Sunday, April 15, 2007

Are You A Manchurian Candidate?

The following video entitled "Are You A Manchurian Candidate" is of an interview with Dr. Nick Begich, the son of late Alaskan congressman, Nick Begich Sr.

Dr. Begich is a pioneering researcher and director of The Lay Institute of Technology, an organization that operates as a think tank regarding enviromental issues and other areas which concern the development of humankind. This Foundation operates under a grant from Dorothy Lay, an heir to the Lay's Potato Chip fortune.

Dr. Begich has either authored or co-authored some very intriguing books including "Angel's Don't Play This HAARP" which discusses the US Government's high frequency active auroral research program, as well as "Controlling The Human Mind," a look into the use of classified government weapons which are capable of remotely electronically accessing (as well as manipulating) the human mind.

While Dr. Begich is very clear that the US Government is involved in using this technology for its own illegal
purposes, he stops short of going into specific details which might cause the Lay Foundation problems with the NSA, and other Intelligence agencies that have access to this technology (and are clearly deploying it on a great number of American citizens). However, he discusses enough aspects of this technology to illustrate for the viewer that it is not only real, but also capable of controlling our thoughts and actions.

As if I really needed additional proof of this, having been subjected to this technology in one way or another for nearly three decades. Although it is comforting to know that there is far more information surfacing over the Internet in regard to this in the present day -- and will continue to as time goes by.

It's a relatively short video at roughly 28 minutes running time, but will cover aspects of technologies that most people have never considered possible, including the late Robert A. Monroe's work in the field of mind research, and his patented brain entrainment technology known as Hemi-Sync. The readers can also access Dr. Begich's video regarding the US Government's Alaskan HAARP antenna farm, entitled "Angels Don't Play This HAARP."

Both of these video's are well worth the time it takes to watch them.

"Are You A Manchurian Candidate?"can be accessed at the following Website:

"Angels Don't Play This HAARP" can be accessed at the following Website:


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