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A Respected Member Of The Mind Control Community Comments On A Recent Washington Post Article Regarding The US Government's Mind Control Technology

One of the primary reasons that I created this Website, was to give as accurate an account of the covert operations that the US Government illegally utilizes on its own people, as is realistically possible. I have done so as best I am able to, given my own personal experiences as someone who's been illegally targeted for these crimes against humanity for many decades. To say that it's difficult to remain objective in such a situation is a vast understatement. However, I still do my best to report the truth in efforts to expose a major deception that the US Government is perpetrating against the American people, by way of its satellite based weapons.

These satellites are capable of spying on all Americans simultaneously. The only issue open to question now is how long has this been occuring and how many Americans are under 24 hour a day surveillance by way of NSA audio visual satellites and remote neural monitoring technology?

Quite recently, a woman by the name of Sheila Weinberger wrote an article in regard to mind control for the Washington Post (One which I critiqued on this blog about a month ago). Many TI's, myself included had criticisms in regard to her article, yet most of us applauded Ms. Weinberger for having the courage to risk her own reputation as a journalist, by delving into an area that the mainstream US media has refused to touch upon -- the world of US Government electronic mind control technology and its application as a tool for electronic warfare.

Dr. Allen Barker, a well respected voice within the community of those individuals targeted for such crimes as nonconsensual human experimentation (in this case mind control research), has written many excellent articles in regard to this phenomenon, as well as those covering the government sanctioned networking of organized stalking groups, who wantonly attack American citizens while denying them their constitutional rights.

I am in accord with most of what Dr. Barker has written about these disturbing situations. However, where we differ is in regard to the concept of UFOlogy and in particular the alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, that was reported to have occured in July of 1947.

If I understand him correctly, Dr. Barker, and for that matter a number of other well researched people who are looking to expose government crimes against humanity, appear to believe that incidents like Roswell were manufactured by the US Government as sources of disinformation, in order to redirect the American people away from the government's participation in the development of advanced flight craft and the sophisticated propulsion systems that have been used to power them.

Whether or not Dr. Barker believes in the possibility of UFO's and extraterrestrials, and is just citing the Roswell incident as a case in which the US Government has abused this information for its own clandestine purposes, has not been made clear. However, I would be interested in knowing if Dr. Barker actually does believe in the possibility that a race of beings that are both physically and intellectually superior to humans may indeed exist.

If I have misunderstood his statements in regard to the issues of UFO's and ET's here, I apologize. However, my goal whether realistic or not, is to learn the truth about those issues that the US Government (and for that matter numerous other government's) seeks to deprive its citizens of through its own black propaganda. And in particular the coverups regarding UFO's and their genesis, as well as those pertaining to the satellite based weapons that have been deployed against myself and so many others illegally targeted for these despicable crimes.

As for myriad accounts by witnesses who reported seeing flying saucers in the skies above this planet during the 1940's, there is certainly at least one factual explanation for them. During World War II, an Austrian inventor by the name of Viktor Schauberger had developed a prototype aircraft that was powered by way of implosion technology. Hitler, a fanatic when it came to science and its possiblities had ordered Schauberger's prototype (nicknamed the Repulsine) to be built to full scale and made fully operational. The craft once completed would be known for its ability to fly without the "traditonal" wings associated with all aircraft at the time. And it appears that quite a few Repulsines were actually built and test flown during the 1940's and possibly much later on.

Some general information on Viktor Schauberger and the Repulsine can be found on the following Website:


While this may explain numerous sightings of these craft, it hardly accounts for them all. There are many types of UFO craft that have been seen by citizens around the globe since long before the Repulsine was ever created. And no one has ever been able to explain their ability to defy the laws of physics, or for that matter the myriad types of craft that have been seen, many of which appear to differ in size, shape, and the ways in which they travel through the sky.

This author personally believes that there must be a distinction made between UFO's that are clearly earthborne, and those which are not of our planet. I certainly do not believe that the US Government or for that matter anyother government on this planet, are the only entities flying UFO's.

