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Another Chronically Ill & Outspoken Lyme Disease Patient Dies Mysteriously

As a sufferer of a government created bio weapon, Lyme Disease, I have long taken an interest in exposing this illness for exactly what it is; including its roots as a bio weapon -- created with the intention of disabling and slowly destroying the central nervous systems of those whom are infected with it.

It is only over the past few years that some of the more respected institutions around the globe are beginning to acknowledge and promulgate information that Lyme Disease was in fact created as a biological weapon, and disseminated to the public by way of various means in order to give those who created it plausible deniability.
It is also clear from the myriad strains of this bio weapon, that it was created from what were initially harmless cultures of bacteria, which were then genetically re-engineered to make them more virulent. (See Dr. Donald Scott's Research on this in his book The Brucellosis Triangle). Moreover, many governments have genetically re-engineered such mycoplasmas in efforts to create biological weapons capable of both disabling humans as well as killing them quite rapidly.

And since World War II, these governments have been enormously successful in such endeavors.

Those who are cast into the purgatorial hell of living with the chronicity of these bio weapons often contemplate suicide, because their lives are reduced to nothing more than a state of existence. Lacking the ability to plan ahead given that they are always ill, means having to fore go a normal way of life in which any real quality is possible, and to instead be subjugated to both the physical and psychological enslavement that these government manufactured illnesses and their creators have forced upon them.

And given the unpopular knowledge that Lyme is a government created bio weapon, has only created more adversity for those of us who must live with it, as those who've created it look to obfuscate the situation by claiming that we are mentally unstable and just looking to scapegoat our hopeless situations.

However, it is far from a coincidence that the epidemiological centers around the globe (including the Centers For Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health) have within their hierarchies many of the very scientists who were behind the creation of these weapons. Those who routinely attempt to cover up any legitimate investigations into the creations of illnesses that have and continue to destroy the health and lives of the global citizenry.

It is also indicative of why Lyme patients have been stonewalled when they contact politicians in efforts to obtain help in treating these illnesses. Globally, to date only a handful of representatives have taking part in helping to expose Lyme Disease for what it is.

And these illnesses are far more prevalent than most people might imagine; Lyme Disease in particular being contracted by way of numerous points of contagion, including being bitten by various species of arachnids (ticks), the green headed fly, mosquitoes and sand mites. There are also other vectors that are capable of passing Lyme Disease to different species which have yet to be documented.

And unbeknownst to most of the public, Lyme Disease can also be sexually transmitted from one partner to the another, since once it enters a host's bloodstream, it becomes a systemic illness, capable of effecting every system within the human body. The neurosystemic damage that Lyme Disease causes has now been well documented.

The following is yet another in a long line of tragedies regarding a chronically Ill Lyme Disease patient. However, this author questions whether or not (given this doctor's outspoken views on Lyme) his death was committed by his own hand, or just made to appear that way. Murders can be easily made to appear as suicides.

Especially when certain covert agencies of a government are involved.

"Widow of Lyme disease victim appeals for help"

The Herald, UK

Also download BBC News story Video Click here (72 meg file. large)
Featuring an interview with Denise Longman

"... the depth of ignorance is staggering."
Alasdair Crockett (1968-2006)

THE grieving widow of a leading academic who killed himself while suffering from a brain disease caused by a tiny insect bite yesterday called for better screening and detection of the condition.

Frances Crockett, widow of university professor Alasdair Crockett, from Fraserburgh, made the call as she revealed she had also contracted Lyme disease, which attacks the brain and nervous system.

Dr Crockett was found dead in woods a mile from his home at the weekend after leaving a suicide letter and apparently swallowing an overdose of the medication he took to control the illness.

His death comes as cases of the disease have been increasing in Scotland. In 1994, there was just a single case of Lyme disease confirmed in Scotland. But by 2004 the figure had risen to 86 and last year it reached 96. Mrs Crockett said yesterday that her husband had suffered progressive symptoms of Lyme Disease.

Alastair Crockett

She said at the family's home in Brightlingsea, Essex: "Wherever it came from it affected him increasingly and while he sought treatment I believe it was not diagnosed until it was too late."

A spokeswoman for Lyme Disease Action said that caught early the illness can usually be treated with antibiotics but in rare cases it attacks the nervous system and leads to mental health problems.

Cecylia Malenczak, of LDA, said: "If left untreated it can lead to an extensive range of symptoms including headaches, neuralgia, twitching, heart pain, fatigue, depression, psychoses and violent behaviour.

"Victims can be misdiagnosed as suffering from ME or glandular fever but if left untreated as in Alasdair's case it becomes chronic and can lead sufferers to think there is ... no future for them."

Dr Crockett, 38, vanished from his £200,000 detached four-bed home last Thursday and his anxious wife notified police immediately.

The next day she received a letter posted by her husband in which he told her what he intended to do and where he could be found.

A search and rescue team supporting the police hunt found his body in woods on Saturday afternoon.

An inquest will be held but a spokesman for Essex police confirmed that officers were not looking for anyone else in connection with Dr Crockett's death.


Dr. Crockett was an avid contributor to a well known European Lyme disease discussion group. In May of this year he outlined some of his frustration with trying to get diagnosis and treatment.

His words were, "... the depth of ignorance is staggering."

You can access a well written article on the depression that chronically ill Lyme Disease patients face at the following Website. Lyme Disease is becoming so common that it is what is referred to as a pandemic. This means that has actually exceeded epidemic levels and crossed continents. As such anyone is fair game when it comes to contracting Lyme Disease and should be aware of what to look for regarding its myriad of symptoms.


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