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The FEDS' Stranglehold On Our Loved Ones

On occasion I will publish certain information on this blog, that I normally just limit to the journal that I keep regarding the FBI's psywarfare campaign being waged against me. I do so because it documents the intense suffering that these agents cause those whom they illegally target, including and especially those who are close to the targeted individual. Moreover, as far as I am concerned, the viciousness of these FEDS will simply not be tolerated. And nor will the LIES that they promulgate through the media in efforts to divert attention away from themselves; LIES used as a smokescreen in which to obfuscate any attempts made to expose the truth.

The following applies to the Bush Administration's complicity in the attacks on 9-11 since it is only a matter of time before the people of this planet acknowledge that it is the truth. It also concerns the NSA and FBIs' use of satellite based remote neural monitoring to illegally track Americans by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, and the remote mind reading/influencing capabilities of this Nazi influenced technology.

All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed

Second, it is violently opposed

Third, it is accepted as self-evident

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

March 5th, 2007 -- A Disturbing Plea From A Loved One

When someone whom you've loved your entire life (who's quite literally held captive at the hands of the FEDS and those provocateurs who make it their life's mission to drive you into the commission of suicide), finds themselves in diar straights as the result of their complicity in the crimes being perpetrated against you, exactly how are you to react?

The ambivalence is overwhelming.

As a TI you're torn between your love for them and your desire to see justice done, knowing full well that they have taken part in these vicious and psychotic acts against you.

I am far from the only TI to describe this predicament. However, I am perhaps one of the few who has the only viable solution.

In nearly all cases the families of those being vindictively harassed by the FEDS or their organized stalking networks, have feined complete ignorance of any such goings on, knowing full well that not only are these attacks occuring on a daily basis, but that they themselves have been coerced into taking part in them and then lying about it.

To say that the situation is gut wrenchingly pathetic is an understatement, as the FEDS use their ace in the hole Patriot Act to manipulate the situation, while they quietly reside in the background, watching as those whom they've coerced to do their dirty work for them, follow their Nazi style protocol.

And when you accuse those around you of complicity you are simply written off as being paranoid, while they know full well that what they are subjecting you to is cruel beyond words.
The FEDS and those whom they utilize as provocateurs to facilitate these crimes against us are toxic refuse; an absolutely vile and malicious faction of miscreants whose true purpose in life is one of negativity. They contribute nothing to society of any worth and have an unquenchable thirst for sadism; something which their criminal history has demonstrated time and time again.

Here, the FBI in particular is noteworthy, since its COINTELPRO activities have been used to violate the civil rights of a great number of American citizens and others whom the FBI for one reason or another decided were a threat to the status quo in America.

My recommendation to those TI's whose familial relationships have been destroyed by this filthy scum is to put the blame squarely where it belongs. Not on the shoulders of your families or former friends, but instead directly on the FBI and those other federal organizations that have the power by way of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird, to not only covertly commit these vicious acts, but to then also control what information is circulated to the American people by way of the US Media.

This is how they are able to maintain their LIE.

Any persons targeted for this malicious abuse will find themselves being faced with a very one sided situation in which the FBI gets its spin doctors in the media to circulate their own disinformation, while omitting any that might put the FBI in the criminal light in which it deserves to be placed.

Those of us who document the truth about this pathetic excuse for law enforcement and the completely unjust and criminal ways in which it entraps innocent people, are quickly villified within our own communities, while our very own families are threatened with retaliation if they don't comply with the FBI's criminal requests.

And the Department Of Homeland Security operates in exactly the same despicable way -- violating the civil rights of every American whom they so choose to attack, while in the commission of precedent setting human rights' violations.

American society is largely unaware that such crimes can exist within the borders of the United States, since the propaganda in this country prohibits such truths from ever being promulgated through the mainstream media.

This is done deliberately, for if the American people were to learn that the FEDS do routinely operate in such an outrageous and unconstitutional fashion, they would most certainly demand an independent investigation into the US Intelligence community, which in turn would cause the most outrageous scandal in America's 231 year history. We'd be the laughing stock of every country on this planet.

The US Government's standard response to any criminal accusations that are made against it is quite simply to LIE. And why not, since this government has a very long history of LYING about everything it does. It's called National Security and this term has been used to hide every crime that this government has ever commited
and did not want the American people to learn about.

Not only does this government LIE, it will also covertly destroy the lives of any persons who come forward to describe crimes that it has perpetrated against them. Those who can conclusively identify the persons who've attacked them are usually either driven to suicide or murdered. In all cases the government uses plausible deniability to deny what it has done.

