Saturday, March 24, 2007


While I have observed a myriad of despicable tactics being perpetrated by the FBI and NSA over the past several years (and more recently the Department Of Homeland Security), I find their use of coercion to be one of the most detrimental aspects to the civil liberties of the American people.

The use of coercion to intimidate those who surround a Targeted Individual (namely the Families and friends of these persons) is absolutely deplorable.

The FBI's coercive tactics allow it to perpetrate the most vicious and evil crimes against those whom they target, while the persons around the target become so fearful of similar retribution, that they quite literally adopt a policy of complete denial in regard to everything that the FBI subjects them to, as well as the inhumane psychological warfare that they are forced into subjecting Targeted Individuals to.

This has always been a serious problem with the FBI, and one which has only grown worse since passage of the fascist Patriot Act; terribly flawed legislation which now allows the FBI to place a "gag order" on any persons whom they contact, in regard to someone whom this agency is directly targeting.

The ACLU has defended libraries in the United States who have been placed under such gag orders, because it is unconstitutional to do so. Yet there is no mention of how the FBI uses such gag orders to destroy the lives of countless families.

To to be denied a relationship with your own flesh and blood by the FBI is beyond evil. This particular aspect of this agency's NAZI protocols is so completely sadistic that it quite literally strips away any empathy or sympathy for the TI's and their loved ones.

What they are left with is a feeling of complete and utter violation -- both physically and psychologically.

They are pushed to the very emotional limits of what people can stand, by those in the Bureau who are so completely bereft of their own humanity, that they are no longer even capable of experiencing emotion for the damage that they do to others.

The bottom line is that those agents who perpetrate these crimes against humanity are by nature miserable and heartless scoundrels, who feign an interest in upholding justice, when in reality, they have become brainwashed into enjoying the pain and suffering that they cause others -- and the propagation of such suffering only further whets their appetites for more intense types of sadism.

Those of us who bring the FBI's true nature to the surface are completely reviled by the Bureau, because in spite of its history of outrageous crimes against humanity, the FBI prizes, first and foremost, its reputation. So much so in fact, that the single most important task that the FBI pursues, is the polishing of its own laurels, while it attempts to protect what was once considered to be a sterling reputation for defending human rights, and upholding the US Constitution.

How many of you grew up believing that FBI agents were amongst the most decent and patriotic citizens in this country? I know that I did. And most of the people whom I was familiar with also did.

And this is why so few people in this country are aware of the FBI's true history; one in which human rights are consistently abused, while the US Constitution is routinely trampled upon.

The truth of the matter is that the only decent thing about the FBI, is the bogus illusion of its reputation as law enforcement -- one which this agency has shamelessly promulgated through the American media for the past 99 years.

The acronym FBI stands for fidelity, bravery and integrity. However to those who are familiar with the Bureau's villainous history, these letters should stand for fraud, bureaucracy and indecency.

There is nothing brave about agents who use satellites to illegally track and spy on American citizens.

There is nothing loyal about agents who use the US Constitution for toilet paper.

And there is nothing remotely approaching integrity in regard to the how the Bureau and a great number of its agents will wantonly attack other agents who attempt to report crimes that the Bureau itself is guilty of perpetrating.

The truth of the matter is that any FBI agent who is kind, decent and respectful of the US Constitution and the American people, is as much of a threat to the FBI and its dictatorial and provincial ways of operating, as any American citizens who attempt to exercise their Constitutional rights.

And there have been a great many agents who were subjected to the COINTELPRO style destruction of their lives, as the Bureau punished them for what it deemed to be a betrayal of its confidences.

You cannot convince me that the men and women who work for this organization (excluding those decent agents who as whistle blowers who risked everything to come forward to expose the Bureau's corruption to the public) started out to be as vicious as they have turned out to be.

In the Martial Arts, if a student turns out to be a poor representative of the respective discipline, the teacher must ultimately accept the blame.

Yet the FBI's hierarchy never accepts the blame in any meaningful way. A week ago, when FBI Director Robert Mueller publicly acknowledged that the FBI had illegally spied on Americans and violated their civil rights by abusing the Patriot Act, why were the agents who broke the law not made accountable for doing so?

Mueller gave a feeble apology, because he was caught in a situation in which even the Department Of Justice(who regularly covers up for the FBI) would not stand by the FBI. The report that the DOJ furnished Congress with revealed that the FBI was in the commission of some very serious crimes. And moreover, that the agency can't be trusted with the extensive powers that it has been given since passage of the Patriot Act.

This organization and its Nazi protocols have been a bane to the American people and our civil liberties for nearly a century.

Through its COINTELPRO activities (which began long before 1956 and never ended in 1971 as the public was told) the FBI has destroyed more lives than most Americans can possibly imagine.

And I am well aware of many of them, since my Family and I are among the FBI's victims.

While most Americans are unaware that the CIA has a reputation for committing terrible crimes against humanity, they are, however, well aware that this agency is not comprised of Boy scouts and Girl scouts.

