Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fired FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds -- Further Proof That No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.”

Justice Felix Frankfurter

Former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, came under fire by the FBI after reporting of myriad problems within the Bureau; problems which Edmonds claims allowed the attacks on 9-11 to happen. For her whistleblowing efforts, Ms. Edmonds was not rewarded for her integrity and candor, but instead rebuked and later fired for them -- something that's become a tradition at the FBI.

Simply put, if there's a serious situation within the Bureau that could lead to a scandal if made public, the FBI's standard protocol is to sweep it under the carpet and systematically destroy the lives of those honest agents who attempt to correct the situation. Over the years there've been quite a few agents who have suffered the wrath of the FBI (as well as agents of other intelligence agencies including but not limited to the CIA and NSA) for such acts of conscience, all of whom have experienced this agency's despicable COINTELPRO tactics, which utilize illegal means in which to neutralize those whom the FBI is fearful of, but cannot arrest legally.

What follows at the end of this post is a two part article written by Ms. Edmonds, which documents the US Military Industrial Complex's role in subverting justice in the United States through its PAC (political action committee) donations, and maintaining ties with non democratic nations (including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey), while selling them billions of dollars worth of weapons, and using their political influence to ensure that these foreign powers are never held responsible for their crimes against humanity.

Ms. Edmonds refers to the US Federal Government's ability to invoke the "state secrets privledge" in regard to preventing her from discussing her own personal case with the FBI. However, it has not stopped her from repeatedly commenting negatively on our nation's defense contractors and in particular this nation's Carlyle Group, which from 1998 until 2003 was the 9th largest defense contracting company in the United States.

Edmonds also noted that former US President, George H.W. Bush has been on the Carlyle Group's payroll for quite sometime; something that should come as no surprise to those who know of his family's Nazi sympathizing history -- or Bush #41's long time association with the CIA and its illegal drug running operations. Moreover, his former Secretary Of State, James Baker, is also mentioned in Edmond's article, as an investor in the Carlyle Group.

In the following quotation, Ms. Edmonds does not mince words when she accuses the US Military Industrial Complex of treasonous crimes against the American people and for the subsequent coverup which has occured in this country. She has also called for the release of 27 pages of classified documents in regard the research done by the 9--11 Commission, and its pertinence to foreign governments.

Ms. Edmonds, like many other former agents of the US Intelligence community (who've had their careers and lives destroyed for telling us the truth) is an American Patriot, who has refused to allow those subversives within the fascist shadow government presently operating within the United States, to get away with their precedent setting crimes.

And while there have been corrupt administrations within the United States over the past two centuries, the present Bush Administration is easily the most inherently corrupted of all.

Sibel's article can be accessed at the following Websites. Please circulate it to everyone you know. The American people have been left in the dark for long enough, regarding the subversion of their government.

"The Carlyle Group, a Washington, DC based private equity firm that employs numerous former high-ranking government officials with ties to both political parties, was the ninth largest Pentagon contractor between 1998 and 2003, an ongoing Center for Public Integrity investigation into Department of Defense contracts found. According to this report, overall, six private investment firms, including Carlyle, received nearly $14 billion in Pentagon deals between 1998 and 2003. Considering the fact that Saudi Arabia is the top buyer of the U.S. weapons industry, Carlyle’s investment and its stake, and of course Jimmy Baker’s far reaching influence within the Pentagon and congress, everything seems to come together and fit perfectly to shield this foreign interest no matter the price to be paid by the American public."

Sibel Edmonds

Head Of The US National Security Whistleblowers' Coalition

Edmond's two part article on the US Military Industrialist Complex

The Highjacking Of A Nation Part 1 By Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds

The Highjacking Of A Nation Part 2 By Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds


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