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The FBI's Use Of The Media To Spin Its LIES

The United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation has ( unknown to most Americans) a long-standing policy of attacking those whom it targets with the most vicious abuse of both civil and human rights ever documented. These attacks occur so far outside of the boundaries of US law, that they can never be justified in any venue which discards objectivity and justice while allowing for the promulgation of the US Federal Government's orchestrated disinformation campaigns.

And the grim truth of the matter is that the Bush Administration's public war on terrorism is in reality a war on the American people, our civil liberties, and those of the rest of this planet's populace.

Have things gotten any better in this country since Bush stole his way into office?

Absolutely NOT!

As Americans, our freedoms have been gradually eroded to the point of extinction, all while Bush gives us that sleazy grin and tells the American people that they have to trust him if he is going to protect them. That is tantamount to Hitler telling the Jews to trust him because he had their best interests at heart.

And if Americans continue to allow this Nazi traitor to operate the way that he sees fit, most of us our going to find ourselves in the detention camps that are scattered throughout the United States, but completely unknown to most of the American population.

The Bush Administration is also complicit in attempting to cover up its criminal activity and for that matter much of the FBI, CIA, NSA and DoDs' as well, by reclassifing formerly declassified US Freedom Of Information Act documents, which prior to Bush's taking office, had been available to the American people. Bush continues to narrow the scope of the Freedom Of Information Act requests in attempts to prevent Americans from conducting their own independent research into this government's rampant corruption.

What the FBI is in most cases guilty of is not only complicity in this conspiracy, but also one in which to deny those whom they so aggressively attack, their civil rights. In doing so the FBI is also guilty of obstruction of justice, in which this agency utilizes the mainstream media to cover up its rampant criminality, by spinning its own disinformative black propaganda to the American people.

So is it any wonder why the FBI has been able to get away with its COINTELPRO criminal operations for so long? Or for that matter why the CIA has gotten away with mainstream drug trafficking, its mind control research (MKULTRA), or why the NSA's been able to fine tune its satellite based electronic warfare operations?

It all comes down to who the American people believe. And that is exactly why the CIA orchestrated a covert operation in 1948 -- codenamed Operation Mockingbird -- to "bribe" key media moguls within the USA to circulate the US Intelligence community's black propaganda; something that has been ongoing for nearly six consecutive decades.

Simply stated, the FEDS' control of the US Media denies the American people their right to know what this government is doing -- especially when it hides its crimes under the guise of National Security.

Both during and after the Waco Seige, the American people were repeatedly fed disinformation by the US Media outlets, while the FBI used this media to polish its own badly tarnished reputation. We were clearly told many carefully crafted LIES by the FBI, in efforts to cover up for what it had done.

The FBI has a very long history of doing this -- as of 2007 -- 99 years to be exact!

The best thing that the American people can do for this country as well as themselves, is to make the FBI's 100th Anniversary its last one, by calling for its abolition.

Given this organization's history of criminal activity and routine subversion of the US Bill Of Rights, this act would be both one of conscience and justice on the part of all Americans.

As someone who has been routinely attacked by the FBI and other agencies within the US Intelligence community, I am well aware of the atrocities that these organizations have committed against their own citizens. And the tragedy which occured during the Waco seige is not an anomaly for these agencies, but rather, standard operating procedure for them.

The following post is a very accurate and compelling account which describes how the FBI and BATF (Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) wantonly attacked the Branch Davidian Compound in 1993. Not only did these agencies fail to illegally entrap the men, women and children at Waco, but when their agents saw that the Davidians were going to stand their ground, they used their own sadistic protocols including that of psychological warfare, to bring about the horrific climax that ended with the murders of more than 80 Branch Davidians.

If this was not terrible enough, the FBI and the Reno Justice Department ( I will not refer to it as the Department Of Justice any longer since the DOJ has little if anything to do with justice and far more to do with circulating disinformation to cover up the FBI's crimes as well as its own complicity in allowing them to repeatedly occur.) then aided and abetted the FBI and BATF by using the mainstream media as "spin doctors" to circulate their own fabricated version of what occured at WACO, in a deliberate attempt to cover up their murder of 86 men, women and children.

The following is a very well written commentary which clearly reveals its author's anger at the horrific crimes that the FBI and BATF managed to get away with , through their usurpation and manipulation of our media system.

" There is no evidence of child abuse at the religious retreat. The charge of child abuse is a major part of the FBI's effective, vicious smear campaign to gain sympathy and justification for their atrocity, reminiscent of the Nazi demonization of Jews during WWII."

Jim Hart

From: (Jim Hart)

Subject: Nasty Coverup of FBI Atrocity Date: Sat, 24 Apr 93 1:10:42 PDT

" The FBI is getting away with what was, at the very least, a hideous mistake, with the most quick and thorough spin doctor campaign and cover up ever in the history of the United States. Let's cut through the bullshit and wishful thinking and look at the actual facts of the case:

* The FBI confidently told the American public that David Koresh had set fire to his Seventh-Day Adventist retreat within less than an hour of the blaze. Their minds were made up before they had any chance to gather evidence. They broadcast that story as the absolute truth to the entire world.

* The FBI censored the press, banning cameras within 2 miles ofthe sanctuary, allowing no independent detailed evidence to be gathered.

* Several days *after* the atrocity, two reporters were arrested for walking inside the 2-mile censorship zone. Similarly, emergency personnel were blocked from access to the site. In the LA riots, firefighters responded within minutes to fires, until they had been numerically overwhelmed, and braved bullets to do so.

* Six independent, corroborrating witnesses, survivors of the inferno which burned at least 86 people alive, have revealed that the fire was set when an FBI-chartered heavy tank broke into the house, vibrating the structure like an earthquake and knocking over lanterns and propane tanks which had been crucial to heating and lighting the religious sanctuary since the BATF had cut off power.

* All 86 people are *innocent*.

* There is no evidence that the Davidian Adventists broke any laws, not even gun laws for which the unopened search warrant was allegedly issued. The Davidians are guilty only of what may be the ultimate capital crime, being "whackos" in the eyes of the media.

* The Tarrant County medical examiner in Fort Worth, Texas, has revealed that the FBI lied about finding that 3 victims had been shot. According to the examiner, "there is absolutely no evidence of that as far as we are concerned at this stage."

* There is no evidence of child abuse at the religious retreat. The charge of child abuse is a major part of the FBI's effective, vicious smear campaign to gain sympathy and justification for their atrocity, reminiscent of the Nazi demonization of Jews during WWII.

* Attorney General Janet Reno was quick to repeat the FBI stories of mass suicide and child abuse to the entire American public on national TV, without expressing any reservation or doubt that they might be true, despite the total lack of evidence for them. Bill Clinton was not at all quick to get involved, but when he did he repeated the vicious allegations, including the stories about child abuse, and placing the blame on David Koresh, despite complete lack of evidence for his starting the fire. The facts, if not our hopes, indicate that at least 86 innocent Americans have been burned alive by our own FBI. The FBI, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, and much of the American public have constructed a facade of vicious stories to justify the atrocity rather than face up to the awful consequences of what has happened.

Shame on us, shame, shame!"


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