Yet, most Americans have yet to the see the FBI in the same light, simply because the Bureau spends as much time as it does using the media to polish its image -- one which has quite candidly been as fraudulent as the history that the American people have been fed, in regard to their own country over the past Century.

To put it bluntly -- we've all been fed an absolute pack of LIES.

And the deeper you research US History, going back since before the turn of the 20th Century, the more you can see how an extremely corrupt influence has shaped the American landscape.

The reality of the situation is that the disinformation that the American people have been force fed through every venue ranging from the media to our educational system, has been responsible for depriving each of us of ever knowing the unpleasant truths regarding our own country.

America had the potential to be the most outstanding country in the world. Americans had the potential to be the guiding light of the rest of citizenry on this planet. Unfortunately, as a country, we 've been contaminated by a cesspool within our own federal government that has so deeply damaged America, that it will quite literally take a miracle to repair our Constitutional Republic.

At the end of World War II the United States had the opportunity to become a bright and shining example of the democratic way of life. A humane country that protected its own people and showed a genuine concern for the well being of the rest on the people on this planet.

Instead, it chose to exploit its victory during World War II to spread US Imperialism throughout the world.

And today, we are despised the world over for doing so.

Yet this was not the idea of the American people. This was the doctrine instead espoused by those Illuminists in this country who had early on supported Hitler and his global war. Men like Allen Dulles, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Melon, Preston Bush, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Irene Dupont, and a host of other Nazi sympathizers who chose to sell us all out. And the cruelest irony of all is that American history remembers all of these men as being great patriots, instead of the low life robber baron scum that they truly were.

There are libraries, airports, and numerous institutions named after these men and others like them.

The LIES in this country are so outrageous that even George H.W. Bush, one of the most corrupt and evil men in this country's history, will be remembered as a great American Patriot. And the complete gaul of this government to have even named a newly commissioned aircraft carrier after this Nazi criminal, is a testament to what a complete fraud it is.

What's more is that the LIES that this government has been telling us for the past Century have so confused the real issues, that the bureaucrats in this country, are able to use them to obfuscate any attempts which are made to attack the main problems that we as Americans face.

No one is ever held accountable for their actions.

For example, when you see a politician testifying under oath on TV, when was the last time that you heard one of them actually answer a question that they did not want to?

Oh, they'll dance around and they'll smile those nice bright Washington smiles of theirs.

But they will NEVER answer the questions being put directly to them!

And it is this pervasive fraud that allows organizations like the FBI and NSA to get away with murder. Organizations that have a very long history of perpetrating some of the worst crimes imaginable, while they either walk away Scott free, or get a slap on the wrist.

No Constitutional checks and balances -- no accountability -- absolutely NONE!

And for all of the political grandstanding that we are seeing regarding Congress's threat to punish the FBI, by removing the broad-sweeping powers that the Patriot Act's section 215 has allowed for, the FBI will continue to operate just as it always has --- illegally, immorally, unethically, unconstitutionally, and inhumanely.

An organization that illegally uses the NSA to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms can hardly maintain an air of superiority. However, the FBI's historical and unwarranted arrogance would attempt to have us believe otherwise.

As someone who is the longest documented NSA satellite prisoner in United States history (there may be others who've been spied on longer by way of audio/visual satellite who don't realize it), I am well aware that both the NSA and FBI have violated my Civil Rights in the most outrageous and precedent setting ways imaginable.

The truth of the matter is that not only have I not been able to live within the privacy of my own home for the past 27 years without being illegally spied upon (or anywhere else for that matter); I have also routinely been subjected to non consensual human experimentation by the FBI and NSA, as they continue to use their satellite based remote neural monitoring technology, to electronically access and manipulate my thoughts without my consent. And for decades this has been done without my knowledge.

However now that I have learned the truth about RNM technology and its illegal deployment against myself as well as a myriad of other American citizens (as well as those of countries), I am so irate about what has been perpetrated against me (as well as my Family), that I would rather die than give up my battle to expose these evil organizations.

These crimes against humanity effect each and every one of you since this technology threatens your freedom! And there's little doubt that many of you are in one way or another being illegally spied on by the FBI and NSA at the present time.

When was the last time that you were angry enough about something criminal that had been done to you, something so vicious that you were ready to die before you would ever submit to those perpetrating such crimes against you?

I sincerely hope that most of you have never experienced this and never do. Although I know for certain that some of the readers of this blog are well aware of what I am saying here, simply because they have also been targeted by these despicable organizations, or others within the US Federal Intelligence community (CIA, ARPA, DoD, etc.).

The real issue is what is it going to take to abolish the FBI and NSA? And for that matter the CIA as well?

Broach this subject with your average American and they will tell you that you are just plain crazy.

However, they are not operating with the same information -- information that is unvarnished by the media or others that the FEDS have been able to access and corrupt.

To be well informed as to how this government really operates is to be in the minority. A very unfairly maligned minority, that truly believes that the truth is worth whatever sacrifices need to made in order to disseminate it.

