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Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley Facing 6 Years In Prison Based On Trumped Up Charges

In my Internet travels a few years back, I ran across the story of a businessman by the name of Rick Stanley. Stanley, owner of Stanley Fastener and Shop Supply, a Colorado based business, has long been an outspoken critic of the US Federal Government and its failure to adhere to the US Constitution.

As a gun owner and vociferous proponent of easing gun control laws in the United States, he might as well have painted a bull's eye on his back -- he would have been about as conspicuous to the FEDS, who've since made it their mission to destroy him.

And of course, it comes as no surprise to me that the FBI has employed its low down and despicable COINTELPRO tactics in which to do so.

In 2003, Rick Stanley's life as he knew it would change forever, as he experienced first hand, the terrifying and unconstitutional power that the FBI now has -- since passage of that fascist legislation that we call the Patriot Act (something that should be completely abolished, since it was never passed to protect Americans, but instead to permanently deny them their civil liberties under the US Bill of Rights).

The following is a quoted passage regarding Rick Stanley's experiences with US law enforcement; a chilling description of what happens to a US citizen who is trying to exercise his Constitutional rights and punished unfairly for it.

"With the passion of Christ and God as my witness", Rick Stanley says "fill em up." "I paid 102 days in the Adams County Jail for the right of every law abiding American Citizen in Colorado, to openly carry a weapon, anywhere, in any city of Colorado per SB-25, the Colorado State Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment of our national Constitution's Bill of Rights. That's right. I paid for that right with those 102 days in jail in Brighton, Colorado."

June 19th through June 25th, 2004, in Brighton, Colorado, the "GATHERING" of gun activists from across America, will convene to observe the First Amendment violation trial of Rick Stanley, in Brighton at the Adams County Justice Center June 21st to the 25th. Rick Stanley was arrested, thrown in jail for 102 days in Brighton, Adams County, for exercising his constitutional right to openly carry a weapon in Thornton and Denver.

After serving notice to two Adams County judges that his rights were being violated by the jail time, Stanley was arrested for "Influencing a Public Official", because he had filed a pleading to the Courts citing the unconstitutional actions of the judges, advising them that they could be arrested for this illegal action. Stanley has hired a legal team from two law firms in the Denver area, to defend his First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievance. Scott Reisch of the Denver Reisch Law Firm will head the team of lawyers from the law offices of David Calvert in Greenwood Village. Brett Davies and John Fuller from Calvert's firm will complete the legal team."

From what I have read, the FEDS also set out to destroy Rick's finances by attacking his business. They even told his employees that they were going to be out of work and should look for new jobs in a direct effort to force him into a state of bankruptcy, so that he could not afford legal counsel. This resulted in Rick losing all but one of his employees, which has drastically impacted on the viability of his business.

The FBI wanted to make a sitting duck out of Rick so that he would not be able to defend himself. These types of activities are the work of predators, not law enforcement agents.

He has also stated that the FBI had been looking for someway in which to arrest him, not because of anything he had done wrong, but because of his strong opinions in regard to the US Government's failure to abide by the US Constitution, as well as his outspoken stance in regard to supporting the 2nd Amendment, which allows for Americans to own firearms.

His comments here are important, because like so many others who've been illegally targeted by the FBI, Rick mentions how this agency works covertly to utilize local law enforcement in its attempts to setup those it targets , through the use of entrapment and trumped up charges.

This is the standard way that the FBI operates -- completely absent of judicial oversight or accountability in most cases.

And the FBI's tactics have oftentimes proven to be deadly to those it targets.

It is time for the American people to realize that the FBI is an extremely dangerous organization, with far too much authority; authority that it has neither earned nor can be trusted with.

To this day Rick Stanley has stated that there was Judicial misconduct in his case, which has never been addressed. In 2004, his business was raided by federal law enforcement and his records seized.

He would ultimately put up an $80,000 bond to gain his temporary freedom, while an appellate court reviewed his case.

Since that time Rick's not wasted one minute, as he spends long hours each day promoting his case to the American people.

He's savy enough to realize that given the near complete collapse of the US Judicial system, his best chance at receiving justice is to take his case to the American people. He's also well aware that publicizing this case has probably kept him alive over the past 4 years, because when the FEDS want you out of commission, the smartest thing you can do is to let the public to know it.

While it may not save your life, it will most certainly point the blame in the right direction if the FEDS decide to punch your ticket - something they have done far more than most Americans would ever realize.

*** Update

As of April 5th, 2007 Rick Stanley's appeal has been turned down by the Colorado Court of Appeals. His attorneys must now file a new appeal with the Colorado Supreme Court within thirty days.

If this Court refuses to hear his case, Rick will spend the next six years of his life in prison, subjected to the oversight of the very types whom he's been lobbying against most of his life.

In this author's opinion, sending Rick Stanley to prison might well amount to a death sentence, given his outspoken (and truthful) criticisms of this government and its corrupt ways.

Once the penal system has a hold of him, there is no telling what will happen to Rick behind prison walls.

I have looked at both sides of his case in an attempt to be as objective as possible; something that given the COINTELPRO tactics that the FBI has deployed against my Family and self over many years, makes it far more difficult to do.

And in this author's opinion, not only has he not committed any crimes, he has also been denied his Constitutional right to due process of law; denied this right as well as several others by the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Colorado Court system.

It is also clear that the two judges who Rick warned in regard to their violations of his Civil Rights were never in any danger, and erroneously utilized a particular statute of the law, which they then used to charge him with.

Consequently, it's clear that Rick has committed no crimes in which prison time should be prescribed, and that all charges against him should be dropped.

Of even greater note is that his situation is far from being unique in the U.S, as there are a myriad of American men and women coming forward decrying the horrendous treatment that they are receiving at the hands of US law enforcement, in which serious breaches of the Constitution have been noted -- and these citizens subjugated to a parallel justice system in which due process of law is now completely absent.

The American people had better wake up to what is going on in this country soon. For if they fail to do so, they are going to find themselves being subjected to the same types of injustices, and will have nowhere left to turn for help.

Rick's Stanley's Website can be accessed at the following link. Please circulate it to everyone you know, because if the FBI can indiscriminantly attack any American citizen on a whim, that means that they can attack you too.

Stand up for your rights and SPEAK OUT!


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