Moreover, I think it quite possible that more advanced forms of intelligence than our own have been seen in the skies above us; intelligence that may or may not have contact under covert operations with our own governments. While this matter is far too complex to entertain here in any detail (for that matter most books have barely scratched the surface in their explanations of such phenomena), I thought it worth mentioning, since I also believe that many of the accounts regarding those who've claimed to be UFO abductees, may well have been abducted by humans working for the US Military Industrial complex in some type of an alliance with extraterrestrial biological entities.

This appears to be very likely since a great number of abductees have reported witnessing US Military personnel during some part of their abductions. Rumors of such an alliance began in the early 1950's as a result of the Truman Administration's alleged creation of the "Majestic 12 Commission," and said alliance has since been known as the Grenada Treaty. In the present day, this treaty is acknowledged by several groups operating within the global UFOlogist community. However, there is much disagreement within these groups, some having been accused by others of being nothing but government shills looking to circulate disinformation to further confuse an already nebulous situation.

Whether or not there is any truth to it remains to be seen.

While I understand that those within the TI community are quite literally fighting for their very lives (as I myself do), and that many of them may disregard the topic of extraterrestrials simply out of fear that it might damage their own credibility (that or their religious indoctrination may preclude their entertaining such ideas), it is still unfair to those who've been subjected to such outrageous violations of their civil liberties, to dismiss their claims with such indifference. There's also little doubt that a good many of those persons who've come forward to describe their abductions are not only telling the truth, but describing some extremely disturbing criminal activity, regardless of the source/s perpetrating it.

A great deal more research is necessary in regard to the study of UFO abduction to determine its genesis. And it's become painfully obvious that the US Government does not want independent investigations taking place; investigations which may well serve to uncover not only the origins of this advanced technology, but also this government's long history of actively participating in these abductions, and complicity in obfuscating any attempts to expose the truth.

The following is Dr. Barker's commentary on Sheila Weinberger's article entitled "Mind Games."

COMMENTARY on "Mind Games."

by Allen Barker, Ph.D.

I would like to thank Ms. Weinberger for researching and writing this article. The article seems reasonably fair, based on the openly available sources describing research into areas like "voice-to-skull" technologies. That might not seem like much, except that up until now even that has been a very rare thing, indeed -- especially published in a mainstream paper like the Washington Post.

As the article points out, such technologies have been researched for many years. The advanced forms are *highly* classified. Given this, any victims of nonconsensual experimentation truly have an uphill battle as far as even getting people to acknowledge what is going on.

Even the state of *open* technology in this area is not widely known. Many ordinary citizens who think about the problem for ten minutes, based on naive views of government and outdated knowledge of 70s-era technology, will tend to dismiss the claims of TIs. Even back in the 70s there was more existing technology than many people are aware of, and consider how much more exists now after all the advances in computers and in other areas. For example, here are a couple of links to some recent articles on open-technology:



These two articles involve RFID chips and neural prosthetics, and describe a level of technology that is beyond what people commonly assume is available as the unclassified state of the art.

Most people also tend not to think like "mind controllers." That is to their credit in most cases, but we all know that some tyrants --both petty and large -- covet nothing more than the ability to control other people's lives. Just because you and I do not think like that, some people *do* think like that -- some people will always want to be the next Stalin. That is why eternal vigilance is necessary to maintain liberty even if there is just a potential threat.

In evaluating technologies, then, one has to have some idea about how such technologies might be abused. Various conditioning effects, for example, can be used to influence people using only fairly low levels of technology and surveillance. Influencing operations do not require 100% total control over a person (that is a common straw man argument, in fact). Even if the influencing does not work as planned, it can nonetheless constitute torture to a nonconsensual subject.

Below are a few general comments on parts of the article.

In the article, Gloria Naylor's book is compared to a 1957 book by Evelyn Waugh in which a character is "gaslighted" with voices to his head as well as "performances" designed to be meaningful only to him. I am not going to comment on Waugh or the character in his book, but this does give me an opportunity to point out part of the long history of mind control technologies and operations.

