Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Political Activist Lawyer & Bush Administration Critic Commits Suicide??

In what is becoming an all too frequent occurence, another person who was highly critical of the Bush Administration was reported to have committed suicide by taking a header off an Embassy Suites Hotel Building in Monterey, California. Lawyer and political activist Paul Sanford was reported to have been in excellent spirits and looking forward to the New Year, when for no apparent reason he jumped to his death from a 12 story window of the hotel.

One thing that is indisputable here is that there is a history of people who've criticized the Bush Crime Family, suffering in myriad ways which include defamation of character as well the systematic destruction of their reputations, relationships and finances. People make much better targets when their families, friends and communities are poisoned against them, and they are forced into a state of homelessness.

Michael Boren Williams and the late Margie Schoedinger are just two of numerous people who've had their lives destroyed (in Margie's case quite literally) by the Bush Crime Family, when they became a little too difficult to handle. Williams became the target of the elder Bush when during an attempt to resurrect Gary Hart's presidential run against Bush in the 1988 campaign, he began exposing his rampant criminality and collusion with the CIA in regard to the drug trafficking that it began in this country back in the 1950's.

For his efforts, William's life was destroyed when Bush ordered the FBI to make an unwarranted attack on his home, as they shot and killed his daughter's puppy and then proceeded to ransack his home while strip searching his 6 month pregnant wife and two year old daughter.

Williams was subsequently arrested on trumped up charges and sent to prison for two years where he was routinely tortured. While in prison his wife was forced to divorce him and once he was released, found that all ties to her and his two daughters had been severed. Furious that he was still alive, the elder Bush sent him an ultimatum to leave the country or be killed. Williams now lives abroad in fear for his life.

Another victim of the Bush family's wrath was Margie Schoedinger, a childhood aquaintance of George W. Bush. In latter years, she would file charges against Bush and several FBI agents whom she claimed had repeatedly drugged and gangraped her. Among the many charges against Bush was that he had routinely used her for aberrant sex and was very abusive.

Based on the information in her deposition, once Margie had filed charges against Bush and the FBI she was made into a pariah. Schoedinger claimed that in a phone call to Bush back in 2002, she'd pleaded with him for her life and assured him that she had withdrawn her lawsuit against him, and would never pursue the matter again.

Bush's response was that she was too much of a risk to him and that because she was "basically dead anyway" the situation would be best for everyone if she would take her own life. According to Schoedinger, he also told her that her bank account had been cleaned out, her university master's degree revoked, and that she would never be allowed admission into another college to earn a new degree. Bush also told her that she would be placed on the NSA's 24 hour watch list and considered a possible suspect in any crimes that might arise, and placed on certain Internet prison Websites where she would be exposed to people who could do her harm.

As a reminder that he meant business, a pregnant Margie was again attacked by intruders who broke into her home and again drugged and gangraped her. This time she was beaten so badly that she needed to be hospitalized. Not only did she lose the baby she was carrying (she also implied that Bush may have been the father) as a result of the beating, she was never even notified of the pathology results of the autopsy. Shortly after this Margie was reported to have committed suicide from a self inflicted gunshot wound to her head.

The real issue is did Margie commit suicide or was she murdered by Bush's henchmen because he feared that Margie's accounts of the rapes and beatings would destroy his political career? Either way, it is clear that Bush was responsible for this woman's death.

As for Paul Sanford, he could very easily be included in the same category as both Michael Boren Williams and Margie Schoedinger -- All victims of the Bush Crime Family's legacy of corruption, ill gotten wealth, and in those instances where they could not intimidate those whom they feared, murder.

The Bush's are also notorious for using blackmail in which to keep their detractors silent. Could they have dug something up on Sanford that could have been scandalous? While there is no way of knowing this, it's clear that the Bush Crime Family has in some way played a role in Sanford's untimely death -- or was it murder?

The Artic Beacon's Greg Syzmanski's article on Paul Sanford's death can be read at the following Website. Greg also appears to be wondering if Sanford was not murdered for his courage in challenging the Bush/Rove Administration about their treasonous crimes.



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