It is all a question of who has the most to lose here, and it's clear that given the extensive corruption regarding the filth in this government, that if one person starts to spill their guts, the entire government is going to go down like the ill fated Titanic.

Those of us who know the truth about this devil be gotten government and its criminal minions are well aware of the price that we've had to pay.

It's just a damn shame that we are dealing with such outrageous adversity in simply trying to tell the truth about a government that is so inherently corrupt and cowardly, that there is quite literally nothing left of it worth saving.

I speak here of the Nazi shadow government in this country that subverted our constitutional republic as a result of the CIA's Operation Paperclip, where Nazi war criminals were smuggled into the United States and given employment within the CIA and NSA.

The progeny of this scum not only resides within the United States in the modern day, but is also responsible for designing and implementing much of the evil technology that is being deployed against the American people, without their knowledge or consent.

The United States Of America has become the most successful LIE ever sold to a people. Wrapped in a masquerade of false patriotism, the robber barons (both historical and contemporary members of this criminal clan), and those humanity destroying elitests who've overseen the US Military Industrialist complex, have profitted off the blood of others and then shamelessly feigned concern about their fellow Americans.

These people have without exception, sold the American people out.

They are not patriots.

And they sure as hell are not Americans, despite their protestations to the contrary.

A modern day Nazi subversion of the American people is what they are. And they are extremely well financed and completely sociopathic in the ways in which they carry out their nefarious plans. 9-11 was the most outrageous of these plans, as a well greased US Media was quickly used to misdirect the American people away from the Bush Administration, which has clearly blocked every legitimate investigation into the 9-11 attacks, while using the FBI to aid and abet its criminal activity.

If those of you reading this blog remember nothing else of what I have written here today, remember this.

Because it is you, your children and your grandchildren who are going to inherit this nightmare, in which you will be subjugated to the loss of your freedoms under the most despicable tyrants that this planet has ever seen.

A world in which audio visual satellites will hear and see everything that you say and do, while artificial intelligence computers electronically access your thoughts by way of remote satellites.

All privacy is lost.

And this is not something that is destined just for the future. This technology is in existence here and now, being deployed against millions of unwitting Americans, who have no idea that they are being both watched and videotaped 24 hours a day, by way of NSA satellites.

For the past 27 years, I have been and continue to be an NSA satellite prisoner. And regardless of how impossible or however implausible this may sound, it is the absolute truth!

I spend my days attempting to alert the public to this outrageous technology, while the government spends its days attempting to discredit my accounts and those of myriad others who've come forward with near mirror testimonies of my own, describing the abuses meted out to them.

Why would the government be so concerned as to single each of us out and spend millions of dollars a year following us around?

Consider the allegations that I've made here.

Satellites that not only allow this government the ability to illegally track you by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body, but to also hear and see everything you say and do, while remotely reading your thoughts. Consider the long range implications of such technology and you can only arrive at one logical conclusion -- the mind controlled subjugation of the human race through the government's utilization of satellite based remote neural monitoring technology.

Those of us who've come forward to document this have absolutely no reason to lie to anyone. We are not profiting from this information in any way, shape or form. And we certainly would not be making enemies of this government by going public with Websites like this one, unless we were telling the truth about this technology and the US Government's treasonous use of it. Furthermore, we would not be risking our reputations and personal safety unless we were certain of the incredible devastation that was eventually going to befall all of the people on this planet as a result of this insideous technology.

Hitler once said that the greater the LIE being told to the public the more they would believe it. As evil as he was, he was absolutely correct in this statement.

And the United States Government is telling the greatest LIE ever told in denying its part in the attacks on 9-11, and the existence of satellite based technology which has the ability to electronically track and read the minds of any persons whom they choose to target. Remote Neural Monitoring is an electronic mind reading technology which can steal your most inner thoughts directly out of your own brain, while you are simply living your daily life.

It does not matter where you are - in bed, eating dinner with your family, at work, driving your car, sailing your boat --- IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! -- Because the NSA and the FBI can use this satellite based weaponry to ELECTRONICALLY RAPE YOUR MINDS! -- Without your ever realizing that it has been done!

See John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA - Akwei VS NSA on the Google search engine.

There are many Websites which discuss mind reading technology, but John Akwei's ties it directly to the NSA and its satellites, and that is the SMOKING GUN that those of us who've been made victims of this technology have been waiting for.

Given the critical importance of this lawsuit, please circlulate it to everyone you know. It's up to all of us to make remote neural monitoring a household term, and for every person on this planet to learn of the tremendous capabilities of these satellites. And furthermore, we must expose the gross abuses of them by a US Intelligence community that has betrayed us through its commission of treason; a government entity that can no longer be trusted.


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