Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Precedent Setting FBI/NSA Fishing Expedition

For the past 27 years, I've been illegally spied on by the FBI and NSA through the NSA's remote neural monitoring spy/mind control technology. I was 20 years old and a Sophmore in college when I was illegally placed into this system. The numbers are difficult to fathom, however they are accurate. What's worse is that there are many other people in this country who've been in this system just as long yet have no idea.

FBI/NSA Warrantless Spying By The Numbers:

24 hours/day X 7 days = 168 hours X 52 weeks = 8736 hours X 27 years = 235,873 hours

Approximately 235,873 hours of illegal spying.

That equates to 27 consecutive years making me the longest documented remote neural monitored American citizen in United States history. I have no doubt that the late civil right's activist Frank Wilkinson was monitored longer by the FBI, but there's no way to know if he was spied on by way of RNM technology. He was certainly subjected to the FBI and its COINTELPRO activities for more than 30 years and at a cost of more than 7 million dollars.

What the American people must now realize is that when the US Government spies on you they are doing more than just listening to your phone conversations and reading your e-mails. They are using their audio/visual satellites, millimeter wave technology and Artificial Intelligence computers, to live with you in your own homes and monitor you within your places of work.

No matter where you are, you can be watched and heard, as your thoughts are constantly recorded by way of the NSA's Blue Gene AI computers -- the most advanced in the world.

Tracking you by way of the invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds your body , the NSA can watch you 24 hours a day for the rest of your life -- no matter where you are on this planet; electronically reading your subvocalized thoughts as well as your emotional states, and even influencing your behavior without your knowledge. This is an absolute assault by the US Federal Government on your civil rights!

Welcome to the land of the human guinea pig; the NSA has enlisted you without your knowledge or consent.

What legitimate democratic constitutional republic would allow for this?

NONE -- However, a fascist cabal militarized police state would welcome such technology and exploit it for their own criminal means as the United States Intelligence community has now done. Americans don't need to concern themselves nearly as much in regard to international terrorism, as they do about the domestic spying and covert terrorism that the US Intelligence community is perpetrating against them without their knowledge.

Use this Website as a means in which to educate yourselves. You will learn some very horrifying truths about the US Federal Government here; information that you will never see on TV or read about in your local newspaper, because the media in this country is controlled by this government. Consequently, any information that could be used in exposing it for its history of rampant criminality will never be broadcast or published in such an influential venue as the US mainstream media.

As a result, the Internet has now become the last venue in which the truth can be told; the final frontier of untainted journalism. An example of this is film maker Dylan Avery's documentary on the 9-11 attacks, a work so well researched, that is has quite literally helped to ignite the "9-11 Truth Movement" here in the United States, as Americans now look at the facts behind the 9-11 attacks, and immediately realize that the US Government was behind them, and has subsequently done everything within its power to confuse the situation by circulating treasonous propaganda. If you have not yet seen this brilliant and historic documentary, I urge you to do so as soon as you can. Millions of Americans have now seen 9-11 Loose Change, and are no longer acknowledging the official explanation as the final word in this horrific tragedy, but instead doing their own research into this government perpetrated deception.

Don't be the last to learn what many of us already know. Start by doing your own independent research and you will find the greatest series of lies ever perpetrated against the American people and their constitutional republic.

The Attacks On 9-11 Were Committed By The US Federal Government In Order To Pass The Patriot Act -- Legislation Which Quite Literally Allows This Government To Nullify The US Bill Of Rights And American Civil Liberties! The Bush Administration not only knew about the attacks in advance, they helped to organize them.


Blogger Etisoppa said...


Check my TI site


5:53 PM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...


I've seen your Website and added a link to it in the link's area of
my 9-11 blog. Keep up the good fight to expose the US Nazi Shadow Government and its outrageous crimes against humanity.

Also, if you have not yet seen Dylan Avery's 9-11 Loose Change documentary on the 9-11 attacks, it's well worth watching.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/ US Government Nonconsensual Human Experimentee

10:44 AM  

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