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The FBI Is In The Revenge Business

To anyone who's ever been subjected to the FBI's COINTELPRO tactics, they can only arrive at one conclusion. This agency, which specializes in the systematic destruction of American citizens' lives, is in the revenge business. Its tools for taking such revenge include the illegal spying on American's by way of some type of electronic surveillance -- usually the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology is deployed so that the FBI can spy on anyone their targeting by way of the most outrageous and invasive methods currently available. This technology has for all intents and purposes made it unnecessary for the FBI to take part in the illegal "black bag jobs" (breaking and entering) that it's been notorious for in the past.

The FBI perpetrates this illegal spying so that they can dig up information to use as blackmail in cases where they cannot legally arrest someone. This has been a trademark of this congenitally corrupted organization since its 1908 inception as the Bureau Of Investigation (its modern day COINTELPRO tactics were the brainchild of US Attorney General, A. Mitchell Palmer) and resulted in the systematic destruction of many good people's lives over the past century.

**** Andrew Mitchell Palmer can be viewed as the father of the modern day Federal Bureau Of Investigation, having inherited the responsibility of determining which direction the Bureau would take, upon his appointment as US Attorney General by then President Woodrow Wilson, in 1919. In 1924 Palmer would appoint a young government attorney by the name of John Edgar Hoover as director of the newly named Federal Bureau Of Investigation, and the rest as they say is history.

Once a civil libertarian who championed both women's rights and the right of workers to organize through unionizing, Palmer's views changed dramatically after being appointed US Attorney General, and he began a campaign to assault the Bill Of Rights and civil liberties which eventually led to his downfall. In running the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover would adopt Palmer's ruthless ways and apply them to the Bureau's newly created protocols, many of which were taken directly from Hitler's Gestapo. You can learn more about him by accessing a link to his biography which is listed at the end of today's post.

The reader need only look back at the FBI's inherently corrupt history to learn that this agency has never operated within the laws of the United States, but rather looked to routinely undermine them whenever possible. To say that most of the members of this organization are nothing but common thugs, would be an insult to common thugs. The FEDS are far more than your local hoodlums -- they are a domestic spy/covert terrorist organization that takes great pride in using their illegal protocols to undermine the US Bill Of Rights at every opportunity, while dealing in blackmail to neutralize those they target.

While there have been myriad targets of the FBI who've had their lives destroyed by this vile organization and its miscreant representatives, one of their best known victims was the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whom the FBI under the late J. Edgar Hoover, demonized and dehumanized in every way possible in efforts to neutralize King. They even went as far as sending him anonymous letters in attempts to blackmail him. Just days in advance of Dr. King's acceptance of the Noble Prize for peace, he received one such letter urging him to commit suicide, and threatening to make public romantic dalliances that he'd had if he did not. Of course, King was a strong man and never once ever flinched at the FBI's chicanery. He was well aware of the subversive organization that the FBI was (and continues to be) and was not about to let them rob him of something that he had worked so diligently to achieve.

Dr. King must have also known deep within his heart that the FBI would never let him live, given J. Edgar Hoover's rapacious nature and fear of King's civil rights activism. And his concerns would turn out to be well founded.

Judi Bari, a superb organizer and member of the California branch of EarthFirst!, refused to back down to the intimidation meted out to her by the California logging community, in her efforts to save the California Red Wood Forrest - a noble effort by Judi. However, in her staunch support of EarthFirst! she did make herself known to the FBI as someone who was bucking the status quo here in America.

And what happens to any American when they disrupt the right wing lunatic/extremist/ corporate/ industrialist/ military complex's precious status quo? The FBI (pitbull of the US shadow government) gets called in to do their dirty work.

Judi found her life being systematically destroyed by the FBI through its use of COINTELPRO tactics. When the Bureau's campaign to destroy Judi and the Earthfirst! movement failed, the FBI in its desperation decided to plant a bomb under the seat of her station wagon, which then exploded causing Judi permanent physical damage. In the aftermath, the FBI attempted to paint her as a terrorist who was carrying the bomb to use in a terrorist attack, even though they knew full well that they had planted the bomb in her car in an attempted STING operation.

However, a Grand Jury did not buy the FBI's claims and refused to indict her. Judi filed suit against the FBI in retaliation and would eventually win the case posthumously, dying of breast cancer five years before her case against them would go to trial. In 2002 the Jury in Judi's case found that The FBI had conspired with the Oakland, CA police to frame her in the bombing in an effort to destroy her reputation and that of the Earthfirst! organization.