The year 1957 was during the height of MKULTRA mind control experimentation. A reading of the limited, surviving, redacted financial records gives a picture of how widespread the program was, as well as how it was covertly funded through "cutouts." It is commonly believed that MKULTRA was mainly about LSD testing, but there were literally hundreds of subprograms which investigated just about every conceivable way to manipulate and influence human beings. This included things like remote polygraphs and electronic influencing and control.

One major goal of MKULTRA was to find ways to discredit people. That much is explicitly documented. One way to discredit a person was to drop them acid in public, but there are many other ways. Certainly dropping acid to unwitting people was tested on nonconsensual citizens, and it is reasonable to assume that many other techniques were similarly tested.

Besides just the capability for "street theater" performances, what voice-to-skull technologies existed back in 1957?

In the late 50s Ewen Cameron was already experimenting with what he called "psychic driving." He would tape-record interviews with his patients and then play parts of those tapes back to them, repetitively. He used speakers in the ceilings, pillow speakers, and even speakers in football helmets that the patients could not remove in order to constantly bombard his "patients" with voices. He is known to have experimented with mimicking the voices of people familiar to the subjects, as well as with using multiple voices to exploit possible effects of social influencing such as "peer pressure." This research was funded by the CIA under MKULTRA. So the idea of beaming voices at people for mind control was not new to people in the clandestine world of mind control, even back in the late 50s.

Another late-50s voice-to-skull technology is the tooth implant. This is really rather simple technology, despite some people's unwarranted skepticism. All it takes is a small radio receiver and apiezoelectric vibrator for bone-conducted audio. There is a patent for such a device which was submitted to the patent office in the late 50s. That particular patent also makes use of facial nerves in addition to bone conduction (which was already prior art at the time).

Experiments were also conducted to try to replicate the radio reception that some people naturally experienced due to certain fillings in their teeth, though what resulted from such investigations is not well-documented. I am *not* saying that a tooth implant was used in any particular case, but that the technology has existed for a very long time. It is a possibility that at least deserves consideration in certain cases, rather than completely dismissing a priori the entire hypothesis that external (or exogenous) voices were ever inflicted on a person.

Back in the 50s hypnosis was a major focus of mind control research. It is a commonly-held belief that people cannot be hypnotized against their will or made to do things under hypnosis which they wouldn't ordinarily do, but the belief is not true; it is false. Although not *everyone* can be hypnotized against their will or made to do things that they would not ordinarily do, some people are highly susceptible to hypnosis and hence are highly vulnerable. Given that, consider how much more effective hypnosis against a susceptible individual would be if the hypnotist had 24/7 voice contact with that subject in order to constantly reinforce the "training" and to issue commands.

The hypnosis research under programs like BLUEBIRD and MKULTRA in the 50s also made use of technology. There was research into how radiowaves of various sorts affected hypnotic susceptibility. There were literally experiments into hypnotizing people and installing posthypnotic commands which could be activated over the telephone. This was not just a Hollywood movie; it is documented to have been tested on actual human subjects. Another area which was researched by the CIA was the use of hidden subliminals in music to enhance hypnosis.

This use of auditory subliminals to transmit hidden signals is similar to more modern techniques such as the Russian "acousticpsycho-correction" technology and the Lowery "silent sounds" technique (where a high-frequency audio carrier tone is voice-modulated).

The FBI was reported to have investigated using the Russian technology to send the fake "voice of God" to Koresh at Waco, so clearly the FBI knows that such things exist. The Russian technology was acquired in the 90s by a Richmond, Va. company.

The point is that these techniques and technologies have existed in various forms and have been researched and tested for literally decades. The new technologies just open up even more potential for abuses of human rights (as well as any positive applications that the technologies might enable if they were to be used to actually help people). Human beings and governments have long conspired to harass certain individuals; only the methods change over the years.

COINTELPRO, for example, has a long history going back many years.

