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A Seminal Work In The Largely Unexplored Field Of Scalar Weaponry & Electromagnetic Warfare

Most individuals targeted for government sanctioned mind control, a particularly insideous form of non consensual human experimentation, are always searching for physical evidence to prove that such technology exists, since it's the only way to document that A. they are not crazy and B. they are telling the truth in regard some of the most heinous crimes ever perpertrated by a government.

Cheryl Welsh, President of (formerly CAHRA -- Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse), has written a short yet important book in regard to NATO member governments (including the United States) and their development and illegal deployment of these weapons on innocent citizens. Ms. Welsh's research which is seminal in the field of electromagnetic weaponry or as they are privately known within government circles -- non lethal weapons, is critical in developing a platform for all TI's to build on, in which we can conduct further research into this covert and absolutely denied technology.

Having done so, we may then know its genesis and have a greater understanding as to the extent to which this technology has been deployed.

Once we've accomplished this, the United States and other NATO member government's that employ this covert and inhumane technology will no longer be able to maintain their secrecy -- as a result we will finally be able to expose them for the treasonous criminals that they are -- corrupted men and women who've routinely used this technology to violate our civil liberties, and in the most outrageous ways imaginable.

Ms. Welsh states that her book "came about as a result of research for alleged victims of mind control experimentation." She also goes on to say that "Illegal experimentation using electromagnetic weapons technology on U.S. citizens has been going on throughout the cold war, continues today and is in use as an intelligence tool and military weapon today."

The following is the conclusion that she arrives at having done extensive research in this area. Cheryl is one of six people in the world who's recognized by the United Nations, as an expert on non lethal weapons.

The bottom line here is that she has something important to tell every person on this planet, in regard to how extreme the deceptions of their government's have been. Consequently, we should all make time to listen to what Cheryl has to say.

Her book can be read in its entirety at the Website listed after the following information.

The Epilogue To Cheryl Welsh's Research Into Electronic Warfare:


"The capability to read and communicate remotely with the brain is a technology that governments would go to great lengths to develop, especially to surpass an enemy that is developing mind control technology also. Over 25 articles on Russian mind control are available (see also CAHRA UN Report) and a few of the many examples were present here. The Soviets have had a documented history and interest in mind control weapons from the 1940's to the 1990's. The emerging technologies of quantum physics, brain biology and electromagnetic technology combined with cold war military funding and mind control technnology was developed because of an arms race to control man."

"The history of the Vietnam sensors technology and targeting of populations firmly established that the military has a bureaucracy for conducting classified research that would be similar for mind control technology. It is clear that remote surveillance is very sophisticated. DARPA and IDA, both active in sensor research, are two organizations to research further and would be likely conduits for mind control technology. Here is an absolutely classic summary of the science and government atmosphere in the early 60's in which mind control would proliferate. Charles Townes, who won the Nobel prize for invention of the laser in 1964 along with two Russian researchers, discussed DARPA in his book Making Waves, 1995."

"'The proposed position for me was Vice President and Director of Research for the Institute for Defense Analysis. The Institute was a non-profit think-tank with a very important role, run by five or six prominent universities on the East Coast, Columbia University being one of them. It managed what was known as the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group. We had to pick the right people who would be responsible for analyzing how and whether a weapon worked and its effectiveness. We also advised a new organization, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, whose aim was to consider what could be done in space, and to help initiate new ideas and technologies of importance to national security.'"

"'We also advised the State Department on arms control problems. I met with Allen Dulles, then head of the CIA, It was a lengthy presentation of all the highly classified evidence we had. Finally, he (Dulles) asked me, "What do you think?" (Townes Pg,. 199).'"

"Tennenbausm felt that SDI, the Strategic Defense Intitiative was a cover for electromagnetic weapons as the same technology is involved. He states that in 1983, the beginning of SDI, Russian biophysics research went underground. This is when the strategic expert, Dr. Possony published his article on the direct communicatio with the brain. So much more research is needed."

"It is difficult to describe scientfic technology while it is classified and has not officially been used. Several independent sources support claims of the existence of government mind control and many scientists worldwide have stated that mind control technology is possible. The bureaucracy is in place and the victims are alleging serious human rights abuse."

This is a serious issue worthy of further investigation.

"This is more than enough evidence to establish the need for an investigation. The burden of proof of obtaining the classified documents and/or tying the electromagnetic signals used on victims to the government or corporations involved, is too high and victims are suffering and dying."

"It is cruel to make alleged victims of mind control experimentation and use, meet this burden of proof in order to get help. The government has been and is developing a weapon used against the brain and mind. This fact alone deserves special attention. The claims made by victims may sound crazy, but not in light of the facts. Knowing past government motive and behavior, victims deserve a compensating government mechanism for an investigation into alleged abuses. Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and conclusions with CAHRA. "

Cheryl Welsh -- President

Cheryl's book: " The 1950's Discovery of the Code of the Brain: A documentary with quotes by leading scientists, professionals and several independent sources," can be read at the following Website. The book contains 9 chapters, and each of these chapters can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link listed on the left side of the Web page.

The following is a response by the National Security Agency (NSA) to a letter written by Mindjustice President Cheryl Welsh, in regard to her request that the NSA disclose whether or not it has deployed satellite based space weaponry (directed or electromagnetic weapons) on Americans. The NSA skirts the issue by hiding under national security, however, it does not deny that it has access to such weapons, nor that it is illegally deploying them. In fact, if one reads the article they come away with the distinct impression that the NSA does indeed have access to such technologically advanced weapons and is looking to avoid any questions which pertain to them. See Cheryl's letter at the following link:

The following is a link to Cheryl's human rights Website:


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