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When Life Truly Does Become Stranger Than Fiction

During the Winter of 2004, I had been in such despair at the relentless psywarfare campaign being waged against me by the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and their degenerate network of organized stalkers (in efforts to drive me to suicide), that I went to seek comfort in the familiar wooded area behind my Family's home, a place where I had spent many a time hiking, decades earlier.

At the time I headed back there, the minute that I left the house three different firehouse sirens sounded simultaneously! This particular aspect of the harassment has subsided now, but is still typical of the types of psychological operations that all TI's are subjugated to under the FBI and other federal organizations who sanction these crimes; crimes that entire communities end up taking part in. Even the Families of those being targeted can be coerced (blackmailed) into taking part in them.

I decided to rest by laying down on a tree that had fallen years earlier. Upon doing so I noticed a very oddly shaped branch jutting out from a tree next to the one that had fallen, which was located about 40 feet high (and 75% of the way up the tree).

While I had no idea at the time, it would become a key part of the evidence that I would need to prove that the US Government had access to technology that was able to tap into the visual cortex of my brain.

At the time my Family and I had been subjected to the complete subversion of our TV programming, which was intercepted at the source and replaced by the NSA's own programming -- something that along with several other occurrences, would prove to me that the United States was no longer a Democracy.

The customary way for the NSA to present its programming at the time was to eliminate all but a handful of channels which would contain whatever it was that they wanted us to see. The programming on these channels was frozen (in the way TIVO broadcasts are -- however we have never subscribed to TIVO), so that I would see exactly what the NSA wanted me to see at the time, in regard to programming content.

Switching to another station made absolutely no difference, as I would be subjected to the same situation -- and most of the channels were completely blacked out -- even though we subscribed to a package that gave us access to at least two hundred of them at the time.

As I switched from one channel to the next I suddenly saw something that flabbergasted me. It was the exact same image that I had seen the day earlier -- that of the tree I was laying under and the odd looking branch which had caught my attention.

The first thing I wondered was how did they possibly get a photo of this?

But as I looked at the image I saw that it was exactly as I had seen this tree and the branch through my own eyes, from the vantage point of laying flat on the surface of the downed tree.

I began to realize that whoever was attacking me (I had suspected the FBI at that point but hadn't thought of the NSA as being involved at the time) was also able to see what I was seeing through my own eyes.

Upon seeing this image I was as terrified as I was fascinated that the FEDS had access to such sophisticated technology. Little did I realize at the time that I was being watched by way of NSA audio/visual satellites 24 hours a day, or that the National Security Agency had been using me as an unwitting guinea pig for nearly thirty years, as part of their satellite based remote neural monitoring mind control research.

I did not give much thought to it at the time, but during that winter decided to go back into the area where the tree was, to photograph it. However, the tree had fallen down at that point (uprooted) and as it fell landed on the exact spot that I had been laying in back on that afternoon in 2004!

Since that time someone has been back to that area (which is private property) and attached an orange marker right next to where this tree fell. It is attached to a small tree which is right next to a property marker which was also recently painted orange. However, none of the other markers on our property were painted, so why the one by the downed tree with the strangely shaped branch?

No one has ever accessed this area for public maintenance reasons in the past 42 years of our living here, simply because the property is private. So why was this property marker painted?

And interestingly enough, in the color orange, a color that the FEDS and their organized stalking network, had been using their psyop tactics to sensitize me to at the time.

It is also extremely odd that the only tree that has fallen on our property in the past four years has been this one. We've lost some branches, however, no other trees. What are the odds with the thousands of trees on our property (including the wooded areas), that the one I wanted to take a photo of was the only one to suddenly fall down?

I had been out to this tree less than a week earlier, but on the day that I took my camera out to photograph it, it had suddenly fallen.

And given many of the other strange situations that I have experienced in the past several years, I seriously doubt that this was a coincidence. I have also heard strange cracking sounds in the middle of the night, which seem to be coming from some of the trees outside. These nights have also been dead calm -- no wind, rain, or any other natural reasons for this to be occurring.

And from what I have read satellite based directed energy technology can easily take down a tree at its roots, flip a car upside down, and accomplish other tremendous feats.

So do I think that the NSA would knock this tree down just to prevent me from getting an accurate photo of the branch? Yes. Especially since the branch is now in three pieces, making it more difficult to recreate the image that I saw at the time.

The following are some photos of the fallen tree that I took earlier today.

Tree As It Looked Just Days After I'd Seen It Standing

Orange Flag Placed On A Small Tree Next To The Downed One

Strange Looking Branch That I Saw Now Broken In Two Places

Tree Lands On Exact Area That I Was Laying On Back In 2004!

As best as I can figure, the NSA has been using a myriad of American citizens as non consensual human experimentees, who in the past 27 years (from inside sources this technology was first deployed on a very large scale around 1980) have served as human lab rats so that the NSA could map out the human brain to determine exactly which areas to target, in order to evoke the responses that they were looking to

And I can tell you from first hand experience, that not only can the NSA effect your emotional state through the use of this complex technology, they are also able to target any portion of your brain to effect your behavior, all while their specialized spy satellites record every second of it.

Sounds a lot more Hitlerian and characteristic of Nazi Germany than it does the United States doesn't it?

Yet it's been going on here on a large scale for nearly three decades, and has existed as early as the late 1940's, when the CIA began to utilize those Nazis who were smuggled into this country under its Operation Paperclip, for their extensive knowledge of mind control.

Certain Japanese experts were also smuggled into this country for the same reason, and those under the now infamous UNIT 731, known for committing some of the most outrageous abuses of human rights, also came to reside here in the USA, to work alongside these Nazi scientists. (I say smuggled in because I seriously doubt that as the US Troops were rounding up the rest of these war criminals for trial and execution, they would have knowingly allowed this to happen; especially given the numbers of casualties that they suffered just attempting to shut Hitler and his Nazi war machine down).

Operating under the cover of the CIA and its MK Ultra program, these Nazi and Japanese scientists would take part in some of the worst atrocities and crimes against humanity ever documented. And they have done so right here in the United States Of America -- right under the noses of the American people.

Talk about an outrageously cruel irony.


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