Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Addressed To All Organized Stalkers & The FEDS Who Sanction Them

Hey Mr. Stalker

Hey Mr. Stalker

Has your cupboard just run dry?

Must be something desperate

For you to take part in such a lie

Torturing people's a no no

The act of a complete dodo

Yet you keep on doin' it

Like you don't even give a shit

Hey Mr. Stalker

Do you ever wonder why

The people who you torment

Commit suicide and die?

Or are you so busy doin' damage

That you fail to see the reasons

For your acts of cowardice & treason?

Hey Mr. Stalker

Do you even give a damn

Or is your conscience so far gone

That you'd rather take it on the lamb

Hey Mr. Stalker

The train's a comin' down the track

And unless you want to end up in its path

I'd learn to take another tack

Copyright © 2007 -- James F. Marino


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