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Isn't This A Crime That The FBI Is Supposed To Be Preventing? So Why Aren't They?

The Case Of Former FBI Agent Jane Turner

This is yet another case of a former FBI agent with an excellent reputation, who became sexually harassed by some of her colleagues and consequently forced to filed charges against them.

Yes that's correct. What we have here is a situation where certain FBI agents are sexually harassing others.

And this is far from the only instance in which the FBI and myriad agents have been dragged through the mud for their criminal ways. The FBI has a long history of acting deviantly which includes pedophila, wife swapping and group sex. And numerous instances of this have been documented in perpetuity on the Internet with the actual names of those agents who were convicted of some the aforesaid offenses.

This should give a really warm feeling to those citizens who were under the delusion that the FBI was actually an organization that could be trusted to protect the interests of the American people. To anyone who knows the truth about this organization, considering the FBI as a protector of American civil rights is positively laughable. And there is no longer any question that this agency has aided & abetted a coverup in regard to the attacks on 9-11, having seized physical proof that 9-11 was an inside job and either destroyed it, or kept it hidden from the public eye.

Americans are still waiting to see the footage of the so called 757 that hit the Pentagon. Footage from the two dozen or so cameras that the FBI confiscated tapes from, yet never showed to the public. Why not? Why not show us the tapes of the 757 hitting the Pentagon and getting back some badly needed public credibility? Because the tapes don't show a 757 hitting the Pentagon and the FBI is well aware of this. While there is no way to know exactly what these tapes will show, based on the forensic evidence gathered at the crash site, it's more than likely that these videos would show a cruise missile slamming into the "only reinforced" section of the Pentagon.

And the FBI's never bothered to acknowledge that three of the four black boxes were found at the World Trade Center, even though several credible sources have said that A. they were and B. the FBI seized all of them.

So why haven't more FBI agents come forward with this information? Because they have seen what's happened to their fellow comrades who blew the whistle on FBI corruption and don't want their lives destroyed in the same way. To the FBI silence truly is golden. To the rest of us it just smacks of a precedent setting criminal conspiracy in which the FBI was not used to solve these crimes, but instead to obfuscate the situation by aiding and abetting those who perpetrated the attacks on 9-11 (hint -- one of them resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.) Can you guess who it is?

As for those who've questioned why the mainstream media has never bothered to answer the hard questions regarding 9-11, they like staying employed. If any of them were to rock the Bush Adminstration's applecart, they'd find themselves on the unemployment line and blackballed from the news industry in a hurry.

Just ask Dan Rather. He is still stinging from losing his job over reporting a truthful account of George W. Bush's being AWOL during his time in the National Guard. It's not like Rather lied or anything. He just attacked a member of the Bush Crime Family and was able to document his allegations. That is simply not allowed. You can say whatever you want about the Bushs -- Just don't be able to prove it. Otherwise you end up like Michael Boren Williams and Margie Schoedinger (one who's now deceased and the other who's hiding out in another country having been warned by the elder Bush to leave the USA or die).

And the FBI's no different.

I am familiar with a significant number of FBI agents (and for that matter agents working for other federal agencies) who've had their lives destroyed when reporting crimes committed by other agents within this organization.

In the FBI the belief that thou shalt not rat out their colleagues appears to be more important than the exposing and punishing of corrupt agents within the Bureau. Given this disturbing situation is it any wonder why the FBI has become one of the largest and most dangerous criminal organizations in America, known more for its violations of the Bill Of Rights, than its protection of them?

It's clear from the way that government whistleblowers are treated, that the basic ideology of these organizations is to destroy any persons who expose their corruption. Seen as traitors, whistleblowers have no recourse other than to deal as best they can with the vicious COINTELPRO tactics meted out to them by their former employers and colleagues, who systematically destroy their reputations, relationships and abilities to earn a living.

There's no longer any question that this is exactly how the FBI and its criminal bretheren operate. The real issue is when are Congress and The US Justice Department going to stop covering up for these organizations and prosecute them when they violate the civil rights of their own employees? (And for that matter those American citizens who've been targeted for the US Intelligence community's COINTELPRO tactics.)

Last update: February 05, 2007

Ex-agent wins lawsuit against FBI

Jurors said the FBI retaliated against the female agent, who filed a discrimination complaint in 1998.

By Dan Browning, Star Tribune

Federal jurors hugged former FBI agent Jane Turner on Monday after awarding her $565,000 in damages and finding that the agency had retaliated against her for filing a 1998 sex-discrimination complaint.

"I think you were the very best FBI agent," juror Mashima Dickens told Turner, who investigated child sex-abuse crimes. "Looking at the way you were treated, I just said you were screwed left and right," Dickens said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I just want to tell you I have nothing but the utmost respect for you," juror Renee Anderle said as she hugged Turner in the hallway outside Chief U.S. District Judge James Rosenbaum's courtroom in Minneapolis.

"This is vindication," said Turner, 55, of St. Paul. "We spoke truth to power, and we won."

But Turner said she could never repair the damage done to her by her colleagues in the FBI, an organization she had dreamed of joining since she read Nancy Drew detective novels at age 12.

"I'm dead in their eyes because I betrayed them. And that's what's so sad," Turner said.

The government's attorneys declined to comment on the verdict in the trial, which began Jan. 24. Stephen Kohn, one of Turner's attorneys and president of the National Whistleblower Center in Washington, called it historic. "I think it's the largest jury verdict in a civil rights case against the FBI for an individual plaintiff," he said.

The jury of six women and four men awarded Turner damages of $60,000 in lost wages and $505,000 for emotional distress, loss of reputation and similar injuries.

Rosenbaum will reduce the non-wage damages to the statutory limit of $300,000, said Robert Hill, of Eden Prairie, another of Turner's attorneys.

Turner had a noteworthy career. After joining the FBI in 1978, she helped capture Christopher Boyce, a Soviet spy, and solved some horrendous child-sex abuse and murder cases on North Dakota Indian reservations.

Records show that she received superior or exceptional job ratings until after her supervisor, Craig Welken, was interviewed in 1999 about a sex-discrimination complaint she had filed the previous year. Her ratings plummeted, which led to a transfer from Minot, N.D., to a desk job in Minneapolis.

Jurors decided that the negative job reviews were retaliation for filing the internal discrimination complaint, but that the transfer was not.

About a month after Turner filed the complaint against Welken, a task force was being formed to investigate a child pornographer who had confessed in an Internet chat room to murdering his 7-year-old daughter. The killer, Larry Froistad, recanted his confession, and the U.S. attorney in North Dakota at the time, the late John Schneider, wanted Turner's help. Welken resisted initially, but said he gave in because Schneider was "unrelenting."

Schneider later credited Turner in an e-mail with solving the Froistad case.

Martha Fagg, one of two assistant U.S. attorneys from Iowa who represented the FBI, argued that Turner had basically stopped working after the Froistad case, and that the transfer to Minneapolis was designed to help her get back on track.

"In my opinion, she was using the EEO [Equal Employment Opportunity] process not as a shield, but as a sword," Fagg said.

However, Turner's attorneys introduced evidence that she kept up her casework and solved some especially tough cases while she was being downgraded on her reviews. Two assistant U.S. attorneys testified that they never saw Turner slack off.

Turner's attorneys plan to file for compensation. Kohn said the final bill will be "well over $1 million to taxpayers in a case that should have been resolved at a fraction of the cost years ago."

Turner still has a complaint pending against the FBI with the U.S. inspector general's office. She reported that a fellow agent had brought back memorabilia from the World Trade Center in Manhattan after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Turner said she was being run out of the FBI after that, so she retired in 2003.

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