Monday, April 09, 2007

The FBI and Homeland Security Again Attempt To Prevent Me From Circulating My Information

Click On The Above Diagram To Enlarge -- Print Out & Circulate

I have printed the above diagram which includes former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency -- one which details the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM, including its Remote Neural Monitoring technology.

In the past few months I have been handing this flyer out to delivery people, utility workers, and anyone who accesses my property. A Lilco meter reader whom I gave one of these fliers to a few months back, pulled out of my driveway soon afterwards and studied the document for several minutes before exiting my neighborhood.

Months before that I gave a copy of this diagram to a gas station attendant, who did the same.

Others whom I have given this diagram to found it nearly impossible to believe that such technology could exist. However, in every instance the diagram did motivate them to consider the possibility that it does, and consequently the ramifications to their own privacy.

They have been without exception, shocked to learn that the Government can illegally track them by using spy satellites to home in on the bioelectric fields that surround their bodies.

And the fact that this can all be documented by way of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit only further complicates matters for the FEDS, who are well aware of what will happen to them if the public learns of this mass deception.

Consequently, I have noticed that in the past few months, UPS, FEDEX and others who deliver items to our home, no longer bother to ring the door bell, and just drop the packages and leave as quickly as possible.

It's clear that the FEDS are deeply concerned about the general public learning about this technology, and have now told them to just drop the packages and RUN.

To illustrate this point, the UPS driver who showed up today, dropped a package that he had delivered by the door, and then quite literally scrambled back to his vehicle. The entire move took all of 15 seconds.

Just out of curiosity, I timed him as he made a delivery to my neighbor's home, which is diagonally across the street. He was there for nearly two and a half minutes!

It's clear that the FEDS do not want any information in regard to the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring technology to be made public, and have now warned these people to quickly drop off packages and hi-tail it out of here as quick as they can -- before I have a chance to hand them a copy of this diagram and the URL to John St. Clair Akwei's Website.

Imagine If All 300 Million Americans Received This Diagram At Once!

The FEDS are well aware that John Akwei, myself and a great many others are telling the truth about this technology and are EXTREMELY concerned that this information remains secret from the general public.

If this technology is promulgated on a very wide basis, the FEDS are going to be shown up for the complete FRAUDS and NAZI's that they are. And once this happens, their credibility will be permanently destroyed.

A situation of their own making, since they have absolutely no right to be using this technology on any American citizen. Technology which is the most egregious violation of the 4Th Amendment ever documented.


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