Thursday, February 15, 2007

Testimony By The Late Judi Bari Regarding The FBI's Bombing Of Her Car

The attempted murder of the late ecological activist Judi Bari is one of the most convincing cases of the FBI's viciousness (though their use of COINTELPRO tactics) ever documented. It is such a compelling illustration of the civil right's violations that the FBI routinely perpetrates, that it is used by many persons targeted for crimes by the FBI as an example of the complete inhumanity of this organization. There is no doubt in this author's mind that the FBI attempted to murder Judi by placing a bomb in her car in an effort to portray her as being an eco-terrorist. The FBI has a long history of profiling the people whom them target, and if these people don't fit the FBI's profile the Bureau will go to any length to ensure that they do -- including fabricating evidence in order to do so.

Long before the bombing had actually taken place, Judi had accumulated plenty of evidence indicating that she was being targeted by the FBI for its COINTELPRO tactics, the result of her challenge to the California timber industry to reduce the amount of timber that they were cutting, in an effort to save the magnificient California Redwood Forest.

By taking her aggressive stand against the timber community, Judi was disrupting the status quo in this country. Consequently, the FBI was called in to neutralize her through the use of its COINTELPRO tactics in efforts to destroy both the reputations of Judi and the EarthFirst! organization. When the FBI failed to achieve this through its normal disinformation smear campaigns, its agents became desperate and decided to orchestrate Bari's murder in a way which they believed would offer a plausible explanation for her death.

They colluded with the Oakland, California Police Department (who in this author's opinion was deliberately misled by the FBI) to plant a motion sensitive bomb under the driver's seat of Bari's car in an attempt to both kill her and frame her for the bombing -- the FBI's contention was that Judi was carrying the bomb to set off during the Earthfirst! Redwood Summer Justice Project Week.

However, the evidence would end up exonerating Bari (whom a grand jury would refuse to indict) and instead point straight at the FBI, who to this day remains suspect in Bari's attempted murder. The photographs shown below are of the remains of Judi Bari's Subaru stationwagon which was destroyed in the blast. The readers will notice that the strike point of the blast is located underneath the driver's seat, and not behind it. This was extremely important physical evidence in Judi's case, because it proved that Judi could not have known that the bomb was in her car, as the FBI had claimed. And this photograph would help to quickly unravel the FBI's official explanation/LIE.

Judi and her partner would ultimately file charges against the FBI claiming that they had used their COINTLEPRO tactics to destroy the Earthfirst! organization, eventually winning a 4.4 million dollar judgement against the FBI. (For Judi the award would come posthumously as she died from breast cancer several years before the trial would actually take place.)

The FBI's attempt to destroy Bari would backfire, making her into a martyr and the Redwood Justice Summer Project that she lost her life to defend, larger and more prominent than ever.

Below are a few quotes from Judi's deposition against the FBI -- the entire document can be seen by accessing the link at the end of today's post.

"JUDI: And I knew it was a bomb immediately. I never experienced a bomb in my life, but there wasn't any question in my mind what it was. It was the loudest noise I'd ever heard. The noise of the explosion was so loud, that the sound had a physical force of its own, it was that loud.

The most violent thing I had ever experienced thus far was being rammed by a log truck, which had happened a year earlier -- and it certainly immediately brought that to mind -- but it was twenty times, fifty times more violent. I felt the bomb rip through me. And as opposed to the log truck, which was one, single metallic smash, this was diffuse: it came up from underneath me. I felt it. I know exactly where that bomb was because I felt it rip through me.

I don't remember blacking out, though I know that I did. I have no memory of losing consciousness. I thought I had retained consciousness the whole time, but now that I've been through all the crime scene stuff, I found out that I didn't.

So the bomb exploded, and I was knocked out for awhile, and my car drifted -- it's like explosion ripped through the car, people heard it all over: people who were Vietnam veterans say in the report that it reminded them of Vietnam: they had never seen anything like this other than that. Nobody had any questions that it was a bomb.

I have no memory of what I said. All I remember is the pain. I slumped to the side of my seat and my car drifted out of control, and it drifted for about two blocks, drifted into the opposing lane, and it came to rest on the opposing curb. But I have no memory of that at all . . . But I regained consciousness very quickly afterwards, and the pain -- I didn't know that pain like that existed."

The rest of Judi's testimony can be accessed at this Website:


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