Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Death Of Vince Foster -- Evidence Of A Cover Up

Given that Hillary Clinton has just announced that she plans to run for the US Presidency in 2008 I think it's time that the American people got the real answers to what happened with the White Water Scandal, the Rose Law Firm, and the mysterious death of former White House counsel, Vincent Foster.

The following's an excellent article covering much information that the mainstream media (as usual thanks to the CIA's Operation Mockingbird) has chosen to omit.

Despite her ability to get on the side of the "right" issues, Hillary Clinton has been less than effective as a NY State Junior Senator, succeeding in raising 14 million dollars in funds for her own political campaign, yet leaving New Yorker's wondering if she has accomplished anything to benefit them. Clinton is as shrewd a politician as you will ever see. Not a good thing for the American people; especially given the damage done to this country by the Bush Administration -- easily the most criminal in American history.

As for Clinton, a brief summary is in order. She is a carpet bagger who accomplished absolutely nothing for New Yorker's while serving as the Junior Senator of NY State. We could easily use the phrase "never has one person done so little for so many" to describe her performance here in NY. Yet, she is now going to save the USA by running for the highest office in the land? Americans would be grateful if she'd just admit to her criminality in the White Water scandal and tell the truth in regard to what really happened to Vince Foster.

Few people believe that his death was a suicide, and are still wondering exactly what it was that Hillary was doing with an aid removing files from Foster's office before White House security could seal it off.

Furthermore, she has never answered for the funds that she stole from Grenada's Crozier Bank in 2002 (now dissolved -- were Clinton and those other powerful Illuminists with whom she associates concerned that they would have to explain what they were doing with nearly a trillion dollars of slush fund money?).

Read on:

Was Vince Foster Murdered?

Hillary Clinton Caught Red Handed Stealing Funds From Bank Crozier In Grenada In 2002:


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