In addition to comparing Naylor's book with Waugh's book, the article also compares TIs to people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. I do not want to get too much into that because the TI who was quoted as saying it would keep them "marginalized and discredited" was right. Even just mentioning the subject tends to bring in the space-alien connotations and associated ridicule. One main and obvious difference that seems to somehow get "overlooked" is that mind control operations are real. They have, for example, been investigated by Congress and are known to have been conducted by the CIA et al. In that way the issue of mind control is completely and utterly different from alien abductions.

Interestingly, though, the Air Force is known to have used UFOs as a cover story to distract from investigations of its classified aircraft flights. A similar use of UFOs as purposeful disinformation to discredit investigations into classified mind control experimentation cannot be dismissed. Consider, for example, the documents relating to Project Pandora at the DOD's FOIA reading room, especially the 469-page Project Pandora Operational Procedure document.


Now Project Pandora, as the Washington Post article mentions, was an investigation into the use of microwaves to influence human behavior. That is solid, real, and scientific. The document above describes, for example, experiments with monkeys trained to work on tasks and then subjected to performance-degradation due to intentional microwave exposure. It describe studies of sailors exposed to microwaves. It includes results related to the effects of microwaves on EEGs and on heart rates in rabbits. Then guess what follows, in the Project Pandora Operational Procedure document?

What follows is a full-blown Majestic-12/Roswell UFO disinformation story. Yes, this "serious" government FOIA document discusses the supposed finding of space-alien bodies at Roswell. Really. The pages have written on them that they cannot be authenticated as an official government document, but what are they doing there in the first place? They do not have any relevance to microwave research, and the time period is not even the same.

It is curious to note what comes right *after* the Roswell space-alien part of the Pandora document: the transfer of the Pandora Project to the US Army in 1970, and 1977 Congressional inquiry letters into whether Pandora research included areas of "what is popularly known as 'mind control.'" This clumsy use of Roswell space-alien disinformation is almost breathtaking for its brazenness. One statement that does appear in the Operational Procedure document is the following (from the minutes of a meeting in 1970):

2. Definitive research in this area will also require work with human subjects, and ethical procedures for working with humans may conflict with security needs.

As one final note on alien abductions, I should point out that some of the people claiming to be alien abductees could actually be mind control victims, either purposely deceived with psyops exploiting(and/or inculcating) that belief system or else people who simplymisperceived what really happened to them.

Following the comparison of TIs with alien abductees, the Post article proceeds to quote professional psychiatrists. The professional psychiatrists, as expected, assume a priori that all TIs are delusional and therefore are sick and in need of care. This is not a scientific attitude, but then again psychiatry has major components which are strictly political rather than scientific. Since the technology undeniably exists, and since documented mind control operations and mind control experimentation victims undeniably exist,logic demands that at least the *possibility* of exogenous harassment should be considered in any given case.

Indeed, people subjected to severe harassment can suffer severe psychological *consequences* -- just like PTSD victims and victims of physical torture -- but these are the effects (sequelae) of actual harassment. What the DSM manual unscientifically (they admit as much in the DSM) classifies as "schizophrenia" is really a cluster of cases with roughly similar symptoms. It is actually made up of several distinct sub-clusters, corresponding to different causes. One such sub-cluster includes people who truly have been harassed and persecuted -- often by people who know quite well what the DSM labels as mental illness.

Of course it is not politically acceptable to admit that people --
citizens -- truly are harassed and persecuted in the United States. To admit that would require some action to stop it, and would focus attention on the perpetrators of such abuses. But then again, psychiatrists have participated in all of the historically documented mind control programs. And not just any psychiatrists, but the leading psychiatrists of their day.

As a profession, psychiatry is in deep denial about its complicity with these abuses. As a profession(a supposed "healing" profession) it will not face up to even its documented involvement in mind control research. It will not acknowledge the documented victims of such programs and try to heal the damage that it helped to inflict on them. So, in this case, the profession of psychiatry has a serious conflict of interest.

In ending this commentary, I would like to again thank Ms. Weinberger for her relatively fair article on the TIs and their plight. I hope that the article will spur serious investigations into the allegations of TIs and will help lead to greatly increased oversight of the black-budget, special access programs where such technologies andtechniques are being developed and researched.


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