Your average whistle blower is not allowed to hold a job or to have any semblance of a normal life. The FBI and its criminal brethren see to it that we are made pariahs within our own communities.

We are deprived of our Constitutional right to due process of law, and treated as inhumanely as one may be treated.

We are Americans. And the FBI has absolutely no right to treat us like this!

We are subjected to every imaginable violation of both civil and human rights; and in many instances both physically and psychologically tortured by the FEDS, who utilize their covert and satellite based directed energy weapons to remotely target and irradiate us, so that we die slow and torturous deaths.

As I type today's blog I am getting a sharp jab in my left side, which is being done as punishment for doing so. Most TI's report some type of punishment meted out to them for keeping blogs documenting their torture. Some are noise stalked by organized stalking groups as well, or subjected to other forms of psychological operations, the result of the FEDS' psywarfare campaigns against them.

I have been subjected to this punishment for years. In fact as I lay bedridden for a good part of the 1990's, the result of contracting chronic Lyme Disease (a biological agent), the FEDS used this opportunity to become aggressive with their technology, knowing at the time that I would simply assume that it was just Lyme related.

However, I would experience several symptoms which no other chronically ill Lyme patients would ever report. Yet, I would see these symptoms as a recurrent theme when years later, I was able to find the Mind Control Forums Website and learn of many other victims who had reported near mirror images to what I was experiencing.

For years on end, I was bedridden with a chronic illness so debilitating that I was unable to stay up for more than a few minutes at a time. And the NSA and FBI exploited this situation to utilize their directed energy technology to torture me with, just to determine how much suffering I would be able to endure before attempting suicide. And they have also subjected numerous others (including children) to this same Hitlerish cruelty.

The FEDS live for punishing TI's. And every sadistic aspect of their persona's gets called upon when they target us. The cruelty that they claim to punish others for, so inherent and readily accessed within themselves.

If I had not experienced this for myself, I would have found it nearly impossible to believe that any US Federal Intelligence Agency could have ever taken part in something so vicious. This is something which terrorists subject their captives to.

It's not something that those who are hired to protect others are supposed to take part in.

However, a quick history of the CIA's Operation Paperclip and the NAZI influence that would eventually subjugate all Americans to a hidden enslavement, would expeditiously open the eyes of every American.

Yet the US Media under another CIA scheme to defraud the American people of their news gathering service (Operation Mockingbird), has now kept them in a media blackout.

Oh, we have plenty of news to watch -- but only that which the FEDS deem to be safe.

However, not safe for us. Because anyone who knows of the US Intelligence Community's criminal history is well aware that these agencies could not care less about the American people or our civil liberties.

What the FEDS deem to be safe in the way of news content, is what concentrates on information that will never put them under a spotlight. The following for example is information that you will never see being covered by any American news organization:

The CIA's drug trafficking operations which are used to finance its black operations.

Do you really think that Congress would appropriate "dark funds" that they would have to answer to the American people for? Black budgets which would then be used for the murders of innocent men, women and children in so many of the countries around the world -- people who are murdered so that the corporatist elite in the United States can plant their own dictators in these countries to ensure that the USA has access to their economies.

While the NEOCON right wingers in Congress have certainly appropriated some deniable funding for this (read misappropriated) , the majority of it comes from the CIA's drug trafficking operations.

And here I have a message for the Bush Administration. Not every country in the world wants a McDonalds, a Microsoft, or a Time Warner. And they sure as hell don't want to give up their own sovereignty in order to get them, even if they did.

As for the CIA's covert drug trafficking operations, the truth of the matter is that if the American people had any idea that this illegal drug trade is what is keeping the US economy going, and that our own stock market has been supported by international drug money which is laundered through it everyday, the fascist shadow government in this country would collapse tomorrow.

And while this is true, don't ever expect to see it on 60 Minutes.

The only drug busts you'll ever hear about on TV will be those in which the "bad guys" get caught by the DEA. If only the American people knew that the DEA was created by the CIA shortly after Watergate, to allow the CIA a plausible reason for keeping protracted and unconstitutional investigations open on any persons whom the CIA deemed to be of interest -- including US Judges.

Why? Because Richard Nixon was a Nazi at heart, and the investigation into Watergate nearly uncovered some of the CIA's deepest and darkest secrets. They needed to make certain that a Watergate scandal could never happen again. And the DEA could help the CIA to keep tabs on those in government who might turn out to be whistleblowers.

The truth is that if the illegal drug trade in this country ended tomorrow, our economy would collapse in a heartbeat. And those politicians whom we now have representing us, would bail out of this sinking ship, knowing full well that they could not withstand the adversity they'd be confronted with, once an American public was hit smack in the face with the stark realities of how this government has been criminally operating all these years.

As an American I wish that none of what I have discussed in this blog today was the truth. In fact, I truly wish that nothing on this entire blogsite was.

However, everything documented by me on this blogsite is the absolute truth.

It's just a damn shame that most Americans still have no idea who's really in charge of this country -- because it sure as hell isn't us.


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