regard to all of those whom they are looking to poison against others, would certainly be interesting.

I've had these miscreants doing this to me for the past 4 years in the most overt ways imaginable. And the fact that I know that it's them only makes the situation more difficult, given that there is nothing that they are capable of at this point that would surprise me.

Moreover, just when I think that the FEDS can't go any lower, they suddenly prove me wrong me and manage to plumb an entirely new low for themselves.

Furthermore, when the FEDS can't arrest you legally, expect to be demonized in the same way that Hitler had been. The demonization campaign is the FEDS last resort short of killing a target. If they can't completely destroy a person's life in this way, their only recourse is either framing the TI on trumped up charges or figuring a plausible way in which to murder them.

I have never been arrested, tried, or convicted of any crimes, so why am I here on the Internet having to document being harassed? Like so many others who have complained of this same harassment, exactly why is it that these crimes are being perpertrated against us when we haven't been arrested or convicted of any crimes?

Even prisoners are given certain rights, but TI's who have no criminal histories aren't even afforded these same rights.

What the hell is going on in this country? And whatever happened to our Judicial System which is supposed to prevent these crimes from taking place?

It's clear from this that what we have in the present day are vigilantes who think that they can do whatever they want to others and then get away with it. And this is going to turn out to be be a very painful experience for them at sometime in the future.

If you deny someone their civil rights long enough, there will come a time where they will do the same to you.

Have you ever seen a termite gnawing away on a piece of wood? Think FBI & Homeland Security doing the same to your relationships and reputation and you'll have a good idea of what the average TI who's being attacked by them is up against.

There is no rule of law here.

Just two agencies that are hell bent on covering up their own crimes, violating the Bill Of Rights, and promulgating enough disinformation to the mainstream public so that they can get away with what they have done.

And when you have an FBI agent who has decided to use his authority to violate your civil rights under the color of law statutes in the United States, it is the agent who is the criminal. And every subsequent agent and agency that he involves in your harassment just adds to the criminal conspiracy that is being perpetrated against you.

If you or I perpetrate this type of conspiracy against someone else, we go to prison for it. So why should these FEDS get away with the same crimes?

They should not!

The operatives working for these agencies have no shame, and worse no conscience at all.

If they did, we would not have them using audio visual spy satellites to watch us within the privacy of our own homes, including the so called privacy of our bedrooms and bathrooms.

Anyone who would do that to someone else is dirt. And these FEDS are no exception.

And to make matters worse, they have just enough credibilty to carry off their fraud as they have done a myriad of times in the past.

The real issue in my case is that the FEDS have perpetrated some of the worst crimes ever documented against an American citizen and are demonizing me to obfuscate the entire situation.

The nightmare that these rat bastards have put my Family and me through in the past is as bad as any situation that I have ever seen. They have been relentless.

The FBI and DHS in particular have gone out of their way to subject me to such vicious psychological warfare in efforts to force me into a state despair in which I will commit suicide. Yet, they have failed to do so.

They have absolutely come into our lives like an exploded grenade, as we attempt to pick up the shattered pieces and get on with life.

However, these federal scumbags still hide behind their masquerade of law enforcement attempting to convince the public that they are entitled to do what they have done to us and so many others.

And therein lies the real tragedy, since these agencies honestly believe that they have the right to trash the Bill of Rights and our Civil Liberties.


And with every further attack that they wage against me, they only strengthen my resolve to expose them, which I have made great strides in doing over the past few years.

The FEDS are not about law enforcement or justice. They exist to subvert both, and their actions have proven this out time and time again.

I learned long ago that once one is placed into this hellish nightmare, they can no longer trust anyone. Even relationships that are forged from this adversity make for an easy target for the FEDS.

So it's better off not to have any, and just focus on the battle at hand, which is considerable.

I have vowed to expose these federal agencies for the criminals that they are. And it is my intention to see them abolished within my lifetime, whether it is realistic or not.

I will continue to support those who are in agreement with this, as long as they continue to be true to their intentions.

However, there are far too many people who claim to be in the 9-11 Truth Movement (which includes exposing these federal agencies for their complicity in treasonous crimes against the American people) who buckle at the first sign of trouble.

While this is forgivable, they are not going to be of any use to the rest of this country, given that what is needed here are people who will not back down, regardless of the threats that are made against them.

The FEDS are now chasing their own tails in attempts to cover up their crimes, especially in regard to those pertaining to the attacks on 9-11. Given the mountain of circumstantial evidence available in regard to these attacks, evidence which clearly shows that 9-11 was an inside job, is it any wonder why the FBI has flatly refused to release the videotapes that it confiscated from the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11?

These include tapes from the Virginia Department Of Transportation, the Sheraton Hotel, and a gas station which was located just across the way from the Pentagon; each of which had excellent views of whatever it was that hit the Pentagon.

The FBI also refuses to acknowledge that three of the black boxes from the planes that hit the WTC Towers on the morning of 9-11 were ever found, even though workers at the site have come forward to say that they were.

It's clear that the FBI has once again lied to us, and in doing so raised further suspicions regarding its own complicity in the criminal conspiracy to cover up these treasonous attacks on the American people.

The FBI isn't going to change its ways anymore than a leopard can change its spots.

And this is becoming a more intense problem for the American people by the day, as this agency has clearly shown us that it is incapable of operating within the laws of this country. And moreover, that it is not interested in protecting the American people, but instead protecting those who've attacked us.

These are statements that the FBI try as it might simply no longer has any defense for.

And they will come back to haunt it in the coming days, as it is shown for the domestic terrorist that it truly is.

Torture is terror -- and the FBI's use of torture on many of us, whether it be through the deployment of directed energy weapons or psychological warfare -- or perhaps even both -- makes it a terrorist.

And the same can be said for the NSA, DHS, DoD, and CIA, amongst others.


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