The truth of the matter is that the FBI planted the bomb in Judi's car and should have been on trial for the attempted murder of Judi and her partner, Daryl Cherney (who was also injured in the blast). During the trial it was revealed that the Oakland, PD was acting on the information that the FBI had given them, and automatically assumed that Judi was a terrorist. The FBI LIED (a common practice within the Bureau). Then they used the Oakland PD as an unwitting accomplice in their conspiracy to murder Judi Bari.

In 1988 the campaign director hired to rekindle Gary Hart's run for the US Presidency was falsely imprisoned by the FBI, having been setup on bogus criminal charges. This occurred as a result of this man's attempts to expose George H.W Bush's rampant criminal activity and history of aiding and abetting the CIA in illegal drug trafficking. As punishment, the FBI -- without a warrant -- broke down the door to Michael Boren Williams' home and placed him and his family under arrest, while strip and cavity searching his 6 month pregnant wife and 2 year old daughter. They even shot his puppy to death in the process.

In 2002 a woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger filed charges against the FBI and current President George W. Bush, claiming that they had routinely drugged her and used her for aberrant sex. Once again, the FBI was used as the proverbial pit bull, to threaten someone whom the Bush crime family wanted removed from society. When Schoedinger contacted the Bureau for help, they forwarded her complaints to the defendant -- George W. Bush, who then saw to it that she was again gang raped and beaten so badly that she needed to be hospitalized. The beating forced Schoedinger to have a miscarriage, yet she was never given the pathology results of her dead fetus -- if in fact any were taken. She had alleged that the child was indeed George W. Bush's. Nine months after Margie filed charges against Bush and the FBI she was found shot to death in her own home. While ruled a suicide, many people including this author believe that Margie was murdered by Bush and the FBI, both of whom feared that her accounts might well be believed by the public.

Here we have a situation where an American woman files rape charges against the standing US President and several FBI agents, and the mainstream media never bothers to pick up on this story? Why not?

Do you still really think that the FBI is legitimate law enforcement?

Given all of the apparent incompetence leading up to the attacks on 9-11 and its aftermath, the FBI would rather have the American people believe that they are just a mismanaged agency that is basically benign in nature.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The FBI for all of the criticisms regarding its ineptness as legitimate law enforcement (something it has never been and never will be) is quite proficient at using its counterintelligence (read psychological warfare/directed energy weapons) operations to violate the civil rights of any persons they target for such abuse, doing so with a ruthlessly surgical precision that would make any sociopath proud.

This agency is complicit in aiding and abetting the attacks on 9-11 and in circulating disinformation in their aftermath, in efforts to obfuscate any attempts by the American people to uncover the Bush Administration's and Project For A New American Century's complicity in them.

The FBI's history of cold blooded and calculated murders is well documented for those who actually look to research it. However, one will never see such damaging information ever being propagated by way of the mainstream media, since the media is controlled by the CIA through its Operation Mockingbird contacts, made back in the late 1940's.

While the history of the FBI and its ruthless and criminal behavior could easily fill volumes (and these are the crimes we know about -- how many have occurred that are to this day still secreted deep within the walls of the J. Edgar Hoover Building?), some of the more outrageous ones have already been well documented, simply because the people targeted for them were already either famous or in the process of becoming so.

A short list of the names of some better known people who had their lives destroyed by the fascist bureau of intimidation:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Victims Of The FBI's Palmer Raids

Actress Jean Seberg

The Black Panther Party

The Socialist Workers Party

The Puerto Rican Independence Movement

Geronimo Haga

Fred Hampton

The American Indian Movement

Leonard Peltier

Anna May Aquash

The Branch Davidians

The Weaver Family in Ruby Ridge Idaho

Dr. Steven Hatfield

Former FBI agent Richard Taus (setup by FBI when he came forward with irrefutable evidence that George H.W. Bush was involved in drug trafficking through the CIA)

Former FBI agent Robert Wright

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds

Former FBI agent Colleen Rowley

Former FBI agent John O'Neill (setup by the FBI to be in the World Trade Center during the 9-11 attacks).

Veterinarian Janet Parker -- An informant of John O'Neill's

Former FBI agent John Conditt (arrested on pedophile charges immediately after he offered to help another former FBI Agent -- a whistleblower against the FBI -- in his efforts to stop the FBI from using their COINTELPRO tactics against him).

Just a few of many lesser known victims of the FBI and its COINTELPRO tactics include:

Frank Wilkinson
Michael Boren Williams and his Family
The Marino Family
Geral W. Sosbee
Thomas Bean
Janis Lanham

A short biography on former US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer -- Father of the modern day Gestapo FBI.



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